AppExchange App Development Best Practices

August 21, 2020by Ananya Mohapatra

AppExchange is one of the online application marketplaces for third-party applications that run on the platform. Launched in 2005, the Salesforce AppExchange has over 5000 solutions to extend Salesforce functionality to any department, and 6.5 million installs already. 

You might already know about AppExchange, or you got to know about it now? But do you know that AppExchange isn’t just a marketplace that helps ISVs to sell their apps and enterprises to use these apps to extend salesforce functionality?

It is a platform that develops you for the future. And any individual who understands the market knows that the market always evolves itself. To stay updated, Salesforce partners, as well as the customers, should stay updated.

To stay updated, enterprises need updated apps to support their business. Enter the Salesforce partners! Who can create seamless apps that are easier to integrate with salesforce and help the salesforce users, aka small enterprises.

Follow these best practices to prepare for your future:

For Partners:

Marketing and analytics

The application listing of your app is crucial. In other words, enhance your value proposition skills, which will set aside your product from the competition. Avail the benefits offered through the Channel order app and license management app.

Make sure your app uses custom objects and have a look at ISVForce Guide for App Analytics before tracking your app. Figure out what you want to know before delivering your query, like getting the details about your subscribers. 

It can help you to identify attrition risks, drive feature development decisions, and even improve user experience. 

Security first

In this era, there is nothing more important for the digital world than safety. XSS attacks, SSRFs, Remote code execution, are carried out every minute by hackers all around the globe. Complete the MVP of your app and send it for a security review. Make sure that either you or your development team communicate with your Salesforce security team to launch your product early.

Know your customers

You can get to know your customers through AppExchange reviews, and make sure that they are happy about your product and are willing to talk about it. You have to focus on a particular niche and focus on customers that can use your app.

Consider these points to define your target customers:

  1. Industry
  2. employee count of your customer
  3. Location of your customer
  4. platform support of your product
  5. legacy integrations
  6. common customer pain points
  7. department specialties

Understand the partner ecosystem

You should understand that it’s not just about design, development, and technology. To understand the full power of the AppExchange platform in go to market, following the partner ecosystem, and working with other partners providing solutions, you will get the boost to work, which you won’t get if you are working just as an individual.

Pricing strategy

You should plan when and what features should your free version of your app end and your premium version begins. 

Make sure to price your app’s features with consideration of the market needs and the competition for the product.

Know your competitors

There is no such market without competition. So, your app-building, marketing, and pricing strategy depend on the direct or indirect competition for your product.

Stay up-to-date to the AppExchange

AppExchange is continuously launching new products, resources for partners to keep creating apps and help the enterprises to grow. There are several webinars, newsletters, and blogs to stay up-to-date to the latest resources and features updated by Salesforce AppExchange. 

Have you ever thought, you can learn how to get started with app building in AppExchange through trailhead? 

Amidst the pandemic, Salesforce AppExchange released to help partners and customers to work from home safely.

For Customers,

  • Start with small business solutions and then grow
  • Pay special attention to “Reviews” of the application
  • Test the app, beforehand, in your sandbox or developer org
  • Explore the Einstein analytics product collection
  • Stay connected with the Trailblazer community
  • Stay informed about the latest solutions and news
  • Never stop growing; we are with you, can contact us.
  • Have an idea for an app. Contact us

Let’s Conclude:

We here at CEPTES, being a Salesforce PDO (Product Development Outsourcer) partner, can help you build your next dream AppExchange solution in the most cost-efficient & quickest way. Our certified product development experts are experts in the Salesforce platform & have built some of the top AppExchange solutions. To take your idea to AppExchange – Please get in touch.