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Salesforce AppExchange Pricing: The Definitive Guide


If you’re seeking the best and most efficient marketplace to promote and sell your product, you’ve certainly heard about AppExchange. AppExchange is, without a doubt, one of the biggest markets that have ever existed. As a repository of valuable assets and information for both app developers & app users, the AppExchange enables developers to profit from their skills and businesses to improve their Salesforce Org capabilities.


The marketplace has a wide range of apps and over 10 million app installations, with new products getting published regularly. If you set up your application correctly and use the right price plan, then the AppExchange market can be incredibly lucrative. It’s essential to start by deciding what kind of application you’ll be offering. It will indicate the competition level of your niche, as well as how much further advertising and research will be needed to start.


All apps and services in AppExchange are divided by different categories, like:


AppExchange Category

(Source: Salesforce AppExchange)


Once you determine the product category fit for your app, you can select your ISV program and monetization model. Before selecting the ISV program and monetization model, you need to understand the AppExchange pricing strategies.


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AppExchange Partner Program License

The primary step in launching your monetized app is signing up for the Salesforce Partner Program. There are 2 different kinds of partner licenses to opt from: depending on the app type you’ll be offering. The licensing you choose impacts what your customers can achieve with your apps.



Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are enterprises that develop software for a distinct platform and application. It is one of the frequently chosen types of partnership by businesses wishing to monetize on the AppExchange via selling their application to the existing Salesforce users. Apps sold under this license are usually Salesforce ecosystem add-ons that let customers expand their functionality. Often, these apps are developed by entrepreneurs to address a market gap or improve CRM usability.

An ISVforce-license allows customers to add the licensed app to the Salesforce platform, increasing the product’s overall value and making it more customizable for diverse business sizes.


OEM Embedded

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) create systems or components used in another business’s end product. Their solutions are employed to fully utilize the other software. OEM apps are not Salesforce add-ons. One of the major advantages of adopting an OEM Embedded license is that you aren’t restricted to only selling to Salesforce customers. Developers that build apps in the Salesforce Ecosystem now have additional freedom and flexibility with this license.


User licenses

Your app can either be providing a one-time upgrade or monthly updates to your customers’ Salesforce system. Choose your business model based on the type of service that your app offers.  You should also assess how many users are anticipated to need access to your application in each customer’s company; if more users have access to your solution, it’s worth thinking about issuing licenses based on the number of users.



Your SaaS product’s pricing can make or break its success. Setting the proper pricing for a SaaS business can be a challenge, but with the right plan, you can succeed. We can assist you with every step of the Salesforce process, from opportunity assessment to research to the final stages of the Salesforce Lifecycle. As a top PDO Expert, we’re a one-stop shop for all your SaaS needs.


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History of AppExchange
AppExchange, Salesforce

The history of AppExchange and Steve Jobs’s role in it

Salesforce is a leading name for CRM and cloud technology for businesses. The robust platform has been helping companies to improvise sales operations, product innovation, and customer satisfaction for decades now.

The platform boasts of a leading enterprise cloud marketplace that goes by the name – AppExchange. You may call it the go-to destination for Salesforce customers if they wish to explore myriad applications and solutions for their Salesforce extension and implementation needs, right from pre-configured solutions to highly personalized processes. 

With over 5,000 solutions and more than 10 million downloads, the Salesforce AppExchange has undoubtedly come a long way since its launch in 2005. But its origins and history are equally interesting, going way back to Apple Founder Steve Jobs.

How? Read on to find out! 

  • The World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Solution Marketplace

The Salesforce partner ecosystem of AppExchange could reportedly generate $1.2 trillion in new business revenue, along with 4.2 million new jobs in 2024. Dubbed as the world’s largest business application marketplace, Salesforce AppExchange has managed to build a thriving community around its unique premise over the last 16 years of its existence. 

Therefore, tracing its origins is nothing less than delightful, especially considering that the exchange was conceptualized by one of the most renowned geniuses of our times. 

Salesforce was co-founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Frank Dominguez, and Dave Moellenhoff, as you may already be aware. The now global giant started its operations inside a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco and immediately took off. The Salesforce team had set up its own office by 2000 and held its first Dreamforce conference in 2003.

