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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Salesforce Career

In a short time, Salesforce development has evolved into the most demanding service in the IT world. As a result, Salesforce developer has become a high-paying IT job with much room for growth. It also allows individuals to put their talents to the test and demonstrate them, ensuring job satisfaction. 

According to market research, the typical Salesforce developer salary in the United States is $120,000 per year or $61.54 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level positions start at $100,000 per year, with most skilled professionals getting up to $150,000.

This guide is a must-read for anyone interested in becoming a renowned Salesforce developer.

Also, this guide will assist you in determining the best path to your goals. We’ll also go through the top mistakes every Salesforce developer should avoid when starting their career.

Salesforce developers: A quick overview

Salesforce Developers are accountable for overseeing and enhancing the technical aspects of an organization’s Salesforce instance to assist the organization in achieving its specific business goals through unique Salesforce development. Salesforce developers often use three core technologies, including: 

  • Apex
  • Visual force
  • Lightning component framework

Salesforce developers use Salesforce’s robust CRM platform to manage various tasks. They can build plans and deploy specific software solutions for businesses by meeting with department heads and project managers.

These Salesforce developers can develop and maintain useful apps and software, including employees and clients. They’ll also combine third-party suites and native software that the organization already uses. 

Below are the key roles and responsibilities of Salesforce developers, which every organization expects or looking for:-

  • Custom Salesforce development.
  • Make project timelines and development planning.
  • Application functioning is tested, troubleshot, and maintained.
  • Creating documentation for Salesforce employees and serving as a knowledge resource.
  • Work in an Agile development environment.
  • Collaborate with the Salesforce team regularly to better grasp the scope of technological limits and solutions.
  • Create code that is both clean and functional.
  • Create software that can handle a large volume of requests. 
  • Working with customer-facing interfaces is a plus.
  • Expertise in Salesforce CRM development.
  • MYSQL, Apex, JavaScript, Native, and VisualForce are all skills must-have.
  • MavensMate or Eclipse experience is a plus. 

The overview and roles & responsibilities for Salesforce developers areas you’ve seen. Now, let’s move forward and discuss, 

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Top mistakes every Salesforce developer must avoid

Here are the critical mistakes that every Salesforce developer must avoid:

#1. Never depend on many resources

Salesforce developers frequently do this to learn as much as they can about the stuff available on the Internet. However, they must recognize that not all resources are trustworthy or provide high-quality information. Some people may take you down a path that isn’t worthwhile. Only a few websites offer helpful Salesforce development tips and discussions. 

#2. Not taking requirements seriously

As they don’t fully comprehend the requirements, Salesforce developers overlook critical steps. Every project has its own requirements, and a lack of understanding can lead to future mistakes.

One of the most critical things you can do is look over the Salesforce development documentation and plan as often as possible. When clients anticipate a one-of-a-kind result, Salesforce developers must deliver.

It’s also crucial to verify and validate the customer’s requirements. Regular progress communication is critical at every level of the development cycle to ensure that the requirements are on a relatively similar page. 

#3. Not following the trends 

Keeping up with new resources and developments in the developing sector can be challenging. As a result, maintaining consistency in programming processes is critical. Additionally, use the most recent libraries, implementations, and technical advancements. 

Salesforce developer career

#4. More focus design part instead of the development part

Experts in Salesforce development make the technical mistake of obsessing about the software’s design. While aesthetics are important, functionality is critical. However, in a rush to attract their first clients, developers overlook the importance of fully functional software.

The functionality of the software should take precedence over its appearance. The features supersede the appearance. The goal should be to create user-friendly software with a good design and navigation system.

The most critical component in ensuring a positive user experience is utility. Clients are more interested in software that can assist them in solving problems than visually appealing software.

#5. Establishing data types and fields inappropriately

There are multiple data types in Salesforce that store various kinds of information. Text fields, lookup values, and picklist fields are common examples. It’s critical to select the appropriate data types. If done wrong, however, it might result in data loss because all of the records stored incorrectly are destroyed.

