Salesforce Einstein Analytics Helps Leverage Your Data Pay Back

September 22, 2017by Admin

So, if you have been using Salesforce for some time now and as well have tons of data that you plan to leverage!!
Then, you are ready to move ahead and grab the Salesforce Einstein Analytics, which is the Salesforce based cloud platform. It connects with multiple data sources, along with creating interactive views of the same providing insights and contexts to take all your business decisions and actions based on them.

In fact, the volume of data rising dramatically, the process of manual analysis has become a remote possibility. The platform is said to bring about some good advanced analytics capabilities powered with the artificial intelligence to the fingertips of the CRM users. Thanks to the Einstein Analytics with AI, they are currently well-equipped to take much more informed decisions, faster.

The Salesforce-Einstein-Analytics

How specifically does Einstein Analytics help Business grow?

Once configured effectively, all of customer data, including both the social and activity data (beginning from email, Chatter, calendar etc.) can be fed within the Einstein which will churn out the customized models for each customer using its AI engine.

The relevant insights and easily interpretable visual representations using all the Dashboards etc., business users now have the access to Descriptive analytics, Diagnostic analytics, Predictive analytics and Prescriptive analytics.

Based on these, some of the immediate benefits can be listed as below:

  1. Devise the customized marketing strategies for each customer
  2. Plan the finest next steps for any client
  3. Devise much more better customer service and as well engagement roadmaps
  4. With significant patterns available, based on the business users’ data, clients can be given better recommendations
  5. Personalized interactions with each vital account helps business growth avenues
  6. Assist with the Measuring, Optimizing and as well Modifying the Campaigns run by the organization
  7. The possibilities are immense if they are rightly implemented and configured in accordance with the business specific customization.

The Salesforce Einstein Analytics – Points to Remember

Einstein Data Discovery now called Einstein Discovery

In the current situation Salesforce offers the Einstein Analytics apps, three out-of-the-box modes:

It is said that the Salesforce Einstein Analytics Sales app has indeed pre-configured KPIs for roles. This allows for good collaboration between managers and executives. This can as well be used to manage forecasts, gain some pipeline visibility, track the entire team performance and at the same time close deals with opportunities from anywhere, at any time.