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What if one day, out of the blue, you found you’ve lost all your critical data from Salesforce org because of an unforeseen cyber attack? Your heart will skip a beat, right? Today, when cyber threats evolve at an incredible rate, data protection is an absolute must! DataBakup, our best-in-class data protection application for Salesforce, takes the backup of your data from Salesforce by leveraging the external cloud (Google Cloud, Heroku, Azure, AWS Cloud) or On-premises platforms of your choice to S3, SharePoint, or Google Drive. Our application safeguards your data against all possible threats, including cyber attacks, human errors, and natural disasters. So that you can rest assured that your confidential data is no longer prone to any kind of hazards.

The Capabilities that Make DataBakup Modern and Stand Out

  • Data restoration
  • Data backup in CSV format
  • Salesforce Standard and Custom Object support 
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Data Compliance

Feeling DataBakup is for you? Implement our application in your org before your sensitive data gets in trouble. And get the most out of DataBakup, one of the five next-gen applications from our comprehensive Data Management Suite of products for Salesforce.

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