This problem can also occur when creating custom objects; therefore, ensure you know what type of object your database table will be before employing any Salesforce automated function. 

Salesforce developers


Salesforce developers are currently at the centre of attention. By avoiding the mistakes mentioned above during the Salesforce development process, Salesforce developers are more likely to accomplish the desired results.

Are you looking for a potential team of Salesforce developers to help you with your dream project? Reach out to us today. We are a leading Salesforce development company that helps companies globally with the best Salesforce-based products and services. Our team of certified Salesforce developers will help you with the best solutions.

Connect with us today and learn more about how Salesforce works and how it will bring value to your dream project. 

A guide on Salesforce career path
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Salesforce Career Path- A Complete Guide to look out in 2022


Salesforce is now the most popular CRM software used by businesses worldwide. The platform’s growth also has resulted in many blooming salesforce career opportunities that are highly sought after. And the best part- you can start your Salesforce journey by getting a Salesforce Certification.

Before we get into Salesforce certification and Salesforce job opportunities, let’s see what Salesforce is.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a well-known cloud computing platform specializing in CRM software, helping businesses engage with current and potential customers more effectively. In other words, it’s an integrated CRM platform that aims to provide a single, shared, and comprehensive view of each customer to your company’s many departments.

Salesforce is built on a multi-tenant architecture, which offers features like API integration, configuration, scalability, free capacity, minimal ownership costs, platform support, and more. It’s also completely adjustable, allowing you to customize it to meet the unique demands of businesses. 

As of August 2022 Salesforce has a market cap of $187.02 Billion. This makes Salesforce the world’s 56th most valuable company by market cap.

Why is Salesforce a good career?

#1 A good number of Opportunities

The Salesforce ecosystem is huge. Once you’ve joined, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to land a job and make a living. Since many businesses today use Salesforce CRM, you can be assured that you can land a job even in the same city where you live. Also, the salary is fantastic. Naturally, when talent competition is this fierce, professionals with the right training can command impressive salaries to match their skills.

#2 Scope for Improvement and Development Throughout

Another excellent aspect of a Salesforce profession is the opportunity for advancement. You start as a junior resource, but you can swiftly rise through the ranks of this career. Salesforce professions are fast-paced, unlike many other fields where advancement and advancement into management roles can take years or even decades. You can change your Salesforce career at any time during your career in Salesforce. There’s always room for new Salesforce technologies to be learned and expertise to be gained.

#3 A community that is large and welcoming

The Salesforce ecosystem is well-known for being welcoming, cooperative, and amicable. Internal Salesforce employees, as well as independent Salesforce experts that work for clients, partners, or ISVs, make up the Salesforce community, also known as the Ohana. Being a part of Ohana means adhering to the Salesforce platform’s ethos and ensuring trust, growth, innovation, and equality in daily operations.

#4 Multiple Career Path Options

Salesforce is extremely popular and in demand across various industries, departments, and functions. Therefore, you’re not limited to a single sector or department. If you get bored working in manufacturing, you can go to a company that focuses on software, banking, or even non-profits, all of which Salesforce dominates.

Salesforce offers several certifications as a means of demonstrating and showcasing your abilities. The higher your qualifications are, the more in demand you will be and the more money you will make.

Worried about the various career opportunities Salesforce has to offer? We have you covered! Keep reading to know the different career paths after getting your certification.

Types of Jobs after Completing Salesforce Certification

Salesforce Certification is essential for starting your career in Salesforce. To excel in getting a job in the next 2 to 6 years, here are some of the most popular Salesforce profiles you may apply to after completing your online Salesforce training programs and receiving your Salesforce certification:

  • Salesforce Architects
  • Administrators of Salesforce
  • Salesforce Consultants
  • Lead Developer for Salesforce
  • Business Analyst at Salesforce
  • Architect for Salesforce
  • Domain Architect at Salesforce
  • Salesforce Certified Solution Architect for Mobile Devices
  • Designer of the Salesforce Development Cycle and Deployment
  • Salesforce Pardot Certified Consultant
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certified Consultant
  • Project Manager for Salesforce
  • Salesforce consulting services

Salesforce consulting services

Choosing your Salesforce career path

The two main Salesforce career paths that are booming right now are:

Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce administrator is one of the most challenging and demanding jobs nowadays- since it is responsible for managing the company’s Salesforce services. It’s not just a respected and highly valued profession in and of itself but also a terrific stepping stone into other Salesforce ecological careers.

