Salesforce Best Practices and Approaches for the Healthcare Industry

October 9, 2020by Ananya Mohapatra

Today improving the healthcare facilities & infrastructure was not more essential than ever for any country. However, except for a few, all other countries are still trying to focus more on enhancing the healthcare infrastructure in order to face any pandemic or health emergencies.

The healthcare industry has suffered a lot as they were not prepared for any unplanned pandemic situation. Due to the lack of facility and infrastructure, the industry couldn’t fight back with any situation and deliver on time.

Healthcare professionals have realized that traditional operating methods are not working, and they need a robust system to drive operations. Every patient and their family demands fast service and expects doctors or healthcare systems to act immediately.

It requires collaboration and communication between various departments to better serve the patient, with lots of information about patients, disease, and department in one place.

Know how Salesforce best practices and approaches towards the industry are helping to improve healthcare services:

Salesforce has worked consistently towards the development of the healthcare industry to deliver in any pandemic situation.

In addition to the customer service and tech support, Salesforce has implemented many new features, which helps professionals during any crisis. 

Here are some of the practices adopted by Salesforce, which is shaping the industry to deliver better:

Centralized Data:

Salesforce health cloud system helps the larger healthcare industries to manage and access data from one place. Salesforce health cloud stores data in one place, which can be accessed from all the locations.

Also, these data and records can be available in real-time and can be accessed from any device like mobile, laptop, desktop, and tab.

The centralized data can help departments to function quickly and deliver without flaws.

Patients Journey Records:

The patient’s information records are critical, and they are challenging to maintain for any clinics or hospitals.

Salesforce cloud CRM can help professionals to capture all the patient’s data and health history, which can be easily accessible at any time.

These records can help to know the patient’s journey, and patients can also get speedy service from the clinic or hospital.

These records can be accessed by any department within the organization by approval of admin or management, to serve patients in the right manner.


Today, Salesforce provides so many tools to increase the functionality and productivity of users. 

If any feature or integration is required with a system or any SOP (standard operating procedure) is to be implemented with Salesforce, it’s easily possible.

Salesforce also has so many inbuilt features with which any SOP can be implemented quickly and within a short period.

Automation Process:

Automation is like doing things on a real-time basis, with the automation of systems and processes. 

You can set up automated communication & SOPs to deliver on a real-time basis, be available 24X7 for your customers.

Various automation tools like chatbots, drip communication, SMS can help customers to get the information.

Also, automation processes can help an organization set up and fix appointments by visitors.

Hence, automation reduces human intervention and delivers results instantly.


Data is very critical today, whether it’s personal or organizational. Salesforce provides high-end security to customer information from malicious access.

Salesforce also provides role-based access by restricting data to individuals and different departments for security purposes.

Let’s Conclude:

Above are some of the best practices Salesforce has adopted, among many other initiatives by them.

If you are planning a CRM, and if you are from the healthcare industry, make sure you check the Salesforce CRM.

Many larger healthcare service providers, pharma giants & small hospitals are using Salesforce today across the globe with cost-effective pricing and excellent customer support.

Please write your experience with current CRM and what features you are looking forward to in your CRM which are missing.

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