  • The Origins of the Application Economy Concept 

However, it is not the venture’s enterprising founders but another visionary credited with the visualization of Salesforce’s AppExchange. Salesforce co-founder Marc Benioff approached Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the early 2000s because he got stuck while working on his platform’s development. Then, Steve Jobs shared three game-changing recommendations to the enthusiast – work out a roadmap for 10x growth over the next two years, sign on a massive client, and build an application economy. 

  • The AppExchange is Born

On the lines of Jobs’ counsel, the Salesforce team built and introduced the now-famous AppExchange during Dreamforce 2005. AppExchange was created as a one-stop destination for Salesforce partners to list out their business applications for extending or augmenting Salesforce’s increasingly extensive functionality for the first time. 

Salesforce was also enabled to interoperate with other systems. Both the reforms were pathbreaking. 

As a gesture of gratitude for ideating the AppExchange that changed Salesforce forever, Marc Benioff gifted the trademark for “App Store” along with its domain to Steve Jobs. 

  • Onward Growth and Expansion 

The AppExchange ecosystem is one of the most vibrant marketplace ecosystems today, with 89% of Fortune 100 companies deploying its applications. The platform today boasts of much more than business applications and includes Lightning Components, Lightning Data, Bolt Solutions, Consulting Partners, and Developers. 

Offering enhanced security, faster implementation, and more excellent reliability, AppExchange applications truly transform business models and operations, as they have been for the last fifteen years. And yet, organizations require extensive technical knowledge and prior experience to fully leverage the vast benefits of these Salesforce solutions.

At Ceptes, we are helping our clients do exactly that by working with them as partners in the Salesforce ecosystem. As experts in Sales, Service, and Marketing Clouds, our team offers end-to-end Salesforce solutions tailored for niche industries along with opportunity evaluation for the entire lifecycle. 

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5 Ways AppExchange Assists CIOs in Driving Change

If you’re a Chief Information Officer in an organization, you probably know how the role has transformed over the years.

In case you’re someone who’s looking for a CIO, you shall know how important of a role it is, how a good CIO can create an impact in your organization.

From managing machines and computer systems, when the term was first coined, to directly impacting the steps that the business takes, a CIO has become an integral part of a company’s management team.

With CIOs initiating & leading digital transformation in businesses, learning & leading go hand in hand. The CIO has to be a step faster than the rapidly changing technology in order to bring the best results for the business.

Now, when it comes to a CIO, they need to bring in an atmosphere and working environment that focuses on speed, agility & accuracy. Salesforce’s AppExchange might as well tick those boxes quite easily. How? Let’s find out.

Here are the five ways in which a CIO can utilize Salesforce AppExchange to drive digital transformation.




How CIOs Can Ensure Success Through Innovation?

CIOs in an organization need to bring along with them a set of rules & certain objectives that help them fulfill their transformation efforts.

For them to make their goals SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant & time-bound), there are certain things they need to keep in mind.

  • Data & Analytics First:

    Data is the new oil. Being a CIO, they should aim at ensuring that the organization collects as much quality data as possible and analyze it simultaneously over a period of time, which allows them to come up with better insights.

  • Transform Around Business:

    When you’re finally assigned the role of transforming a business, ensure that your goals align with what the company aims to do in say, the next 5 years. While this won’t just make your goals more measurable but will make an organization assess if your transformation efforts are helping the business grow.

  • Don’t Limit Your Role:

    Make IT the new rule in an organization. Ensure that IT isn’t just limited to operations, but in a collaborative role with most of the departments in your organization.

  • Take Inspiration:

    Look out for the industries and organizations, effectively implementing digital transformation. Citing an example, while preparing your own digital transformation, will give you areas that are more in line with your overall goals, and a few suggestions as well.
    The first-mover advantage might not be the best thing every time. Can it?

How AppExchange Makes Change More Efficient?

  • Experimentation

AppExchange allows CIOs to ensure that their teams don’t stop experimenting.

With AppExchange’s no-code apps & tools, it ensures that there exist no specific silos of digital transformation.

