Company Overview

Who We Are

We are your trusted global Salesforce ally, prioritizing enhancing your investment through consultation, digitalization, and innovation.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to becoming one of the leading cloud technology service providers by offering quality and affordable services to our customers through continuously expanding our workforce potential in an environment of trust, honesty, empathy, and fairness towards our customers, employees, & partners. We will continue to strive towards sustainability by providing global best practices.

Our Vision

We aspire to be at the forefront of cloud technology service providers. Our mission is to continuously expand our workforce potential and cultivate an environment of trust, honesty, empathy, and fairness for our customers, employees, and partners.
We’re dedicated to delivering quality, affordable services, employing global best practices, and prioritizing sustainability.

Leading the Way in Digital Innovation with Salesforce Strategies
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1000+ Clients, 5 Continents, Countless Success Stories

Our decade-long journey is dedicated to excellence in technology and service. With a global presence and 1000+ satisfied clients, we've set the industry standard for innovation and customer satisfaction.

Established in 2010 by Mr. Harish Kumar Poolakade and Mr. Priya Ranjan Panigrahy, CEPTES operates from global offices in Bengaluru, Irving, TX, Dubai, and Wellington, NZ, with strategic partnerships in Dubai, Japan, Singapore, and Nigeria.

We Believe in

Our commitment to customer success prioritizes strong collaboration, seamless system integration, and proven industry-based business models. Our approach encompasses time, cost, resources, quality, and goals to ensure project success.


Delivering value, and ensuring projects are on time.


We consistently surpass client expectations with high-quality work.


We harness technology for efficiency
and organization.


Exceptional service and support are our cornerstones.