Salesforce Admins are in charge of various responsibilities, including assisting users with report development and password resets, maintaining data quality, adding fields, and doing backups. Also including: 

  • Unlocking user accounts and resetting passwords 
  • Adding new IP addresses to white-list
  • Create sophisticated workflow rules and a process for approval.
  • Work on the metric report.
  • Work on activities related to security and user management.

The Salesforce Administrator’s obligations are critical and significant, varying depending on the hierarchy level, complexity, and several users. They must have extensive knowledge of Salesforce CRM and the platform. Depending on the firm’s size and other considerations, the function of the Salesforce administrator may vary from one company to the next. However, as previously stated, they continue to carry out their essential obligations.

Salesforce Developer

This career path is ideal for you if you have a coding background or are interested in coding. As the name implies, Salesforce developers design, code, and implement Salesforce applications. Meeting with project managers to establish CRM needs is one of the tasks and functions of a Salesforce developer. Other tasks include:

  • Salesforce application design, coding, and implementation.
  • Developing deadlines and development objectives.
  • Testing The application’s stability and functionality
  • Bug fixing and troubleshooting
  • Maintaining the application software’s security and integrity.

Salesforce Developers must be able to alter current source code or generate new code based on business needs. Typically, each platform necessitates the use of a platform-specific developer. Similarly, each major client is assigned to a distinct developer. Visualforce and Apex are two main languages that any Salesforce Developer should know.

Are Salesforce Professionals Paid the Heavy Pay checks?

Skills in Salesforce are in high demand. The highest-paying job on the pyramid, for example, is Technical Architect, which earns an average of $150,000 per year in the United States. In India, a Salesforce Consultant makes an average of Rs 8,85,284 per year but can earn up to Rs13 lakh per annum. Of course, the salary depends upon your skills, so be sure to choose the right career path, and go for reputed Salesforce certification only.

Summing Up

Today, not only is Salesforce behind the scene of many Fortune 500 companies, but the platform has infiltrated its way through small businesses and start-ups as well. So, it’s safe to say that Salesforce is here to stay. Thus, naturally, so are the career opportunities associated with it. Want to learn more about Salesforce Certification? Contact us today!


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Developer Story- Garima Saxena

“Upskill and Lead”

Upskilling is an extended investment in enhancing knowledge, skills, and capabilities that help people thrive in their careers.

Our colleague, Garima, who joined CEPTES as a Manual Tester, upskilled her Salesforce skills with CTU (CEPTES Technopreneur University) and now is an established Salesforce professional.

When asked about her inspirational journey, Garima says, “I was a lecturer in an engineering college, and then because of some inevitable reasons, I had to face a career gap.

I started again as a freelance manual tester while simultaneously applying for a full-time job. During this course, I applied at CEPTES and got selected. While working here, I had a lot of interactions with Mr. Deepam Sarkar, the CTU’s leading mentee. 

Through the interactions, I learned about CTU and its innovative training model. I felt it was an interesting and valuable program, so I asked Deepam Sir, “Can I be a part of the training?” He answered, “Yes, every Salesforce enthusiast is welcomed with open arms here.”

Initially, I was skeptical about taking online training, but everything went smoothly. I was able to enhance my knowledge & skills, gain valuable hands-on experience, and make new friends. 

This program is perfect for aspiring trailblazers who want to capitalize on the joys of learning and difficulties.

I will be forever grateful to Mr. Deepam Sarkar & Mr. Priyaranjan Panigrahy for their mentoring; without them, I would not be where I am today.

Thank you for introducing me to new opportunities and guiding me in the right direction.

My goal is to become a successful Salesforce consultant. I’ve completed my System Administrator & Platform App Builder certification and am currently aiming for the Sales and Service Cloud Certifications.”

