7 CEPTES Strategies to Create a Culture of Innovation

Digital transformation and automation of processes can help modern businesses perform better with limited resources and expenses. 

But to excel and stay at the front of the curve, you need innovation. At CEPTES, our focus is on fostering innovation and we encourage innovators by all means. 

The onus of ensuring innovation at the workplace is majorly on the senior leadership and when we talk about innovation, we cannot confine ourselves to a handful of fresh ideas. 

Ideation is just one part of innovation, the other (and vital) part is “implementation”.

The formation and implementation of result-oriented strategies can make a huge difference to the overall growth of any organization. 

At CEPTES, we follow 7 strategies that create a culture of innovation here. Let’s quickly go over these!


Multi-Faceted Innovation Can Make a Big Difference 

Most of us tend to believe that innovation is the byproduct of multiple brainstorming sessions with irresistible great products in focus, where clever marketing gimmicks are planned & crafted to sell the product. 

But if you take the “product” out of this discussion, what would happen to innovation? This is why, at CEPTES, we focus on multi-faceted innovation. Following the trendsetters, we believe processes, products, profit models, and policies must take center stage to make way for innovation.

When you break down innovation into the above-discussed factors and tackle them individually, you will end up moving faster and operations will become agile.



Employee Motivation Can Lead to Great Value Addition 

At CEPTES, we strongly believe in creating a culture of innovation where everyone (and that includes employees at all levels) has the liberty to think differently and suggest solutions to problems. 

While great leaders are great decision-makers too, it doesn’t mean they want to do it all by themselves.

Leadership isn’t just about decision-making and guiding others, it has a lot to do with listening, trusting, mentoring, and empowering other players in your team.

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Failure is Also Acceptable 

A wise man once said, “I can accept failure but I cannot accept not trying”. On the same lines, CEPTES management also understands that failure is an integral part of the journey of innovation. 

While success may add to your self-confidence, failure encourages you to be innovative and think differently. 

We foster a culture of innovation and we understand failures would come but they are absolutely inevitable.




Innovation Metrics Do Matter

Wondering how would you measure innovation and do the metrics for measuring such an intangible thing actually exist at all? 

While it is difficult to find data about innovation, it is not impossible either. You may observe your customer activity about your product/service. 

Or, you may take a closer look at how much (approx..) time your team is dedicating to innovation and discovery? 

Check the number of employees who are trained and guided about innovation. Isolate what approach will eventually benefit your organization and help your team become truly innovative. This is what we do here at CEPTES.



Take Action When Needed 

We understand the importance of action when someone in the team shares an innovative idea. 

After all, what is the use of rapidly churning conceptual chatter? Having said that, we don’t jump into action as soon as we discover an idea. 

Rather, we spend enough time gathering data, analyzing the pros & cons, and then only with the right information in hand, we come to a decision. 

Now again the entire process has to be time-bound. Innovation alone can’t do magic unless you implement it with measured and confident actions on time.  




Plan the Future with Learnings From the Past 

Many organizations fail in their endeavors only and only because of the lack of learning from the past. Ignoring past mistakes can lead to deadly consequences for your business growth. 

Take a note of all the mistakes that occurred during your previous corporate innovation and try to figure out what went wrong? Confidence is fine but overconfidence can be self-detrimental, especially in the context of creating a culture of innovation.



Embrace & Inspire Innovation 

We don’t just accept great, innovative ideas but we also encourage all our team members to come up with the ideas that make a difference to our overall performance and how we achieve our organizational goals.

With these top 7 strategies always on our minds, we are nurturing a culture of innovation here @ CEPTES. Are you an innovator? Join us!


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