Salesforce upgrades Sales Cloud with new AI-based productivity tools

April 26, 2019by Shreshth Tiwari

Salesforce has unveiled new productivity features in its Sales Cloud which will help sales reps perform their administrative tasks in an organized way and save a lot of time. As per a Salesforce report, sales reps spend around 36 hours a month searching for information which can help them in closing deals rather than investing more time in working towards selling and their customer success.

To make sales reps more productive, Salesforce upgraded their Sales Cloud by adding features that can make information accessibility and collaboration more efficient. The new ‘Inbox Now app’ has been introduced which is powered by Salesforce’s AI system Einstein. This app will help sales reps integrate their account, contact and meeting information directly into their calendar. Another AI-powered tool will help sales reps surface similarities among prospects to discover new audiences to run campaigns. The new Social Intelligence Module will help sales reps access relevant social media feeds in order to generate more leads.

Einstein Campaign Insights feature will help sales reps target & group prospects with similar interests to run campaigns and also can be retargeted with similar campaigns in the future. Both sales and marketing teams can access these insights and put unified efforts for a successful conversion.

Apart from these, Salesforce also added sales cadences and work queues to help sales reps identify new prospects. Linked sales cadences can help streamline complex sales funnels and customized work queues to display the most valued prospect details in a single place.

Salesforce also introduced a feature in the Sales Cloud which will allow the sales reps to have a 360-degree view of any customer and related information from their mobile or desktop email inbox. This includes account details, contacts, and opportunities. Additionally, Salesforce announced that sales reps can now embed live documents and spreadsheets within Quip for Sales.

Robin Grochol, SVP of product management for Sales Cloud at Salesforce said in a blog post, “With these new productivity features, we’re managing the flow of information so that what you need is surfaced when you need it, all within Sales Cloud”. He also added, “It’s about making every rep more efficient, guiding their focus to the most impactful accounts and tasks, and elevating and upskilling every individual performance.”

These new features will be generally available on June 17.