4 Essential Activities for SMB’s at Dreamforce’17

October 6, 2017by Admin

Dreamforce 2017 is the most inspiring event of year and also the one talked about more these days. Companies of all sizes can actually look forward to a complete fun-filled week of innovation, ideas, some incredible speakers, valuable resources and good opportunity of knowledge to gear up their business for growth.

There will be more than 2,700+ sessions, various activities and events, along with many exciting announcements. However, CEPTES would like to throw light on the major takeaways that SMB’s could have from Dreamforce ’17. We want all the SMBs to get the most out of Dreamforce with this blog.

Let us have a look at the top 4 must-attend experiences.

1. Gearing Up for the growth of SMB’s

This is one of the must attend keynotes for all SMBs. CEPTES would like to share the latest innovations to assist find more potential customers. So, it’s time for you to join Dreamforce ’17 and hear from the top executives about the latest technologies from Salesforce. They will as well showcase the trending aspects of Salesforce, like Lightning and Einstein. Bookmark your presence as your first agenda.

2. Find the base at Dreamforce

Dreamforce is not a may be; it’s a must. Yes, if you fall under the category of SMB, then its high time that you must quickly grab a seat in it. This is the time for you to chart a life-changing course. Salesforce Rangers and Trail maps will guide you perfectly to a variety of learning opportunities, along with a demo jam to business consultation and cultivate passion.

3. Acknowledge the details of the pros at All-Star SMB sessions

Dreamforce 2017 has more than 100 sessions, which are dedicated to most of the small business topics. Whether you are targeting to improve your sales and marketing strategies or just want to hear the inspiring stories from the entrepreneurs and leaders; there is room for everyone.

Some of the topics to be discussed this year are the following:

  • Grow faster with AI
  • Coast to coast tips for success from founders across the US
  • Ways sales leaders can align their sales strategy to grow the business
  • Trends to be embraced
  • The marketing and sales strategies
  • Secrets to building and sustaining an effective startup
  • Customer growth strategies for SMB success

4. Getting the Right partners for expected growth

Salesforce, has always been trying to help all business types with their support for growth. They have partnered with various best-in-breed companies to support every SMB. The Small Business Essentials Station at Dreamforce will help you discover brands and get hands on with different solutions. The Small Business Essentials Station is hence, open to everyone.