A New Boost for Social Media Marketers – Salesforce Einstein Platform

August 15, 2017by Admin

There have been many aspects and capabilities of Salesforce. One such capability is bringing the Artificial Intelligence to Social Media Marketing. Along with this Salesforce has been deploying Einstein Vision within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Marketers are already said to use the Social Studio, to engage actively with their customers on the social media platform. The publishing of posts, and even tracking consumer sentiment on various social platforms has become one more purpose. Now, they will be able to use Einstein Vision to track all the image based social media posts.

Einstein Vision for the Social Studio is currently available for Twitter and estimated that it will later be available for other platforms as well. It gives all the marketers access to four types of image libraries, including some two million brand logos, around 60 scenes, approximately 200 foods, and even 1,000 objects.

What most of the marketers have been telling us is that the entire social world has remarkably turned into a visual medium. In fact, it has been noticed that on Twitter if you open up a list or any feed, a good percentage of it is image based. Marketers are in need of tools that can help them figure it out, in an automated process than having every human being going through all of those images manually.

Social Studio is definitely one of the several areas where Salesforce has indeed integrated Einstein this year, and image recognition certainly has value when it comes strictly to social media analysis: Deloitte has predicted last year that people would share or even store 2.5 trillion photos online in 2016.

There has also been; three major use cases for Einstein in the Social Studio:

First, marketers can utilize it for the consumer insight, i.e. to learn more about what type of people are posting images of their products or even for that instance brand logos.

Secondly, Marketers can as well use it to track the usage of their images and even logos. For example, if a company sponsors a major event, such as music festival, it could use Einstein Vision to track all the social media posts from the event. But only the ones that include any imagery of their brand.

Lastly, the tool is also said to help with customer service. It enables marketers to quickly spot all the inquiries about a product or even other requests for help with relevant images.