Life at Ceptes


Life at Ceptes


So we are almost at the end of the Year 2022. We can’t believe this year is going to end in the next few days. 2022 is one of the most spectacular and fantastic years of CEPTES Software. We have celebrated a lot of festivals, birthdays, events, anniversaries, potluck and recently Secret Santa. Have a glimpse of how we’ve celebrated Christmas this year.

VERVE 2022

We work hard and party even harder!!
As we travel the road to the future, we try to celebrate each milestone. “Verve 2022” was one such epic party for all our hard-working colleagues with plenty of good times, tasty treats, and joyful celebrations. Here’s to moments like this that make us feel alive.

AIKYAM 2022 – A Day to Count

AIKYAM 2022, the first-ever, path-breaking tech summit in the history of CEPES was an outstanding experience. We enjoyed every minute of the day to its fullest with each other’s presence, vim, vigor, and grace! As our leaders have driven all their efforts to present the insightful roadmap of our products, the event turned out to be synonyms for unity, wisdom, and enlightenment. And we all buttoned up the day with fun, music, dance, games, and yeah, some yummy foods too!

Truly, a day to cherish forever!

Happy Holi – Holi Celebration 2022

“??????? ??? ???? ???? ?? ???? ?????.”
This Holi, celebration returned after a two-year pandemic pause.
With bright colors and festivity abound, CEPTISIANS celebrated the arrival of spring and the promise of new beginnings with Holi. The celebration was lit with games, dance, and fun where CEPTISIANS laced each other in vibrant and cheerful colors.
Catch these colorful Holi shots of our team.