AIKYAM 2022 was the first-ever tech event here at CEPTES which showcased the company’s enterprise products. The event was based on #Unity #Wisdom & #Enlightenment which we believe are the three core elements of our success.

A day-long event has its own magic in terms of learning, coming together, sharing knowledge & having fun. During the course of the event, various teams of the CEPTES product wing including sales, marketing, R&D, support, implementation & QA hosted multiple sessions on various products which spoke about the upcoming innovations.

AIKYAM also witnessed the official launching of our newest product DocuPrime, which is a native document generation application for Salesforce. With the arrival of DocuPrime, CEPTES has finally introduced a comprehensive Data Management Suite for Salesforce customers that offers Archiving (Native & External), Backup & Recovery, File Management & Document Generation through its next-gen AppExchange solutions DataArchiva, DataConnectiva, DataBakup, XfilesPro & DocuPrime.