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Audit And Discover Report

An audit report is created for the customers after the audit and is presented to the customers. The audit report will provide recommendations on all the areas mentioned below and this review will help customers to understand the entire Salesforce® implementation done within their org.


Below are the list of activities involved during the audit.


Salesforce® Standard Features Implementation Audit:

Go through security model overview of the client, permissions, profiles, user licenses, field-level security and Organization Wide Defaults.
To review the data model, user interface and understand high level business processes involved.
Audit of validation rules and triggers
Audit of Workflows & Approval Processes in the org.

Salesforce® Customization/Enhancements Audit:

Audit of Apex Classes, methods, controllers and extensions
Audit Visualforce pages
Audit any managed package installed
Audit any other customizations done on platform.

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