Make Document Generation an Easy Job in Salesforce with XfilesPro DocuPrime

March 8, 2023by Deeshna C

Whether it’s a thank you note, offer letter, quote, contract, or licensing agreement, you need documents that need hours to create. To build a document, you need to fetch data from multiple Salesforce objects, bring them to an external platform, and finally, the document generation process takes place. But the process is tedious and time-consuming. 

Imagine a scenario where you create documents using your Salesforce data inside your org in a minute with a single click. That’d be awesome! That’s the magic that auto document generation in Salesforce brings to the table. It’s an advanced strategy that reimagines the way Salesforce admins like you work. It makes your life easier and more efficient.   

What is Auto Document Generation in Salesforce?

As the term suggests, auto document generation is the process of automating your end-to-end document generation process — from data gathering from multiple Salesforce objects to the generation of the final copy in a PDF, Excel, PPT, Word, etc. within Salesforce. It helps you eliminate the complete manual efforts to create a document, letting you focus more on what you really like and making you feel productive. 

XfilesPro DocuPrime: An Exceptional Player in the Domain

We know firsthand the necessity for different teams in an enterprise to have an auto document generator in Salesforce. Our experience led us to develop XfilesPro DocuPrime, a next-gen auto document generation app for Salesforce that simplifies the everyday workflow of Salesforce admins. 

With XfilesPro DocuPrime, we empower you to automate the generation of documents of any type and size within Salesforce in a matter of a few minutes. As our application gathers your up-to-date Salesforce data to create documents inside the CRM platform, it works fantastic for the admins across departments (from HR, Finance, to Sales). Here, you can create a new template or upload an existing one to your org so that your documents will come out exactly in the format that your business demands. 

Why XfilesPro DocuPrime?

You need to establish XfilesPro DocuPrime in your org for many reasons. Let’s discuss a few below:

  • Embrace Automation 

If your business is on a mission to achieve 100% automation, auto document generation within Salesforce can be a big step toward it. With XfilesPro DocuPrime, you can automate your entire document generation process, which gives you the edge of a high brand reputation. 

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  • 100% Native to Salesforce

As just mentioned, with XfilesPro DocuPrime, your whole document generation process takes place within the Salesforce org, from beginning to end. That means your document generation process is strictly native to Salesforce.  

  • Zero Human Errors 

Automation is synonymous with no human interaction. That means there is no room for human errors that would have formed while copying, pasting, or typing data. This promises zero data breaches and business risks. 

  • High Data Confidentiality

Your data is no longer exposed to unauthorized access or unwanted systems when document generation occurs within your CRM platform. Moreover, our app allows you to restrain unauthorized access to documents. This ensures the strong protection of your data and documents. 

  • Strong Compliance 

XfilesPro DocuPrime adheres strictly to the compliance guidelines by providing you the data ownership. Here, you can decide who can view and access your documents in Salesforce to prevent any possible threats. 

That’s all. 

Now that you have a brief of the potential and possibilities of XfilesPro DocuPrime, imagine having the privilege to streamline your document generation process. Trust us, it will make your life 10X easier.

If you’re curious to learn more about how our application, please schedule a demo with us today.


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