XfilesPro: What’s Beyond Salesforce File Storage Management?

February 17, 2023by Deeshna C

Let’s travel a little back to 2012 when we launched our first and flagship product XfilesPro. 

When rolling out, our mission with XfilesPro was to provide a seamless file storage management experience for Salesforce users. We invaded the market with some extraordinary capabilities that could efficiently address their major challenge — Salesforce file storage limitations.

In no time, we took the industry by storm as a unique, single platform to optimize file storage space in Salesforce! 

9 years later today, we’re where we’re now — the no.1 AppExchange application for Salesforce file management that evolved from being a mere storage management platform. 

Phewww! We couldn’t be more grateful for the journey we’ve traveled. 

But enough about us – we’d love to talk about what XfilesPro can do beyond file storage management today as we’re now a fully-fledged application with multiple next-gen capabilities. This blog is dedicated to that. 

So, let’s start!

  • Efficient Storage Optimization 

This is XfilesPro’s calling card! We’re proud to help you clear up your growing file storage space by moving massive volumes of files from Salesforce’s primary file storage location to an external storage platform of your choice with the power of automation. So no more _File Storage Limit Exceeded_ red alerts or poor application performance in your workflow. For nine years now, this capability has been praised as the most useful among users.  

  • Seamless External Storage Integration

This is the next-level capability of XfilesPro. To store your migrated files, XfilesPro supports a great variety of third-party cloud applications that you choose such as SharePoint, AWS S3, Google Drive, and OneDrive along with On-premises platforms (SFTP, SMB, and Network Drive). This provides you with a 360-degree solution to preserve the migrated files in your preferred external storage system.   

  • Preferable Folder Structure 

We know firsthand the necessity of procuring a proper folder structure for the transferred files in the external platform. So does XfilesPro! If you desire your files to follow certain integrity after their migration, XfilesPro makes it easier by allowing you to customize the folder structure and not letting the files stay scattered in the external system. Having a preferred folder structure is a way to ensure that the files are properly managed and are easy to access and use. This is one of the rarest capabilities of a Salesforce file management application that makes us stand out from the crowd.   

  •  Easy Centralized File Management

We always go the extra mile to streamline your workflow. That’s how our capability for ‘File Collaboration’ has been born. With XfilesPro, you can implement a centralized file management system that enables both internal and external teams to collaborate seamlessly on shared files. This is one of the best practices to improve productivity and transform the workflow of the employees.

  • Complete File Ownership

Each file is an invaluable asset that should be owned solely by you. As we already discussed above, XfilesPro provides the great privilege for you to choose your preferred external cloud or On-premises platform to store the migrated Salesforce files. This empowers you to gain the ultimate control over your files, by having 100% ownership and control over them, and ensuring that they remain secure and protected from unauthorized access.

  • Advanced Bi-Directional Sync

This feature is made squarely to make your life 10 times easier. With XfilesPro’s Bi-Directional Sync feature, you can get the changes made in Salesforce files to be automatically reflected on the subsequent file stored in the external storage, and vice-versa. That means you can sit back and relax while the files magically update themselves in both systems. No more tedious manual updates or frustration with out-of-date files – just effortless syncing that saves your time and energy so that you can focus on what really matters to your business. 

  • Great Community User Support

Looking for a solution that supports Salesforce org’s community user portal can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, XfilesPro is the shining star amidst the darkness. Our app helps you manage all the files getting generated through Community users by automatically moving them to external storage. And it’s a big relief for those who previously struggled with this tedious task. 

Above and Beyond Salesforce File Storage Management

That’s how it is! From 2012 to 2023, XfilesPro has come a long way to be the first choice when it comes to Salesforce file management. The above capabilities add more power to our potential and keep us ahead of the curve.

If you’re curious to learn more about XfilesPro, don’t just take our word for it – schedule a demo with one of our product experts today and see for yourself why our application is a top choice for Salesforce file management. Let us show you how XfilesPro’s innovative features and unmatched expertise can help take your business to new heights. 


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