With little to no coding or developing experience, AppExchange allows any executive to access robust tools that help improve the company’s overall technological adoption and workflow.

  • Customer Experience

At the end of the day, it’s always about the end-user, and the same is true here.

By ensuring that your teams have access to actionable insights & data, AppExchange allows a more dynamic approach towards how decisions are taken pertaining to customer experience.

With data being available at all levels, the end consumer does get a more clear & structured communication at every level. This ensures that there’s no ambiguity left around.

  • Driving Innovation At Every Level

The primary role of a CIO is not just to use technology to bring better results, but to ensure that technology is accessible to all.

Companies are gradually moving from the ‘IT as an enabler of business model. The CIOs should focus on technologies that make the entire innovation process easier, simplified & flexible. All of this is to ensure that the technology reaches all the organizational levels.

AppExchange sits perfectly in this rationale. With no-code apps & solutions present on its platform, the entire adoption stage becomes more of a self-service model.

This makes innovation & transformation take up the pace, with faster processes and lesser resources to rely upon.



  • Improving The Workflow

It is often noted in larger organizations that due to a lack of proper communication & integration in place, the entire organisation suffers as a whole. This leads to a lack of proper relations between teams and manual processes in place.

Bringing in apps & solutions from Salesforce’s AppExchange platform can help to digitise the entire process. These solutions are easily accessible on the platform and hence allow the involved departments to access the information from one single point.

  • Compliance

While compliance still remains one of the most important factors to implement all the methods mentioned above, AppExchange takes care of that.

Before diving into digital transformation & innovation, having all the permissions, compliances in order ensure that you sail through the transformation phase. It makes people trust the process better.

The AppExchange has certain solutions that can help you with the required compliance ranging from employees to company-based.


CIOs need to be the new drivers of change in an organization.

With the growing adoption of technology at all levels, any CIO needs to be prepared with their set of tools & techniques that can help an organization scale through technology.

Along with helping an organization grow, and ensuring proper adoption of technology, any CIO needs to look into how their efforts are generating revenue for any organization.

In order to ensure that as a CIO, you’re fully equipped, AppExchange helps you achieve that through its set of solutions. Keeping the fast-paced environment in mind, AppExchange’s large list of agile solutions enables an organization to innovate & meet its goals at the same time.

If not the only step towards digital transformation, it certainly can be the first step towards digital transformation in any business that wishes to scale.

Want to know how AppExchange can sit well in your organization? Let us help you out.

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Preparing for Security Review: What are the Prerequisites

Salesforce AppExchange is an online marketplace for third-party developers to create apps on Salesforce. There are innumerable apps and solutions available for customers’ implementation needs on the Salesforce AppExchange platforms. 

The efficiency and ease of using Salesforce AppExchange is something to vouch for! It has been empowering larger teams, entrepreneurs as well as start-ups. 

However, an accurate setup of your application is one crucial aspect that determines your success on Salesforce.

There are five essential steps involved to get started with AppExchange:

  • Signing up to a Salesforce partner
  • Building your Salesforce app
  • AppExchange security review
  • Designing the AppExchange listing
  • Handling app license and customer service

In this blog, we will talk about the AppExchange security review. From step by step guide to prerequisites and general tips to pass the AppExchange security review, we have covered it all! Ready? Let’s get started!

AppExchange Security Review: Overview

Before the launch of any product, it strictly gets reviewed by the Salesforce security review team. This part of the process is critical for the success of your product on AppExchange. 

It is so because the ‘PASS’ stamp from Salesforce lets the users trust your product and feel assured that your solution follows all necessary security standards.

AppExchange security review consists of 4 steps:

  • Prepare
  • Test
  • Free trial 
  • Launch

You should begin by reviewing the prerequisites of the AppExchange Security Review and make sure your app meets all the security standards laid by AppExchange. Next, pass the required Security Review which is meant to evaluate your app’s security features.

There is a free trial available which can be set prior to the launch of the app. After making sure your app meets all the guidelines, you can launch it on the App Store.

Let’s Dive Deeper!

Now that we have a basic understanding of the steps involved, let’s discuss them in detail.

