Humanizing Conversational AI Integration with Salesforce

September 30, 2021by Sindhu M

CEPTES has partnered with DASHA to create human-like conversational AI for high-level engagement and clear communication to customers.


Recently, Dasha AI organized a virtual meetup: the September Dasha Community meetup, for the community to share experience, learn, and meet peers.


The attendees of the meetup witnessed a special live demo by one of our Principal Consultant, Mr. Vipul Khandelwal, where he showcased a “Use case integrating Dasha and Salesforce”.


This integration facilitates Real Estate sales teams to automate their entire workflow from property inquiries to booking site visits.

The demo revolves around our real estate industry-based solution, RealE 360, built on native Salesforce. It is an all-in-one real estate CRM solution for real estate brokers, agents, builders, investors.


Why Dasha?

Pandemic forced many industries including, Real Estate to change.

We started to think about how we can bring digital transformation and what are the tools available.

We came across Dasha, a conversational AI-as-a-service platform that digitally transforms, opens up more revenue space and ensures timely & seamless communication to the customer.

The use-case: 



We replicated a scenario where a lead is coming from the website.


  • A buyer comes on a website, checks it out, and drops their contact details.
  • In the RealE 360 CRM, Under the inquiry tab, a new lead has been created. 
  • After an inquiry is registered, a call goes to the customer, where the AI BOT verifies that it is the lead, and then converse with him/her.
  • The call wasn’t a confirmation one but was an actionizing one. Actionizing here emphasizes “Booking of a Site Visit”. 
  • Dasha bot engaged the customer, understood what the customer was looking for, found an available slot (checked the backend), and confirmed the slot. 


In the RealE 360 CRM, under the ” Activity” tab, a record automatically gets created with proper description. 

The best part is the automatic recording of the whole lead-bot interaction and it is available in the CRM for the users.





How did we execute it?

Dasha comes with a node-enabled application. 

  • We have utilized the entire application causing the express node package to convert to the API.


  •  Deployed it to the Salesforce Heroku platform.


  • Connected it to the Salesforce to make the API call as soon as the inquiry record gets connected.


Inside the Node JS, Dasha can pretty much connect to any API. We have used the JSForce Salesforce connector, which pulls the recommended property and creates a site visit in the post API call.


What’s Next? 

We’re not stopping here, as it is fascinating, and we would love to do much more such integrations.

As we are dealing with multiple industries, we thought of giving these sorts of services to our existing customers.

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