5 Great Reasons to Become a Salesforce Vlocity Developer

September 9, 2021by rashmita satpathy

Salesforce is the number 1 CRM (customer relationship management) platform today. It helps different departments like marketing, commerce, sales, IT, and service of a business to work together as one integrated CRM platform.

Some of the uses of Salesforce are:

  • Growing business faster
  • Building, launching and scaling eCommerce
  • Providing great customer service
  • Engaging with customers
  • Empowering teams to work from anywhere 


There is no iota of doubt in saying that Salesforce is set to be the most in-demand skill in the future, and with Salesforce comes the opportunity to become a Software Vlocity Developer. Vlocity in salesforce industries provide pre-built solutions on the Salesforce Platform the solve the requirement of specific industries.

Whether it is about customers selecting the most relevant data package for their mobile phones, analyzing the pros and cons of insurance packages, or filling up the gas details online – there is a software industry developer involved in the work that goes behind. There are so many training centers that provide Salesforce Vlocity training by the experts. 

If you’re planning to build a career in Salesforce, keep reading further as we will walk you through the top five reasons why you should become a Salesforce Vlocity Developer. Ready? Let’s go!


What Is The Role Of A Salesforce Vlocity Developer?

First and foremost, let’s understand what exactly a Salesforce Vlocity Development does. 

Well, it’s simple. A Vlocity Salesforce Developer is responsible for the development and integration of custom solutions like Vlocity, Apex classes, Visualforce, and more on the Salesforce platform.




Got a basic understanding of the profession? Let’s discuss the top five reasons why you should become a Salesforce Vlocity Developer:


  • You Will Be One Of The Few On The Forefront In Salesforce

Earlier, Salesforce was all about strategic solutions where one focused on the features of a particular software tool and sold it further to a broad group.

For instance, a business purchasing Service Cloud to enhance and streamline their customer support service operations followed by marketing efforts.

This was not a wonderful experience for the customers, especially when a business needs multiple tools in various departments. Managing and using different tools to deal with all the lists was difficult as well as messy.

Now, Salesforce offers a more holistic view across multiple software while providing better and more efficient solutions. So, the Service Cloud expert gets replaced with one manufacturing expert that can handle all the use cases well. 

Salesforce has not only helped in simplifying processes but also in saving a lot of time. This is the reason why Salesforce is expected to grow greater than ever. Those who are planning to build a career in Salesforce are definitely a step ahead as this ecosystem has an extraordinary scope ahead in the future.


  • All Set To Be In High Demand

Salesforce has the potential to increase developer resources whilst reducing costs. This is why salesforce developers have a significant demand in the market today.

There are innumerable specialties such as health, communication, consumer goods, financial services, media and enterprise, and manufacturing within the industry. With increasing demand and limited talent, companies are always on the lookout for the right talent. 

This also implies that one can expect a high package equipped with the right skills. Moreover, with more and more companies wanting to overcharge their operations with the power of Salesforce industries, the value of this profession is all set to rise in the future. 


  • The Consumer-Focused Industry Lets You Access The Impact On A Daily Basis

The work in the Salesforce industry impacts consumers on an everyday basis. This allows one to easily witness, use and access the solutions they create. 

The Salesforce industry is highly consumer-focused and is pacing forward quite fast. It’s great to see your own solutions being used and liked by consumers on different websites across the Internet. Seeing your own work and its magnificent impact is a great motivator in itself.


  • Less Workload And Better Solutions

A software developer often faces the situation to choose between declarative solutions and creating solutions. If possible, one should choose the former. Here’s why:

  • Declarative solutions are a lot simpler and quicker.


  • These solutions are low code. Maintaining too many codes can be a tough job. Declarative solutions need less code and decrease your workload significantly.


  • With declarative solutions, you will have to face lesser issues when new versions get released with every cycle as their development is native.


  • The work is easier to grasp as well as document for others and future reference. Creating a code that can easily be run by another developer is the need of the hour.


  • Developers have a good range of declarative solutions with them. This helps them to save time and effort to code. This saved time can be utilized on other projects that need your attention.


  • Multiple Career Opportunities To Grow 

As an in-demand tech professional with a relevant skill set, you will get exposed to a number of career prospects. 

Not only is it a stable career choice but also quite financially promising. Salesforce is expected to create salesforce vlocity developer jobs in India, Canada, Australia, the USA, etc. Moreover, salesforce development is one of the most trusted career options out there.


Let’s Wrap Up!

A career that is high in demand trusted and secure, well paying, impactful, and even was impossible until Salesforce came into play! Today, becoming a Vlocity Software Developer is a great option due to its ever-rising demand in the market. 

There are various resources like Trailhead that can be utilized to master as a Salesforce Developer. The blogs section at CEPTES provides some valuable insights on Salesforce that can help you learn more about Salesforce Development. 

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