How to Ensure Business Success on AppExchange?

September 11, 2020by Ananya Mohapatra

“An entrepreneurial mind never settles.”

Do you feel that the current pandemic will hinder your development? It would be best if you read this before arriving at such a pessimistic decision.

Don’t settle, stay updated

When everyone is against you, and everything is at stake, it is the right time to work on your idea.

Never discourage yourself when others are discouraged around you. 

There should be nothing that should be stopping you from working on your idea. 

Look around and identify the pain points in the business ecosystem. That’s where you should focus and think it through.

The next step should be planning your execution.

Plan beforehand

“Planning assures execution and then success”

Without a plan, you cannot succeed, especially when the odds are against you.

Your planning should also include knowing the market you are in and the niche attracted by your competitors.

Know the market and the competition

A product requires a market, and a market brings along competitors, especially in this unprecedented situation, when the competition is intense and dynamic.

Knowing the market and the competition also exposes you to a variety of ideas and opportunities that can help you develop your approach.

And once you get an idea, consult with an AppExchange Product Development Expert.

Consult with a certified PDO Expert

To have an idea is just the first step, but to realize it’s real potential, you need to consult a PDO.

PDOs have the potential to improvise and convert your idea into a billion-dollar successful business. Set aside a time slot to reach out to a PDO and discuss it with them. They are very open to discussing your idea and helping you provide muscles and bones to your plan.

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Prioritize marketing

Focus on your App Listing and every other source of Marketing you can avail. Stay updated on the tools available to you and utilize them to your use to reach the potential customers of your product.

You should understand the value of the product and make others also understand the same. Show the customers how they can use your product in their day-to-day life in running their business.

One of the best ways to attract potential customers and, at the same time, validate the product is by utilizing the free to premium transition.

From free to premium

You can validate your idea by developing a prototype or template and later shift to premium apps. 

Premium apps primarily attract enterprises, but to understand the need for the product first, we need to release the free version of the app.

The duration during your product validation of your free app, you can reach out for investments, or create a website which will eventually help you to grow your business.

Even if you have attracted the customers of your niche, make sure that you retain them.

Focus on customer retention

The customers who used your product understanding the true essence and the value of your product will follow along with you. They are the niche you should be focusing on in the future.

The customers of your niche will also be willing to avail of your premium app if they appreciate the true potential of the product and the extent of the effect on their business due to your product.


In short,

  1. Stay updated, rise, and flourish.
  2. Pre-Planning is essential.
  3. Know your competitors.
  4. Consult a PDO about your idea.
  5. Marketing is essential.
  6. Start free, shift to premium.
  7. Retain customers of your niche.

CEPTES is along with you in this pandemic. We will get through this unforeseen situation. We encourage you to contact us if you have any ideas that can solve a B2B problem. There are still a lot of opportunities all around you, and we assure you that we, as your strategic partner, will guide you towards your future.

For more detail, contact us now.

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