Salesforce For Hi-Tech


Embrace Change and Succeed Quickly, with Salesforce

Hi-Tech companies usually operate in a global environment and have shorter product life-cycles. They are expected to deliver a higher state of customer support in order to stay ahead of their competition. In today’s era of higher customer demands, Hi-Tech service providers can’t afford to use mediocre processes and poorly integrated systems.

The world’s #1 CRM provider Salesforce is helping global Hi-Tech companies by offering top-notch tools and processes in order to operate in a smarter environment and offer on-demand customer support. At CEPTES, we help Hi-Tech companies effectively implement Salesforce Cloud solutions and transform their business processes quickly

Business Transformation & Automation

As technology continues to change and advance, automating various processes and business models is essential. In order to achieve this, Hi-Tech companies should implement an integrated digital platform like Salesforce.

Salesforce Cloud solutions will enable Hi-Tech service providers to quickly improve and advance processes such as lead assignment, pipeline forecasting, quoting, contract generation, invoicing, etc

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CEPTES Offered Salesforce Services for Hi-Tech Companies
Configuration & Migration
Support & Enhancement
Advisory Services
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What you can expect?

Better process visibility and sales pipeline.

Increased ROI on sales investments through high conversion rates, shorter sales cycles, and improved productivity.

Control over inventory and reduced operational costs through intelligent forecasting and trend analysis.

Enhanced customer satisfaction through a 360-degree customer view.

Better partner, supply chain, and logistics management.