Top Five Reasons to Choose DataArchiva’s Backup Application for Your Data Protection Needs in Salesforce

April 13, 2023by Deeshna C

Theodore Hook once said, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Nobody can tell the future. But everyone can take some measures to bring the future under control. We’re in 2023. This is the time to blueprint some strategic goals that strongly safeguard the future of our businesses. Because no time is better than a new year to set up prudent strategies that can bring the future to our own wheels. 

If you’re a Salesforce user, data protection will be one of your top goals in this year. Right?

Why are we so precise about mentioning Salesforce data protection here?

It’s because we’ve witnessed a surge of data security threats in the past few years that devastated many businesses. And we don’t want such scenarios to recur. 

So, over the years, at CEPTES, we’ve pondered over developing a solution that can help Salesforce users to rest assured about the protection of their mission-critical Salesforce data. Our contemplation ended up building DataArchiva Backup, a top-notch data backup application for Salesforce that ensures the utmost protection of your data in 2023 and beyond. 

A Little Light on DataArchiva Backup

Rolled out a few years ago, our application has transformed to be one of the top choices for Salesforce data backup and recovery in no time. It safeguards your Salesforce data against cyber attacks, accidental losses/deletions, natural disasters, or all possible threats by periodically taking the backup of your live Salesforce data in S3, SharePoint, and Server. To take the data backup, DataArchiva Backup leverages your own cloud platforms such as Azure, Heroku, Google Cloud, and AWS as well as on-premises platforms.   

So, what are the major benefits of our application?

DataArchiva Backup empowers you to own your backup data with the privilege of automating the end-to-end process and finally having the backup data in CSV format. Undeniably, this is the best way to overcome the fear of data loss. 

That said, it’s time to dig a little deeper into this context. There are some substantial reasons that make DataArchiva Backup to be a must-have application for Salesforce users in 2023. We will discuss more aspects as we go ahead with this article. 

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  • To Minimize Business Risks

Undoubtedly, data is the lifeblood of a business. Sometimes data loss could even cause the ultimate shutdown of your enterprise. Although Salesforce ensures data protection to a great extent, we, as users, need to protect our data from user-inflicted loss. This is why we recommend you to have a proactive data protection strategy in place. And nothing is more effective than embracing a comprehensive backup and recovery process that has the ability to back up both Salesforce data and metadata to prevent its loss with high security. 

Pro Tip: DataArchiva Backup helps you streamline your Salesforce data backup process every day or in specific time intervals that you predefine by backing up your Salesforce data and metadata. In the case of a data loss scenario, you can recover lost or corrupted data much faster without the need for human intervention. 

  • To Reduce Data Downtime 

Veeam’s 2022 Data Protection Report states that the average cost of data downtime is $88,000 per hour or $1,467 per minute. This is no joke. Such huge monetary losses can impact businesses of any size. Achieving zero data downtime is the only proactive solution here to safeguard your business today and tomorrow. Keep in mind, zero data downtime means that your Salesforce data is 100% secure. 

Pro Tip: Having the root cause of data downtime identified, DataArchiva Backup can easily and rapidly restore your lost or corrupted Salesforce data from S3, SharePoint, or Server to your production org. Our application also allows you to tease out the exact data and metadata you want to recover. And, with our app’s advanced capabilities, you can restore data to the individual table, column, and record levels as you decide. So, no more manual after-work is needed to place the recovered data in your desired destination. 

  • To Deal with Evolving Compliance Needs

Data compliance with regulations is key in achieving business continuity not only in 2023 but forever. Regulations such as GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA outlining the proper access and handling of critical information will continue to evolve as cyberattacks grow and mature. Because the improper handling of Salesforce data can result in disastrous consequences for customers and massive penalties for your organization. So, you need to rest assured that your backup data is in safe hands and stored at your preferred location. 

Pro Tip: DataArchiva Backup made Salesforce data backup and recovery easy and secure which happens in just a few clicks. Our application deeply understands your compliance and its next-gen capabilities streamline the faster restoration of your sensitive data and metadata to your Salesforce org in case of data loss or corruption. Following your stringent compliance regulations with DataArchiva Backup allows you to not only mitigate the data security risks but also to secure customer trust and reputation, bolster the control of key processes, and align cybersecurity requirements. 

  • To Leverage Your Own Preferred Platforms 

Using your preferred cloud or on-premises platform for Salesforce is also an aspect of your compliance. Because having the backup data in your own cloud or on-premises infrastructure reinforces your sense of data protection even more stronger. 

Pro Tip: As we’ve already discussed in the first part of this blog, DataArchiva Backup demands nothing but bringing your own platform to back up your Salesforce data. Our superior application leverages your cloud (AWS, Azure, Heroku, and Google Cloud) and On-premises platform to back up your data in S3, SharePoint, or the Server you choose so that you own complete authority over your backup data by leveraging your trustworthy platforms. 

  • To Embrace Automation

Automation is not an imperative but a go-to solution in 2023. Automating Salesforce data backup allows you to streamline and fast-track the backup process by ensuring the utmost data security. This practice helps you save the manual efforts and time that are otherwise needed to spend on core activities. 

Pro Tip: DataArchiva Backup gives you the option to automate your end-to-end data backup and recovery. It empowers you to own the whole process by providing options for periodic and on-demand backups as well as full and incremental backups — everything by following your pre-defined conditions. Similarly, in case of data loss, restoration of the data to the production environment, to the specific column or record you want, can also be automated. In other words, data backup and restoration is a whole new experience when with DataArchiva’s backup application for Salesforce! 

Final Thoughts     

Moving ahead with 2023, do you now feel that DataArchiva Backup can also be your companion? A companion who protects your critical Salesforce data like never before? If yes, let’s connect today! Give us a chance to reimagine your Salesforce data backup experience with our modern application this new year. 


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