CEPTES Technopreneur University (CTU) is a Purpose Beyond Profit initiative by CEPTES to bring new talent to the Salesforce Ecosystem. 

A report by IDC finds that Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners will create 4.2 million new jobs worldwide between 2019 and 2024.

CTU is a unique initiative dedicated to bringing budding trailblazers into the Salesforce ecosystem and aiding organizations in finding qualified Salesforce professionals.

Connect with us today!

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Developer Spotlight-Vishal M


“A Little Progress Each Day Adds Up to Big Results”


If you continue to take small steps toward your goal every day, you will be surprised at how significant the changes become. Vishal, one of our colleagues, consistently worked toward his Salesforce goals by leveraging the CTU (CEPTES Technopreneur University) platform, and he is now a well-established Salesforce Administrator with CEPTES.

Vishal, who has completed one year at CEPTES, shares his journey “I have completed my B.Tech in 2020. I was a student of the first batch of CTU. As a complete fresher, I didn’t have any idea about Salesforce until I joined CTU. Like most novices, I too assumed it was something related to Sales.

When I joined CTU, then Deepam sir introduced me to Salesforce. He started with fundamentals, then slowly moved towards the next learning stages. 

I have learned the ABCD of Salesforce from him. Then I trained for Salesforce Admin, Sales Cloud, and Salesforce CPQ. I have even completed Salesforce Admin Certification and am planning for PD1(Platform Developer 1) & Salesforce CPQ certifications. 

I started trying my hand at development and now working on one of the biggest CEPTES projects-200OK.

For now, I want to continue learning development and then will niche it down further. 

I owe a special thanks to Deepam sir; without him, I would not be here. His training has helped many aspiring trailblazers, including myself, gain a foothold in the Salesforce ecosystem.


CTU is like a Full-Fledged Salesforce Learning University. 


Regardless of your educational background, if you’re passionate about Salesforce, you’ll find everything you need to start your career in the ecosystem here.

CEPTES Technopreneur University (CTU) is a Purpose Beyond Profit initiative by CEPTES to bring new talent to the Salesforce Ecosystem. 

The initiative was launched in response to the increasing global demand for Salesforce professionals.

CTU is a peerless initiative dedicated to bringing aspiring trailblazers into the Salesforce ecosystem and assisting enterprises in recruiting quality Salesforce professionals.


Contact us right away!

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Developer Spotlight – Ruksana


PERSIST. Because with an idea, determination, and the right tools, you can do great things.”


The success story of Ruksana demonstrates the value of persistence. Even in the face of difficulties, she pursued her dream and is now a well-known Salesforce Developer at CEPTES. Her passion for development, strong determination, and CTU( CEPTES Technopreneur University)- are the 3 pillars that drive her success.

Sharing her journey with us, Ruksana says, “I worked as a PHP developer. After 6 months of working, I began teaching.

I had a strong interest in development. But, because I used to live in a remote village with no IT company, I continued to teach. 

I used to give interviews side by side, and one fine day, I came across CTU and applied for it. One of the main reasons I applied was that I wanted to gain hands-on experience, and CTU is an excellent platform for live training.

My three-month training at CTU was the most life-changing experience I’ve ever had. I’ve got full-scale Salesforce knowledge from my mentor, Deepam Sir. Even after completing the training, if I have any doubt about anything I have the option to consult him.

I can’t put into words how much CTU has changed my life.


“I am constantly learning new things. My earnings have increased. I’ve gained new confidence.”


I want to be the best at Salesforce Development. I have one development Certification: PD1 (Platform Development 1), and am planning to get PD2 Certification. 

I really want to thank CEPTES for this wonderful initiative. 


“CTU is like heaven for Aspiring Trailblazers.”


Just as you can get everything from Heaven, any graduate, even if they are not from an IT background, can get all the Salesforce knowledge from CTU.

CEPTES Technopreneur University (CTU) is a Purpose Beyond Profit initiative by CEPTES to bring new talent to the Salesforce Ecosystem. 

