200 OK : The Promise of Security in Every Call Out

Your reliable partner to connect the world from Salesforce without any code.

200 OK : The Promise of Security in Every Call Out

NO Coding Integration App built on top Salesforce Lightning Platform

100% TRUE Native Salesforce, By Salesforce Developers with love;

For Salesforce Customers.”

What is 200 OK?

200 OK is a declarative, no-code, user-friendly, lightweight, and reusable integration connector that connects your Salesforce with any external cloud-based solutions directly or indirectly.

What makes 200 OK different from others?

200 OK lets you connect 3500+ Apps in Your Stack. This 100% Salesforce native platform comes with:

Low-Cost Subscription Model
Time-saving, hardly takes 30 min to 1 hour
User-friendly no-code tool
Low Maintenance and Support is part of the Success Model
No Vendor Switching Cost

That lets you save your time, and budget and unlocks the new doors of digital transformation. 

200 OK offers the amazing features

Request/Response Mapper - XPATH Style
Support any data structure/format
Comes with secured Webhook Handler
Create, update records with the powerful mapper
Handle Complex response data via Apex
Customize request data via Apex
Automate with multiple Integration Channels (one after one)
Real-time Testing & Debugging
Support LwC or Aura component: Create a custom UI component without any integration coding.
Client-side execution: Execute integration from the client to avoid API limitation and payload size.
Schedule Integrations for periodic execution
Standard & Custom Formula support for request and response data mapper
Binary file support (Files and Attachments)

An advanced Integration connector that supports all platform technical components

Platform Events
Flow Builder
Process Builder
Apex Class
Rest API
Standard/Custom Object
LwC or Aura components
Custom Settings and Custom Metadata Types
External & Big Objects
Named Credentials

What can you do with 200 OK?

Create and update the records with its powerful mapper
Send mass email
Real-time Testing & Debugging
Handle complex data responses
Enrich lead data with Crunchbase, LinkedIn, and other data sources
Verify the email, phone of your lead
Automate with multiple Integration Channels
Create invoices & integrate them with the accounting system
Generate documents and send for e-signature
Generate payment link and send to the customer for payment

How does it work?

An easy integration connector which you only need to:

Install in your organization system
Setup Actions (DML, Platform event, Triggering another Intg. channel)
Creates an integration channel
Ready to trigger from Flows, API, Apex, PB, & LwC

Resolve Your Integration Pain with this powerful Admin and Business Friendly Integration Connector