Case Studies


Master Data Management & Process Automation

Business Challenges

  • The entire process was running on an outdated legacy system.
  • As credit bureaus contain highly sensitive data; data security was an important business issue requiring state of the art security and encryption.
  • Accurate customer information is of high importance, therefore data accuracy an integrity routines needed to be brought to the state of the art.
  • Because data is often provided unstructured, routines needed to be developed to be able to handle unstructured data.


  • Using the Lightning platform, we developed an automation system which made the entire process from data collection to storage and information access automated and highly seamless.
  • Smart search module helped our client to get an instant report
  • Our developed solution offered easy integration with other credit bureaus in Europe.


  • Confidence in the level of data accuracy.
  • Summarized report generation.
  • Seamless data flow from the source to destination.
  • Enhanced efficiencies.