Why Do You Need SFDMU for Data Migration in Salesforce?

SFDX Data Loader plug-in (SFDMU) is one of the latest and most powerful data migration tools for Salesforce and a great alternative for the earlier data loader application. 

The SFDMU plug-in will be useful to populate your org (scratch/ sandbox/ dev/production) using the data imported from different org or CSV files.

The tool supports all the essential CRUD operations such as (Insert/Update /Upsert/Delete) as well as for various related sObjects.

The SFDMU comes with many advanced features that none of the existing tools could offer, and it will make your data migration a fast and seamless process.

Major Features of the SFDMU Tool:

  • SFDMU supports migrating data directly from one Salesforce org to a different Salesforce org without needing the intermediate CSV files.
  • It allows the migration of multiple objects at the same time. 
  • The tool is compatible with exporting/importing data to/from CSV files.
  • It supports composite external Id keys.
  • It does not need any special External Id field to update or upsert operations to bind relevant sObjects. 
  • The tool supports Object Mapping and Customized Fields when the name of the fields and objects in the Source and the Target vary. 
  • During data migration, the tool saves the Record Type for each record.
  • The tool manages self-referenced fields, for example, Account.ParentId.
  • Provides support for Full Person Account. Processes record sets containing mixed Business & Person Accounts.
  • Supports the migration of relevant attachments, notes, and files, which includes binary data.
  • Comes with a built-in data anonymization feature and replaces the original data source with random values while updating the Target.
  • Enables customized binding of polymorphic lookup fields.
  • Provides complete safety and security. The operations are performed on the client’s machine without any cloud interaction.
  • The tool is fully configurable using a JSON file and it is user-friendly.
  • It is quite fast and carries out processes for only a selected subset of fields and records to insert and update and does not touch anything else. 

Installation of SFDMU


The Main Window of SFDMU GUI (Source:

To use the SFDMU tool property, you have to install a GUI tool and the Data-Move-Utility plug-in to simplify the process:



The second one in the screenshot, the SFDMU Desktop App is a useful GUI tool that simplifies the use of SFDMU based on Electron.js.


Steps to Use the Tool

To run the tool, type the npm start command in the SFDMU-Desktop app:

npm start

The user needs to register and sign in:


SFDMU GUI Login Page (Source:


After login, you need to select the source and destination file in the first step:


Selecting the Source & Destination Files (Source:


In the next step, you need to set the point of the migration:


The Possible Options in SFDMU for the Migration


The settings are:

  • Object Fields
  • Object Settings
  • Fields Mapping
  • Data Anonymization

The final step is to execute the migration.



Then the tool will display the execution steps during the migration process.


Execution Steps on SFDMU GUI (Source:


Overall, the SFDMU tool provides the most seamless way of data migration from various relevant sObjects between Salesforce orgs.