Adieu, Great 2022! Here are the Top Seven Highlights from this Eventful Year

December 21, 2022by Deeshna C

Dear 2022, we would love to have you stay here with us, forever. Do you know why?

You have been incredibly wonderful to us! No, we’re not laying it on the thick. With you, we went above and beyond to achieve some dazzling results that not every business can ask for in the wake of a pandemic era. Yes, we’ve done it exceptionally well, inspiring us to do more. We leveled up as a brand, business, and an ISV partner in this competitive Salesforce ecosystem. Whatnot, our strive and determination drove us to gain global recognition as one of the top global Salesforce partners.

What more a year could gift us? Thanks a lot for happening!

What you just read is our short, heartfelt letter to the amazing year 2022. A year that brought us nothing less than excellence in everything we do! Undoubtedly, 2022 has been a period of consecutive success in CEPTES’ books. And we’d like to share our experience with you before the year says goodbye forever.

Here we start! Learn about the biggest milestones that we’ve crossed in 2022 that changed our destiny forever.

The arrival of XfilesPro DocuPrime, Our Document Generation App for Salesforce

This was a big feat that raised our bar. After bending over backward and conducting thorough research on the industry demands, we rolled out XfilesPro DocuPrime as an outstanding document generation application for Salesforce with next-gen capabilities to transform the document management experience of the users. Our application automates the end-to-end document generation process by ensuring the highest security for the data and documents by dealing with your compliance. And, the cherry on the cake is XfilesPro DocuPrime is our second application after DataArchiva Native Archiving that functions 100% natively within Salesforce.

The Showing up at Dreamforce 2022 as One of the Sponsors

Woohoo — once again, we’ve sponsored the world’s largest tech conference! We hosted hundreds of thousands of Trailblazers at our booth and introduced them to our fully-fledged Data Management Suite (DMS) of products for Salesforce. We have shown them the next-gen capabilities of our suite and how it can reimagine their data, file, and document management experience in Salesforce. Apart from this, like every year, we met with a number of innovation seekers at the summit and got inspired by them! Cheers to many more Dreamforce that open the big door to the world!

AIKYAM 2022 — The First Ever Tech Summit in CEPTES’ History

AIKYAM is not just an event — it’s an amazing experience that set our path for our future. The first-ever path-breaking tech summit has given a platform for our leaders to expound on what’s in store for our applications and business overall. More than a tech summit, AIKYAM provided us with a whale of a time gathering with vim, vigor, and grace. Proposing the vision for the future, the epic experience turned out to be synonyms for unity, wisdom, and enlightenment.

The Multiple Recognitions that Bolstered Our Journey to Excellence

We would rather mark 2022 as a year of consecutive recognition. To start with, we won the epic Salesforce Partner Innovation Award (PIA22) for the ISV innovation category right before Dreamforce 2022. And, before getting over the sweet hangover of the victory, we were rewarded as the Salesforce APAC Partner of the Year Award 2022 (APACPOTY22) once again for the category of ISV innovation. Followingly, we received another recognition in a month named Salesforce India Partner Ideathon 2022! Yeah, three awards in a row from the great CRM giant! Salesforce, we couldn’t thank you enough for recognizing our strive for excellence!

The Introduction of Our Much-Awaited Partner Program

We took an extra leap with the announcement of our Partner Program in 2022. With this strategic plan, we welcome the Salesforce partners to join hands with us to help their customers to achieve the best data and file management strategy for Salesforce — all by leveraging our comprehensive suites DataArchiva and XfilesPro. Going a little in-depth, we promote two partnership models named Product and Channel Partnership in which the former is Designed for Salesforce AppExchange partners and the latter is for Salesforce consulting partners or resellers. This partnership program has been formed as a win-win strategy for us and the partners to drive higher customer success and accelerate the revenue streams.

The Exceptional Transformation of Our Four Applications

Our applications got no year like 2022 that forged incredible advancements! Let’s start with XfilesPro File Management. This year, the #1 File Management Application for Salesforce closed its 500th customer and onboarded 20 partners to the family. Drumroll, please! This was a long cherished dream of ours. Apart from this, XfilesPro File Management rolled out five new incredible features, achieved 500K + licensed users, experienced a 98% renewal rate, and introduced its much-awaited mascot – Captain FiDo! Truly, 2022 was one of the best years in XfilesPro’s history.

When it comes to DataArchiva Native Archiving, 2022 has been a year that bumped its already hailed reputation as a 100% native data archiving application for Salesforce. This year, our superior app has once again proven to be a cut above the rest with its support for Salesforce Big Objects and strict adherence to compliance demands. Truly, 2022 has been a period of enormous prestige in our record.

On the other hand, DataArchiva External Archiving has shown outstanding growth as an application that archives unused data outside of Salesforce to an external database (such as Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL, Redshift, Oracle, etc) by leveraging your favorite cloud storage system (AWS, Azure, GCP, Heroku). On top of these capabilities, in 2022, we made a big announcement about our support for On-premise storage platforms. Not just this, we also introduced next-gen reporting capabilities leveraging Tableau & Power BI from both live & archived data together.

Now, pertaining to DataArchiva Backup, our superior application for Salesforce which functions exactly as the name says, went above and beyond this year although it’s a very new product in the market. We’ve extended our support for SharePoint, server, Azure, Google Cloud, and Heroku as well as on-premises platforms in addition to AWS S3. This has been a massive expansion in our capabilities. Above all, we rolled out a groundbreaking feature ‘Metadata Backup,’ a capability that allows you to achieve the backup and recovery of your metadata along with the main data. This has been our calling card!

A Year Like No Other

That’s how 2022 has been for us! We’ve brought out some breakthrough innovations that paved our way for 2023 — the most exciting year. And we can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for us and how we will keep on evolving as a brand, business, and an ISV partner in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Here’s to more fruitful years like 2022 that inspire us to add more feathers to our cap!

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