Integrate Salesforce with Your External Platforms for Modern Storage Management and File Collaboration

March 16, 2023by Deeshna C

Salesforce x External Platform 

This is an intricate combination that organizations fear binding. Because the integration of Salesforce with an external platform comes with a lot of limitations and unanticipated troubles that can even put a halt on your workflow.   

However, we can’t leave unseen the potential benefits that an intelligent connection between Salesforce and external platforms unlocks. Because if the integration is powerful, it will provide you with advanced capabilities that can even transform the way you work. 

Having doubts regarding this? Let’s discuss those! 

In this blog post, we’ll see the major benefits of integrating Salesforce with external platforms, how it can accelerate your productivity, and the top solution available in the market today for this.  

So, let’s start. 

Salesforce-External Storage Integration to Optimize the File Storage Space

Undoubtedly, the everyday usage of Salesforce will lead you to run out of file storage space. Although the deletion of unwanted files is an option at first glance to overcome this challenge, it demands a lot of manual effort for a large volume of files. Also, you can’t predict if the deleted files hold any future business. So, deletion is not at all a wise choice here. 

Buying additional file storage space from Salesforce is neither a smart approach as it’s not a cost-effective option for most businesses. 

So, the only way to clean up the file storage space is to migrate the files to an external platform. For this, get your CRM application integrated with any of your reliable external systems and transfer your files to that location. This will not only help you optimize Salesforce file storage but also improves your application performance, streamline the workflow, and chart your way to drastic productivity. 

Salesforce-External Storage Integration for Better File Collaboration 

File Collaboration is an advanced capability that will take your workflow to the next level. With this expertise, you can let your internal teams and external users collaborate on a single, centralized file in the external platform simultaneously, often in real-time. 

Here’re some benefits of file collaboration:

High Efficiency: The collaboration of teams on a single file saves time and boosts efficiency as multiple people work on the same document at the same time, helping you reduce the duplication of effort. 

Enhanced Communication: As collaboration paves the way to real-time communication between teams/members, it helps to make sure that everyone is on the same page. 

Powerful Brainstorming: The real-time collaboration on files also provides an opportunity for the members to exchange creative ideas and make informed decisions collectively. 

Improved Accountability: The file collaboration also helps to ensure that those who are involved take the responsibility for the outcome, in turn, fosters a culture of teamwork. 

XfilesPro File Management: The Intelligent Choice for Salesforce-External Storage Integration 

If you are thinking of integrating your Salesforce with your favorite external platform, don’t think beyond XfilesPro File Management, our one-of-a-kind file management application for Salesforce. Having our application implemented in your production org, you can migrate your Salesforce files to an external cloud system of your choice such as SharePoint, AWS S3, Google Drive, and OneDrive as well as On-premises platform (SFTP, Network Drive, SMB) automatically. 

This will be a great way to optimize the file storage space in Salesforce. Our application works fantastic with solutions such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, etc. Also, it bumps up the ROI and the performance of your application. 

And many more capabilities such as:

File Ownership: XfilesPro lets you leverage your preferable external platform to store the migrated Salesforce files so that you’ll be the ultimate owner of your files.

Folder Management: With our app, you can create your preferred folder structure in the external storage platform by keeping in mind the relationship between files.  

Bi-Directional Sync: It’s an advanced capability that lets you make changes in Salesforce files and have those reflected in the subsequent files stored in the external system, and vice-versa.  

Apart from this, there are a lot more capabilities that make XfilesPro File Management a cut above the rest. 

Now, tell us, did you find XfilesPro’s file management application a right fit for your external platform integration needs in Salesforce? Or are you curious to know more about our application? If yes, schedule a demo with us today.

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