Salesforce introduces low-code Lightning mobile apps development platform

February 7, 2019by Shreshth Tiwari

World’s #1 CRM provider Salesforce has extended their low-code Lightning development platform for mobile apps development. Recently Salesforce added Salesforce Lightning Platform Mobile in their low-code space which has seen a number of new products in the past few years. As the demand for enterprise mobile apps is quickly growing, this new low-code mobile app development platform will definitely help enterprises build business apps quickly.

Mobile is transforming businesses and its role is significantly becoming important. However, the industry is witnessing a notable development talent gap. The newly added platform will enable users to create mobile apps instantly with techniques like pre-built components and templates. This can be developed within a few clicks and offer functionalities ranging from the basics of data management, logic, and security to top-notch technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The platform also offers a set of tools and features which can empower businesses to get rid of the complex development process and build enterprise apps which are fast, future-proofed, well integrated with customer data. The workflow of this platform consists of a three-stage process (build, extend, launch) leveraging three components called Mobile Builders, Mobile Services, Mobile Publisher.

Mobile Builders act as the building blocks for the mobile app. Using the low-code development environment and pre-built JavaScript components, this will certainly offer greater user experiences. Admins can seamlessly turn spreadsheets into mobile apps, design app data model, and configure the UI using a few clicks. AppExchange ready-made components can help you start building your app from the go.

With Mobile Services, admins can make the app robust and intuitive with Einstein declarative AI services, workflows, third-party data integration etc. Admins can also add mobile push notifications with a click.  

The best part of the platform is Mobile Publisher. Using this, admins can publish apps directly on the App Store or Play Store. Mobile Publisher takes care of the entire packaging and submission procedure. This also makes the app publication & update process quick and easy.

Using the new low-code Lightning mobile apps development platform, enterprises can build future-proof customer driven apps faster. Salesforce has been adding features to its Lightning mobile platform on a regular basis considering the quickly changing mobile environment.

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