5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2023

February 21, 2023by Deeshna C

We’ve waited for a long time for this! After our jovial and successful experience at Dreamforce 2022, Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2023 was the next destination we’ve dreamed of conquering. 

Finally, the time is here!

If you’re someone who is in the Salesforce ecosystem, you don’t need us to explain the significance of this massive gathering event of the Trailblazers. Because you know World Tour Sydney is the place where the future happens!

However, if you’re making it to the Southern Hemisphere and looking for some assistance to enhance the World Tour Sydney experience, we’re thrilled to help! As a proud Platinum Sponsor, we brought you some amazing tips to get the most out of this unforgettable event!

So, here we begin! 

Tip #1: Know Your Absolute Objectives 

What exactly am I here for? What does my business want to leverage and get from this event? Who all I want to meet? What are the sessions relevant to me?

Ask yourself these questions or discuss them with your peers and visit the webpage of Salesforce World Tour Sydney. Here, you can get a hold of the complete agenda for the day. Handpick the sessions that make sense to your business and put those in your calendar or make a note of it. This will be a great help when it comes to managing your time efficiently and to enter into the World Tour Sydney hall with a solid purpose in mind.

If you’re looking to enhance your Salesforce data management experience, schedule a meeting  and join with DataArchiva. We’re pulling all the stops to showcase our best capabilities and knock your socks off. 

Here’s a little bit about our customer success session:

Under the title A Next-gen Salesforce Data Management Strategy: From Smart Storage & Performance Management to Compliance & Security Brilliance, our leaders will expound on how to build a future-ready data management strategy in Salesforce. Attending the session, you will discover advanced ways to transform your storage and performance management needs and meet long-term data retention goals with best-in-class security and compliance strategies. We will also talk about how our customers are solving bigger data challenges with our top AppExchange applications. 

Location: Partner Theatre 1

Time: 9.30 am – 9.50am

Tip #2: Mark Your Calendar for Success Theatre 

Trust us, you’re gonna take a deep dive into some incredible insights attending the Success Theatre. Starting from 9:30 AM to 4:20 PM, World Tour Sydney has some amazing topics to present that can upraise your Salesforce experience. As already discussed above, hand-pick the sessions from the webpage that really matter to you and attend them without fail. Learn how to get the best out of Salesforce, what more the biggest platform has in store, and witness the innovation of the future. 

Tip #3: Attend the Most Exciting Demo Jam Competition

If you’re attending the Salesforce World Tour, you can’t afford to miss this fast-paced battle of product demos. Salesforce Demo Jams are kind of a game, where 4-6 app partners showcase their most competitive app in a short video. Upon receiving the votes from the attendees at the end of the competition, the participant who gained the most votes will be announced as the winner and get an exciting prize.

This year, the team DataArchiva is also participating in the Demo Jam competition. Having a shining history of winning Demo Jams multiple times in the past at various events, we’re confident of beating the competition this year as well. 

Wish us good luck!

Location: Campground

Time: 4:45 p.m.–5:30 p.m.

Tip #4: Meet, Greet, and Network 

You’re going to step into a sea of innovation seekers from around the world. And there’s no place better than such flagship Salesforce events like World Tour Sydney, which can open the door to enormous possibilities. You can connect and catch up with like-minded Trailblazers, hear their stories, and get inspired by them. This is going to be a great experience to step up in your career and grow as an individual. So, network like crazy!

Tip #5: Meet DataArchiva at the Platinum Sponsor’s Booth #1

As already explained above, this time, DataArchiva is over the moon to host you as a Platinum Sponsor. At our booth, we will showcase the next-gen capabilities of our data archiving and backup applications for Salesforce and how they can help you experience the future of Salesforce data management. 

Joining us, you will witness the powerful capabilities of DataArchiva’s three applications:

  • DataArchiva Native Archiving: It’s the ONLY native data archiving application that moves your inactive data from Salesforce’s primary storage location to Big Objects at a 100% native level for storage optimization. 
  • DataArchiva External Archiving: An advanced application to clear up the Salesforce data storage space by moving your old Salesforce data from the primary storage location to your preferred external database (MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres, Redshift, etc) by leveraging your third-party cloud (AWS, Azure, Heroku, and GCP) or On-premises platforms. 
  • DataArchiva Backup: The best-in-class application to take a backup of your mission-critical Salesforce data and metadata in S3, SharePoint, or Servers by leveraging your preferred third-party cloud (AWS, Azure, Heroku, and GCP) or On-premises platforms. 

Apart from this, we’ll also showcase the expertise of our XfilesPro and its file management and document generation apps for Salesforce. So don’t forget to meet us at ICC Sydney. 

Yeah, that’s it! You can experience the best of World Tours by just practicing the above tips. Get ready to have a great time with today’s change-makers down under!

Happy World Tour!

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