Why Ceptes


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At CEPTES, we stand poised at the forefront of an ever-evolving, technology-driven landscape, where innovation is our daily currency. CEPTES Software is a top-tier cloud service provider that delivers innovative business solutions on the world's premier cloud platform.

CEPTES Software is a boutique Salesforce Solution Provider having partnered with 1000+ customers across the globe and a proven track record of more than 13 years. The company’s name truly defines and highlights its core philosophy - to shape the future of businesses (C: Customer-focused, E: Employee friendly, P: Passion and Pride for performance, T: Trust and Transparency, E: Equality and S: Social responsibility).

Why Partner with CEPTES

A Proven Track Record
At CEPTES Software, we bring 13+ years of experience as an award-winning Salesforce-focused company. With a proven track record of successfully partnering with over 1000 customers worldwide, we've established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy business ally.
Expertise in All Facets of Salesforce
We stand out as one of the rare companies with comprehensive expertise in all areas of Salesforce, including MSP, SI, PDO, Cloud Reseller, and Talent Alliance. This extensive knowledge allows us to offer a wide range of solutions tailored to your specific needs.
Innovation at the Core
Innovation is in our DNA. We are not only a pioneer in product innovation but have also been recognized with Salesforce's 2023 Partner Innovation Award. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology ensures that we deliver solutions to empower your business.
Nurturing a Learning Culture
Our company is dedicated to fostering a learning culture. We prioritize the growth and development of our employees, believing that an empowered workforce leads to success. Your journey with CEPTES will be marked by continuous learning and personal development.
Recognizing Gratitude
We believe in giving our team real responsibilities, ensuring that your efforts are recognized and valued. This culture of gratitude fosters a sense of fulfillment in your role, making every contribution meaningful.
Partnering for the Future
We're not just looking at the present; we are focused on shaping the future of businesses. Our vision includes becoming a globally recognized company and earning the trust of our stakeholders through the delivery of best-in-class services using modern technologies.

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