10 Salesforce Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

November 29, 2021by rashmita satpathy

Salesforce, since its inception, has ensured that its solutions help businesses around the world interact better with their customers.

It is a mammoth of features & tools that certainly makes your life more streamlined and even more productive down the line.

Its flexibility, user-friendly interface, and worldwide acceptance have made Salesforce the preferred CRM tool.

However, software of this magnitude is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Any person who interacts with Salesforce on a daily basis might know the intricacies involved and how long it took them to reach there (Well done!).

Hence, today we’re here for all the experts and the ones who frequent Salesforce frequently.

We, at Ceptes, have been working with Salesforce since 2010 and we do have some tricks up our sleeves when it comes to it. So, let’s go into the world of Salesforce and we’ll help you with some features that might turn your Salesforce expertise into something that people start envying.


  • Create your Brand Email Template

Did you know that you could actually create your own branded email templates for your business?
These email templates ensure that you can have a set type of email for specific purposes. The pre-scripted emails along with a logo of your business can make things super simple and efficient in case there needs to be a message that has to be delivered to a large number of consumers.


  • Share Data With Your Partner Organisations Using Salesforce

How about we told you that you can actually send selective data from one Salesforce account to another?Yes, Salesforce makes sharing data easier with your partner organisations and segregation it on the basis of what’s important and what’s not. Sharing data from Salesforce to Salesforce does not require custom development, but just a simple setup to get things rolling.

  • Salesforce on Mobile

In case, getting in front of a desktop seems like a Herculean task during the WFH days, you can always stay updated with the help of Salesforce Mobility.

The mobile app allows you to be on the move, and look at how things are running. The easy to use interface and no-code is certainly another boon.

  • Build Your Own App, Without a Single Line of Code.

Lightning application builder from Salesforce ensures that your business doesn’t halt because of code.

The Salesforce Lightning app builder helps you build an app in a jiffy, with some quick taps here and some easy steps there. While a little UX/UI knowledge might come in handy to ascertain the visual look & feel of your application, the entire process is pretty much streamlined.

  • Call Using Salesforce

The CRM software’s Lightning Voice allows businesses to make phone calls using the Salesforce cloud itself.All you need to ensure from your end is that your phone number is synced with the platform, and that’s pretty much it.



  • Steelbrick: Create Quotes Perfectly

What if Salesforce could identify the perfect elements of a quote or a proposal?

Yes, that’s actually possible. The platform’s Steelbrick feature allows businesses to find out a number of Configure-Price-Quote.

The benefit of any CPQ app is the fact that one can send errorless & professional-looking sales quotes based on the deliverables and other factors of the two parties.

This entire process helps businesses reduce the time taken to close a prospect into a customer, reduce the overheads due to errors and make the entire process a lot more streamlined.


  • Email Syncing

The Email syncing feature comes as a lifesaver for many. It allows businesses to ensure that all the email conversations in the CRM, stay in the CRM.

The data from the cloud is sent to your email itself, once this lesser-known feature of Salesforce is active.

This little feature can save a lot of your “copy-paste” time and hence ensure that much more productive tasks are being looked into. To ensure that you are able to utilise this amazing Salesforce feature, make sure you connect your email with Salesforce. And voila! There you have it.


  • Delivering Documents & Content

Content delivery will allow a Salesforce business to deliver documents, PDFs or any other kind of documents to its customers.

The method of accessing this document, whether through links, downloading or keeping it password protected can be decided on the Salesforce platform itself.

The content delivery platform has a number of features such as notifying the sender once the document is viewed, locking down the download option, password protection & more.


  • Create Divisions

Salesforce allows you to use data and organise it in a comprehensive manner.

But, creating segments in which your date can be organised into.

Bigger organisations that deal with a large amount of data can follow this practice through the Salesforce platform itself.

This organisation can help make your reporting & analysis activities a breezy affair.

  • Territory Management

Salesforce’s territory management feature is the perfect tool to ensure that perfect workflow is followed in your entire organisation, no matter what scale it is at.

In simpler words, just like creating segments (mentioned above), roles, responsibilities & hierarchies are organised & a hierarchy of accounts is created. This can be done using the Enterprise Territory Management feature in Salesforce, which makes it easier than ever.

These territories do not need to be rigid. They can be role-based, geography-based, or any other factor that might suit your sales team best.



The Salesforce features mentioned above might or might not be lesser-known. However, in case you are someone who uses Salesforce for your organization on a regular basis, these features are certainly going to help your operations become more aerodynamic.

We, at Ceptes, understand the power of Salesforce. With more than a decade worth of experience assisting businesses and familiarising them with the power of this tool, we know what it takes to make businesses benefit from Salesforce.

Ceptes is a global Salesforce service provider, that has been providing customised Salesforce business solutions to a number of businesses from varied domains. Our solutions ensure that there are no loopholes when it comes to your business and Salesforce working together.


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