Any user can now load an external system data to salesforce with one screen UI dynamic mapping.

Send WhatsApp message. Twilio integration for WhatsApp.

Add reCAPTCHA LWC Component. Configurable API key acceptance.

Get feedback using ratings which helps in improving the business and providing good service.

Displaying FAQ’s on any web pages drives more users to Self Service. Features include FAQ search, display of all categories, etc.

This component can be used to display the pricing module for its products. Here we are displaying the configured data in the component.

The total number of records. Configurable fields, sorting, and order. Field and record accessibility sets should be optimized.

An SF native tool that can automate the document generation process. A predefined template that can support dynamic data binding.

A shopping cart always needs a filter to display only the relevant data to select and buy from. Our component will help in filtering the data set.

Currently, SFDC doesn’t support a multi-level/dependent field path. This component will support this.

Add Chart Components to LWC(Chart.js). Chart.js is an approved 3rd party Lib which can be used in LWC, easily.

The component developed will have the ability to drag and drop fields and generate pdfs from any standard or custom object and store it as templates.