The Salesforce ecosystem continues to grow at an amazing rate, so the need for Salesforce professionals. 

CTU is a unique initiative by CEPTES dedicated to bringing budding trailblazers into the Salesforce ecosystem and helping enterprises in recruiting quality Salesforce professionals.


Connect with us today!

Salesforce Developer

Developer Story – Shubham Pathak


“Self-belief and Hard Work will always earn you success.”


Our colleague, Shubham Kumar Pathak, is the living epitome of the above-phrase quote. His dedication has led to his exceptional success in the Salesforce ecosystem. And CTU (CEPTES Technopreneur University) is the platform that escalated his Salesforce career.

But how did it happen? How did Shubham, a freshman at Salesforce, become an established Salesforce Developer? 

Shubham shares his journey, “I was a fresher who just completed his MCA. I came across CTU, and I enrolled in the program. That’s how my exciting Salesforce journey started. 

The best part about CTU is that you get hands-on experience with everything. You know when you start doing practical implementation that’s where things get interesting. With CTU, I’ve been assigned several live projects, which have served as a great source of knowledge development for me. 


After having a good first-hand implementation experience, I am confident that I can handle any backend issues.


Currently, I am working on one of CEPTES’ biggest projects, “200OK”. I am learning so many new things on this project. 

My Salesforce vision is clear ” I aspire to be a Salesforce Architect“. I have set a timeline of 4 yrs. for achieving this goal. I am already preparing for PD1 (Platform Developer 1) certification. I am giving my best and I’ll definitely achieve that goal.

I really want to thank Chandan sir, Deepam sir, and Priya sir for passing me their profound Salesforce knowledge and for always being there for me. 

I am so grateful to CEPTES for coming up with the CTU initiative. CTU training has changed me and improved my coding skills. 


CTU is the best platform for aspiring trailblazers to start their Salesforce careers.”


CEPTES Technopreneur University (CTU) is a Purpose Beyond Profit initiative by CEPTES to bring new talent to the Salesforce Ecosystem. 

Salesforce-specific skills are in high demand today. CTU is a distinct initiative by CEPTES to bring aspiring trailblazers into the Salesforce ecosystem and assist enterprises in hiring talented Salesforce professionals.


Connect with us today!

Salesforce Developer

Komal’s Developer Story

“All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.”

Our colleague Komal Sharma is the living paradigm of the above-quoted phrase. She is an experienced Python Developer who seized the right opportunity with CTU (CEPTES Technopreneur University) and is now a well-established Salesforce Developer.

“CTU is a life-changing platform for aspiring trailblazers”  – says Komal. 

When asked about her journey, Komal says, “After I updated my profile on, I received a call from CEPTES HR. She introduced me to the vision behind CTU as well as explained to me the program structure: 3-6 months extensive Salesforce training followed by hands-on live projects.

Initially, I was hesitant to switch careers from Python to Salesforce. However, after conducting extensive research, I decided to pursue this opportunity and I am glad that I took it. 

While working as a Python Developer, I can only write the code. After CTU, my Salesforce skills have advanced to the point where I can manage Salesforce Admin, write code, and deploy it to production.

I am so confident in my abilities that I can say, “I can manage everything in my project independently.”

Now I have my vision of becoming a System Architect in Salesforce. I have already taken the first step by completing my Omnistudio Developer Certification. Soon, I’ll complete the PD1 (Platform Developer 1) certification as well.

“I want to master all the Salesforce domains from admin to integration to development. That’s a goal I have set for myself”

The mentorship at CTU has been my driving force. I really want to thank Deepam sir and Priya sir for this outstanding opportunity. 

CTU does changes a person’s life irrespective of his/her educational background”

CEPTES Technopreneur University (CTU) is a Purpose Beyond Profit initiative by CEPTES to bring new talent to the Salesforce Ecosystem. 

Jobs demanding Salesforce skills are growing fast across the world. CTU is a striking initiative by CEPTES to bring up-and-coming trailblazers into the Salesforce ecosystem and help enterprises in recruiting talented Salesforce professionals.


