Salesforce is adding new integrations for marketers following their Datorama acquisition

February 5, 2019by Shreshth Tiwari

Six-months back Salesforce acquired Israeli marketing intelligence platform Datorama. The cloud-based AI software was used by marketers to optimize their marketing campaigns and workflows in order to make them more effective by consolidating and pulling insights from data and enabling the reporting across channels and campaigns instantly to make real-time decisions. Datorama had a strong portfolio of 3000+ customers across the globe including multiple Fortune 500 companies before the acquisition. Salesforce had plans to use Datorama to prop their own data analytics capabilities within the Marketing Cloud as well as to complement its integration with Google Analytics 360 and Marketing Cloud Einstein.

Recently Salesforce has announced new integrations within the marketing intelligence platform and also introducing new developer tools and “activation” tools for marketers. The new “connectors” will enable marketers to import data from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Datorama with a single click. This new integration will include a Marketing Cloud Social Studio connector, soon followed by a Marketing Cloud Email Studio connector and a Mobile Studio connector. This will help the marketers to connect all of these data sources in one integrated place. Data from email campaigns, social channels, mobile platforms, websites, advertising, sales, events etc can be put in a single place.

Datorama is also rolling out a new Developer Portal for developers and IT professionals looking to collaborate with their marketing team. With this new portal, developers can build custom data integrations. For example, a service provider can use the Platform API within the Portal to build a standard workflow for setting up new clients. This will pull all the specific required metrics and data streams for the client. The portal will also offer marketers custom visualization options. Datorama is adding an “Activation Center” which will allow marketers to take actions or send notifications based on the real-time analysis of their customer data. This will help them understand how campaigns are performing and they can also optimize their campaigns in real-time whenever required.

We are expecting Salesforce to keep on adding new integrations in Datorama platform for marketers in coming days to make campaigns easy, personalized, and effective. This will help the world’s #1 cloud CRM provider to get the crown of world’s #1 cloud marketing software. Currently, Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud is making customer interaction personalized by creating cross-channel customer journeys that deliver exceptional experiences across email, mobile, social, advertising, the web, and more. To know more about how can you leverage Marketing Cloud to build and manage personalized customer journeys, get in touch with our Certified Marketing Cloud experts.