Boosting Productivity through Chatter: Everything you need to know

Collaboration with the team is essential in a workplace. It helps in brainstorming and reduces the friction between team members. This need for collaboration is highly pervasive in the present times where employees have to work from home. 

Fortunately, this task is easy for the 150,000 customers of Salesforce as they get access to Salesforce Chatter, a social CRM platform for chatting, screen sharing, and much more.  

Ahead, we’ve discussed some use cases of Chatter and highlighted how an organization could leverage this platform for the best results and productivity.

What is Salesforce Chatter?

To be on the same page, let’s begin by talking about Salesforce. It is the No.1 CRM software in the world where more than 70% of CRM users in the world prefer Salesforce. From providing customized solutions for finance to the sales industry, the focus of Salesforce has always been to increase the time agents devote in book building instead of doing routine tasks that could be easily automated. 

Since 1999, the company has helped small and large businesses alike in boosting their sales and achieving efficiency in functioning. The Chatter tool also works on the same ethos where it has been voted as the No. 1 enterprise social network. There are five ways it could be beneficial for an organization and we’ve described them below.

Benefits of Using Chatter for your organization 

  • Easy Engagement with Executives

Do you wish to directly interact with the top executives? While they might not have time in their official work hours, doing so is quite easy in Chatter due to the interactive UI that presents all the questions, comments, and posts in a lucid way. Even Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff posts frequently to get feedback from the members of Salesforce he wouldn’t get a chance to interact otherwise. 

  • Structured Conversation, never lost in the stream

There are several business communication platforms such as Slack available on the internet. However, the biggest drawback of theirs is that the conversations aren’t well guided. 

A strategy conversation might soon get transformed into an unrelated design conversation which might not contribute to the benefit of the organization. This is where Chatter distincts itself from other software as it brings historical data and context into conversations to keep the team focused on a certain task. 

  • Taking actions

The enhanced utility of Salesforce Chatter is manifested by the fact that members could create support cases, update sales opportunities & orders, and approve project funds, all from within the community. The ability to integrate any record and object to the feed provides unmatched functionality to the process at hand. 

  • Ensuring best ideas come to light

Searching for the best ideas is relevant to separate the wheat from the chaff. Chatter offers several features such as liking, commenting that make sure good ideas are highlighted and easily noticeable by the team. The ‘poll’ option goes a step further in assessing the response of relevant people in a matter of time. These polls can be directed to the entire company, specific groups, or even just a few people. 

  • Eliminating unnecessary meeting

Since the pandemic started, most of the meetings are conducted on zoom or other platforms. Professionals report spending most of their time on meaningless meetings as the essential message could’ve been easily communicated through a single mail or group chat. 

Chatter allows testing ideas with co-workers and therefore prevents the need for any meeting altogether. The functionalities allow everyone to share ideas without getting into long meetings. 

  • Unmatched results in Sales

The sales team of any organization has to deal with dynamic elements because, at the end of the day, sales deal with humans. It is important to get feedback about the presentation, ask questions that could give insights, and find customer references. These are all possible in Chatter as it offers unmatched functionalities when it comes to sales. 

  • Customer Service

Strong Customer support is an essential pillar in the journey of a business. Easy redressal of complaints and fast response time makes a customer loyal to a particular company and thereby contributes to customer retention. 

As customer support agents are at the forefront of this matrix, it becomes important to empower them with the relevant tools. Salesforce Chatter goes a long way in filling the gap by ensuring the global support teams are united to solve any difficult case at hand. It also offers the option of collaborating for customer success. However, the best utilization of Chatter happens when support teams are able to interact directly with the R&D team to give feedback directly from the customers. 

At last, flagging a case as ‘critical’ invites the right person to collaborate and solve the issues expediently which also serves as a big factor. 

  • Marketing redefined

Just as sales and customer service could reach new heights through collaboration, how can we forget the marketing segment? With the help of Chatter, the teams could collaborate on campaigns, educate employees on company news, test creative scripts, share marketing materials and even share files with ease. 

Marketing is all about coming up with out-of-the-box ideas, and what’s a better way to brainstorm through collaborative tools to get new ideas? This is why Chatter is increasingly becoming a favorite among marketers for achieving new heights. 

  • Lower distraction and email clutter

Shifting from collaborative tools to email and back to such tools takes a toll on productivity. The enhanced distractions such as emails pose issues in cultivating intensive focus. Chatter avoids the need for such emails. 

Also, lower clutter in mailboxes helps in the neat organization of the personal computer. 

  • Using anytime, anywhere

The best part about Chatter is it can be used anywhere and everywhere. You can post to a group, download a file and conduct a myriad of functions remotely through your phone. The app is secure and allows seamless transactions without any hiccups. 


The No.1 enterprise social network Salesforce Chatter surely brings a change in the lives of employees. Recognizing its benefits would make sure the companies exploit its potential to the fullest extent. 

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!