Start your Salesforce career today!

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Developer Story – Kulsum Maner

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on”.

These lines have actually become a real-time example in the life of our beloved colleague Kulsum.

Kulsum, an experienced .net developer, started the second phase of her career journey with #CTU (Ceptes Technopreneur University). She took a few months gap in her career due to unavoidable reasons. When she got a chance to restart her career journey, she was unsure about exploring new opportunities. 

At that time, she has joined CTU. During the joining, she was quite nervous and scared for two main reasons: the employment gap and the other is she wanted to change her career path from developer to something new. She chose #Salesforce as her next job opportunity. 

Here she took one of the most thrilling and career-twisting decisions of her life because she didn’t hear a single word about Salesforce before. She has no idea what it is, its market popularity, how it works. 

While sharing her experience with us, Kulsum said- “I had no idea about this #CRM. When I started my first day at CTU, I was so tense and anxious, so many questions were running through my mind like, will I get this, Am I at the right place, how will I learn the new things that I never heard in my career before. But CTU has completely changed my perception. It is the perfect place where any non-technical, semi-technical, technical student or professional can overcome their fears and career challenges.

I never thought I would become a part of the #Salesforcecommunity one day. I never knew that I would crack such a big opportunity just with four months of training and guidance at CTU. But today, in less than 180 days, I have become a proud #Salesforce #Trailhead. 

I thank #CEPTES software for playing a massive role in my career-changing journey. CTU has given me a lot of things that I never expected and dreamt of. Today, I am successfully calling myself an SF Omni Studio developer under the guidance of technical experts cum Gurus like PR and Deepam”.

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”- I dedicate this to the mentors at #CTU. 



CEPTES Technopreneur University (CTU) is a Purpose Beyond Profit initiative by CEPTES to bring new talent to the Salesforce Ecosystem. In a short period, CTU has become one of the most renowned mediums that offer tech lovers the opportunity to enhance their development skills and help companies hire the best Salesforce talents. In the fast-pacing Salesforce environment, where companies are looking for highly talented Salesforce resources, CTU plays a major role in meeting their expectations with the right resources at the right time to the right place.

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How to find the right Salesforce career path?

Taking informed decisions in our life is a process! We make some good ones and miss the ones not taken. It is always important to consider factors like the strength, weakness, and consequences of any decision while making any call.

So if you have decided to make your career in Salesforce,  it’s time to understand what are the major job titles available on Salesforce, and what are their requirements and career prospects so that one can find the right Salesforce career path while considering one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Choosing the right Salesforce career path:

Salesforce provides you with different career options suited to your skills, needs, and other requirements. Let us know more about these potential avenues to find the right Salesforce career path:

Salesforce administrators work with people and enable them to get the maximum out of Salesforce technology. They customize the platform by defining system requirements and make sure that the company’s goals are achieved with the help of the Salesforce platform.

    • Highlighting the work requirements of a Salesforce administrator:

The nature of work in this role primarily involves working with people to ensure that they do not face any difficulty in using any Salesforce platform. Apart from training users, they maintain the platform, help clients by creating reports and dashboards, and keep themselves abreast with any development or update related to their platform.

    • What is the requisite skill set for an administrator?

If you can interact easily with people from every organizational hierarchy, have good communication skills, address customers’ queries with patience, have an influential and motivating personality, and possess a solution-oriented mindset, then you should seriously consider this career option. 

Also, do not rule out this career option if you do not have any technical expertise or background knowledge of Salesforce. You can easily get any training through Trailhead or from other learning platforms without any difficulty. Once you clear the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam, you can easily kickoff this fascinating career that has the best of both worlds: interaction with people and working on the Salesforce platform!

    • Exploring the career prospects:

The requirement of Salesforce Admin is felt at every place where this CRM is used. One of the researches highlights the 400% annual growth rate for admins with an average starting salary of USD 79,000.

Similarly, many people go for promotions in their company once they get their Salesforce Administrator certificate. 

So choosing this career path will not only give you long-term growth and financial security but also provide you with an element of social interaction!

