Can Salesforce IQ Increase Business ROI?

August 22, 2017by Admin

Salesforce has always been intelligent and just got more intelligent now.
The Salesforce IQ, is a relationship intelligence platform, incorporating the engine to multiply its strength manifold. It has been designed in a way to beat the old school RelateIQ aspects.

It has been a trend that, most of the bigger enterprises and organizations would always like to adhere to the traditional Salesforce and Sales Cloud services if they have the requisite of customizing a CRM. The situation is even similar if organizations have access to the AppExchange. On the other hand, small businesses will always want to get their hands in SalesforceIQ. When Gmail or Microsoft Exchange is being used for mailing and calendar requirements, then SalesforceIQ, proves to be beneficial and do not require any extra cost for further CRM customization.

There are many lucrative features and aspects of SalesforceIQ. Let’s have a look at some of them:

The Time Optimization

It always allows you to focus on the exact places without wasting any time. You can connect SalesforceIQ either to your Gmail or your Exchange account, and the smart CRM is all set to get started. In almost no time all your emails, phone calls, and even meetings will be automatically captured and updated. This can hence, save you a lot of time.

The Smart Selling

SalesforceIQ is the smart CRM, that is supposed to intelligently filter all kinds of opportunities and as well as mark most of the deals that need maximum attention at the moment. The SalesforceIQ’s reporting suite provides the provision to gain data-driven insights about both individual and team performance.

Anywhere Selling

The SalesforceIQ mobile app and Chrome extension has provided with the option to instantly access all the CRM data right from the inbox. It helps in staying on top of every deal with timely reminders. Some features like handy email templates and smart email invitations display the calendar availability in real time.

The Exceptional Manageability

As discussed earlier, SalesforceIQ can always be connected to your Gmail or Exchange account, but apart from this, there is one feature, which allows it for some lucid customization. It provides you the provision of customizing your workflow and even integrating with other systems.

This new product is said to automate the process of putting and accessing data at the right places so that the primary focus remains on the imperative aspects of selling. The SalesforceIQ passively pushes information from calls, calendar, emails and various automation software like HubSpot, MailChimp, etc. into the CRM.

The Twitter Ads Information and Privacy

SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud is always said to give its users the advantage of receiving read notifications to provide them with a heads up when clients open their emails. It as well allows them to follow-up email scheduling, the pre-crafted text snippets for emails, send attachments from many cloud storage services and a lot more. There is also one more dynamic calendar widget like feature for emails, which aids the salespeople to allow all their potential meeting times to the ones that are currently available.


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