Time’s Running Out! Crack the Code to a 40% Operational Boost with Salesforce Managed Services

January 17, 2024by Sindhu M

Today the way businesses are evolving, adaptability is the key and organizations often find solace in the capability of Salesforce Managed Services. The ability to harness the full potential of Salesforce, backed by a reliable Salesforce Managed Service Provider (MSP), has become synonymous with navigating the intricacies of digital transformation seamlessly.

Where there are many Salesforce partner companies, CEPTES is one step ahead with its innovations. CEPTES is one of those only companies that grabbed many awards like back-2 back “Partner Innovation Awards” and “APAC Partner of the year” along with some more awards for innovation in past years as well. 

Here in this article we embark on a journey into the realm of CRM Managed Services, shining a spotlight on The Hail Group’s transformative project.


About Hail Group

As a comprehensive automotive hail repair center, The Hail Group sought to revolutionize the conventional customer experience associated with traditional body shops. They strive to revolutionize the customer experience commonly associated with traditional body shops. By focusing on communities impacted by severe hail storms, they assist in the restoration of vehicles damaged by hail, working closely with insurance providers.


Challenges Hail Group Faced Before Coming to CEPTES

Manual Processes:

The Hail Group was struggling with traditional, manual processes that were not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Handling tasks manually was becoming a hindrance to the smooth flow of their operations. 

Repetitive Data Entry:

Repetitive data entry was a significant pain point for The Hail Group. With the manual approach, there was a high likelihood of data redundancy, leading to inefficiencies and making it challenging to maintain accurate and up-to-date information.

Limitations of the Internal IT Team:

The internal IT team at The Hail Group faced limitations in bandwidth and expertise. The demands of ongoing maintenance, coupled with the desire to implement more modern systems, surpassed the team’s capacity, hindering the company’s ability to adapt to evolving technologies effectively.

Informed Decision-Making Challenges:

The reliance on a manual approach resulted in a lack of qualitative data. This made it difficult for the management to make informed decisions promptly. The absence of a centralized system hindered their ability to extract meaningful insights from the data collected.

Task Tracking and Monitoring:

Tracking and monitoring tasks and stages in the repair process proved to be a major challenge. The absence of a systematic approach made it difficult for the team to keep a real-time check on the progress of repairs, leading to potential delays and communication gaps.

Adoption of Modern Technologies:

With the industry rapidly evolving, The Hail Group faced the challenge of keeping up with technological advancements. The outdated processes were not in sync with the modern needs of the automotive hail repair industry, prompting the need for a more contemporary solution.

Addressing these challenges required a strategic shift from manual processes to a more automated and sophisticated solution, ultimately leading The Hail Group to explore Salesforce managed services.



Solution Implemented

CEPTES’s Role as a Managed Service Provider:

 The Hail Group recognized the need for a transformative solution to overcome their operational challenges. Turning to Salesforce, a leading CRM platform, became the cornerstone of their strategy. Partnering with CEPTES, a trusted Salesforce implementation expert, ensured a meticulous evaluation and seamless execution of the chosen solution.

Digitization and Automation Processes: 

The implementation journey began with a comprehensive digitization initiative. Manual processes were replaced with automated workflows, creating a unified platform for streamlined operations. Key processes, including lead generation, payment modules, and inventory management, underwent a significant digital transformation. The shift towards automation not only eliminated redundancies but also enhanced overall efficiency.

Incorporation of Data Visualization and Analytics:

Realizing the power of data-driven decision-making, The Hail Group leveraged Salesforce’s robust capabilities in data visualization and analytics. This step allowed the management to uncover patterns, extract valuable information, and gain deeper insights into their operations. Reports and dashboards became indispensable tools, providing a clear and concise overview for strategic decision-making.

Role of User Support and Assistance:

Recognizing that a successful transition goes beyond technology, The Hail Group prioritized user support and assistance. CEPTES‘ team of knowledgeable Salesforce professionals played a pivotal role in providing prompt and effective solutions. Technical guidance addressed user queries and problems, ensuring a smooth transition from traditional methods to the automated Salesforce solution.


Efficient Result Client Got from Our Managed Services Offerings

Automated Efficiency:

  • Time and effort reduction by 40%
  • Increased operational efficiency by streamlining processes
  • Superior user interface resulting in a 30% boost in user satisfaction

Enhanced System Performance:

  • Improved system responsiveness with a 25% reduction in page load times
  • Eliminated 90% of frequent system errors, ensuring a smoother workflow

Increased Productivity:

  • Boosted overall productivity, resulting in a 20% increase in task completion rates

Business Impact:

  • Led to a 25% increase in lead generation and a 15% rise in lead conversion rates
  • Drastically reduced vehicle return TOT (Time-On-Tarmac) from multiple weeks to just days

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Achieved a 30% improvement in customer satisfaction scores
  • Streamlined communication channels led to a 25% reduction in response times

Scalability and Future Readiness:

  • The Salesforce instance is now 40% more scalable, ensuring adaptability to future business needs
  • Integration enhancements have future-proofed the system, keeping it ready for evolving technologies and industry changes



The success of The Hail Group serves as a true example of the transformative potential Salesforce has. Whether you’re looking to enhance customer engagement, automate processes, or drive innovation, Salesforce Managed Services offers a tailored solution for every business need.

Don’t just adapt to change—lead it. Explore Salesforce and redefine what’s possible for your business. Your journey to success begins here.