A Salesforce developer is primarily a software developer who makes app on the Salesforce platform with different codes. Considered among the most sought out job on Salesforce, Salesforce developer comes out as a lucrative career path for many coding experts.

    • Highlighting the work requirements of a Salesforce developer:

Compared with the previous job of Salesforce administrator, this work requires more technical prowess in terms of knowledge regarding programming language. The task sheet generally includes developing complex workflows, APEX developments, debugging, providing any technical solution to the team, developing solutions or applications as per the company’s requirements, reviewing various programs and other work, and doing any technical documentation, etc.

    • What is the requisite skill set for any developer?

You must have good problem-solving skills and must have familiarity with the programming language. Don’t worry if you are not a coding expert as you can have a command over the essential programming languages like Java and Apex by doing any training course from the authorized websites.

Make sure you are persistent and tenacious in your efforts as in case you get stuck in any problem or code, you have to ensure that you don’t lose out any hope on it as trial and error are the part and parcel of this job. 

    • Exploring the career prospects:

This amazing career opens the door for you to become Senior Developer, Architect, or Trainer. Since the demand for this role is getting increase day by day, you can expect an average salary of about USD 121,800-USD 166,200 for this role.

Therefore, unlock your technical potential, and go out for the promising and lucrative career of Salesforce Developer!




Do you know the meeting point of business problems and solutions provided by Salesforce? Simple, it is the Salesforce consultant. The job of a salesforce consultant requires him to assist the business in finding out the solution of business problems with the help of Salesforce.

    • Highlighting the work requirements of a Salesforce consultant:

Since most of the companies are still not well versed with the functions of Salesforce, they hire a Salesforce consultant to create and manage their business plans. 

Further, these people connect with technical staff and manage projects as per the needs of the client or business. They have to ensure the client-specific implementation of a salesforce project.

They map out business processes, manage the technical team, collect business requirements, customize salesforce programs, maintain client relationships, and engage in user testing, and training.

    • What is the requisite skill set for any consultant?

You must have good communication skills along with a problem-solving attitude for being a good Salesforce consultant. Further, your experience in any commercial or analytical role would add to your management and technical skills.

    • Exploring the career prospects: 

Being a Salesforce Consultant provides decent growth opportunities in terms of specializing in various Salesforce products. Moreover, you can get a handsome sum of money in your hands between USD 134,400 – USD 154,900.

After having some experience in this job, one can look out for the roles like Salesforce Industries Consultant, or Field Service Lightning Consultant!

  • Salesforce Business Analyst

Every company looks for a person who can dive into data, provide major insights, and formulate the roadmap to a successful business strategy from the data provided by Salesforce. This is where the job of Salesforce Business Analyst comes into the picture.

    • Highlighting the work requirements of a Salesforce business analyst:

A business analyst’s major function is to provide key insights to the business through data analysis. They design different business actions, devise business solutions, and explain them to key managerial personnel involved in the company.

    • What is the requisite skill set for any business analyst?

Apart from proficiency in using Salesforce platform data analysis, the business analyst must be well versed in business analysis, data management, and scripting languages like SQL, Python.

    • Exploring the career prospects: 

There has been a 240% growth in the demand for Salesforce Business Analyst since 2013, which is humongous in itself! In terms of financial incentives, you can expect an average salary of around USD 84,000 for this job.


Note: With so many different directions in front of you, it is natural to feel confused and anxious regarding how to find the right Salesforce career path. That is why we have given the work requirements, requisite skill set, and career prospects of major Salesforce career so that you can choose the best fit for you based on your experience and skills. Thanks for reading!

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Start your Salesforce career: 6 insights from Salesforce developers

A famous Chinese proverb goes, ‘A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step’? The nature of progression in our lives can’t be explained better. You just have to take action, as all great things, including a career in Salesforce, just start with simple beginnings!

So if you are planning to start your Salesforce career, ‘seeking advice from qualified Salesforce developers’ is the first thing that should strike your mind. Their insights will help you in knowing all the nitty-gritty involved in Salesforce, helping you make some informed decisions in your career.

Therefore, let’s get an overview of things required to start your journey in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Things you are required to know before you start your Salesforce career:

  • Deciding whether you want a career in Salesforce

This is the most important yet highly ignored piece of advice given by the Salesforce developers. You should know the answer to the question, “Why do you want to start a career in Salesforce?”

If you are clear in your head regarding this question, then almost everything is sorted in the preparatory stage of your journey. 

It is alright if you want to join Salesforce because of these reasons: it offers exciting growth opportunities for your career, increasing requirement for Salesforce developers in the market, need of skill set for this job which motivates you to explore this avenue, your existing skillset proves apt for the job, easy availability of necessary training material for the job, or any other reason.

The point being, there can be myriads of reasons behind your call, however, you have to make sure that your reason for deciding this career is strong enough to keep you motivated in the long run!

  • Try to get acquainted with the know-how of Salesforce before commencing your training

It is always useful to have some familiarity with the working of Salesforce before you begin any training. This would help you in determining the areas where you need to focus extra during your training. 

Have some tips regarding what all you can do? Here you go, you can start a career in Salesforce by learning about Salesforce through its own well-curated and guided online tutorials for all the newbies: Trailblazers. Through this platform, you can get the hands-on skills required to be an efficient Salesforce developer, Salesforce administrator, marketer, and business analyst, etc.

If you are new to the objective-orientated programming method, or java, you can easily learn them from the amazing tutorials available on YouTube for free of cost.

Do make maximum use of Trailhead by practicing your setup, earning badges and certifications, which would help you in building requisite skills for Salesforce developers!

  • Apart from improving your technical skills, also focus on nourishing your soft skills

Remember as a Salesforce developer, it is not necessary that you will always stick to your system, and never interact with the customers. As a part of your work profile, you may be required to interact with customers, understand their problems with patience and empathy, and solve their every query to secure their satisfaction.

On top of it, you may be the one who would be interacting with the potential clients of the company related to their project requirements or any other work. For all these reasons, it is highly advisable to develop your soft skills so that you can become an indispensable asset for your company.

Try to inculcate good time management skills so that you can efficiently handle different works at the same time. Have a problem-solving approach while dealing with the problems, and adopt an empathic approach while interacting with any client. Other than these, make sure you have good communicative skills, and you could work comfortably in a team!



  • Choose the right training provider for your career as a Salesforce developer

Once you have nourished your soft skills for getting a good start in your Salesforce career, it is time to find the right training provider. You can browse some of the courses from Trailhead Academy authorized training provider courses. Apart from these courses, look for other platforms like Google Digital Garage, Udemy, Salesforce Ben, and many other mediums.

Almost every platform providing any course or certification for Salesforce development gives you some sample training classes, which allow you to check whether you are able to understand the concepts clearly or not. So kick off your training after carefully deciding the right training provider as per your requirements and convenience.

  • Understanding the nature of work

It is important to understand what all activities are actually involved in the working life of a Salesforce developer. You, as a developer, code the project as per the needs and requirements of the company or clients.

Your work schedule can also involve the collection and analysis of data, making reports, and process automation. You may also be involved in different activities like work review, team meetings, data manipulation, and other related stuff depending upon the circumstances.

  • Be prepared for challenges!

Don’t venture onto the journey of Salesforce development with an assumption of it being a smooth ride. This voyage would be an adventurous one where you will be encountering challenges at regular intervals. 

For instance, though you could be associated with program development, you could have regular instances of interacting with people. At times, you could even be a part of group discussions, therefore stay there for unexpected challenges that could come your way.

If you are not accustomed to intensive reading, develop that habit as preparations for trailhead trials would require you to undergo intense reading. Moreover, if you do not have any technical knowledge, then it may take time for you to get adapted to programming and everything. However, as said earlier, you have to stay there, keep learning, and then see the results!

Note: Hope you found these insights from Salesforce developers useful for making your career choice. Make sure you learn from their experiences and develop the right skill set for starting a Salesforce career. For more such content, keep following our blog. Thanks for reading!