First of all, you need to become a Salesforce partner and build your app for the platform.

  • Begin by joining the Salesforce Partner Program and logging into the Partner Community 
  • Go through SPPA (Salesforce Partner Program Agreement) and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Create a Lightning Ready Solution
  • Make sure to spot and fix any security vulnerabilities with the help of Checkmarx scan during the development phase itself.

Collect all the needed documents.

Once you’re done with developing, assemble and organize all the necessary documents for the Security Review. Here is the list of documentation you will need:

  • Solution Architecture documents including platform features, product overview, package details, and an overview of Integration and object model.
  • Product documents such as personas acting in the system
  • Documents for data flow between mobile, composite site, or Chrome extension and the Salesforce org.
  • Demo org with seed data and managed package in it
  • Managed package
  • Burp/Chimera/ZAP scanned reports
  • Checkmarx scanned reports
  • Steps for user navigation in the Salesforce org, where the package is installed

What Else?

Finally, in order to get your business plan approved from Salesforce, you will be required to:

  • Curate a solutions listing
  • Upload your product and business information 
  • Upload compliance certifications

Voila, you can finally submit your listing for business approval now!

Security Review: Important Things To Keep In Mind

  • Include A Test Setup

    When submitting your solution for security review, ensure providing a holistic test setup and guide for using it.
    – In case your solution includes a native mobile app, add its installation link.
    – Set up an instance for hosting in case you are integrating a web external accounting service.

Note: The most effective way out when deciding what needs to be provided is to consider the Security Review team as a potential customer that wants to test your solution. 

  • Use of Scanners

    The use of scanners such as Checkmarx and chimera can help you spot vulnerabilities in your solution at an initial state.
    Checkmark is used when your solution has managed packages, Visualforce elements, or Apex code. It scans the solution that is hosted on the platform.
    On the other hand, Chimera is used when your solution has parts based on other platforms that you control. It provides the best open-source scanning.

  • Test Your Solution By Hacking It

    Scanners are quite helpful but there is nothing like manpower. After you’re done with fixing the security issues you encounter, use human intelligence for thorough testing.
    How can you do it? Attack your own solution, try stealing its data and check its security. All you need is a team of test hackers with the aim of getting unauthorized access to system or customer data.

  • A Case Of False Positives
    A scanner may find a problem that isn’t really a problem in some cases. This is known as a false positive. It may occur when the scanner fails to recognize your method of protection or code that addresses some vulnerability.
    In case you find an error like this, create a document explaining why it is a false positive and include it with your other security review documents. Make sure to be concise and specific. This will help everyone save some time!

Let’s Wrap Up!

The AppExchange security review process helps attain a safe, secure, threat-free, and more robust Salesforce platform.

Before submitting your app for security review, make sure you are well prepared. The AppExchange security review team goes deep while analyzing an app’s security features and so, you should be ready for the same!

At CEPTES, we provide top-notch services as Salesforce AppExchange product development partners. With years of experience in the industry, our team is well versed in the AppExchange security review process.

If you’re still wondering how to pass the security review, fret not. We are here to help you. Get in touch with us to discuss your concerns today!

Product Development Outsourcing
AppExchange, PDO, Salesforce

How to Select the Right Salesforce Partner for Product Development Outsourcing?

The top-rated CRM provider, Salesforce, is the name most organizations trust to automate their customer relationship management. Despite this, a vast majority of CRM projects end up with huge failures. 

Wondering why? There is one common reason behind all these failures, and it is the delay and time taken by most organizations in figuring out and understanding the Salesforce service benefits and carrying out the required stages of change management.

Thankfully, there’re experts you can trust to help you in customizing Salesforce CRM to fit your needs. In short, you need a professional Salesforce partner for your product development outsourcing.

There’re so many Salesforce consulting companies doing your job of zeroing in on one a bit challenging. Don’t let yourself be too confused to pick one, as we are here to make your search easier. This post will quickly discuss the competencies you need to look out for when shortlisting your potential Salesforce Partner for Product Development Outsourcing. So, let’s not waste time beating around the bush and come to the point. Here are the best tips to help you choose the right Salesforce Consulting Partner for your Product Development Outsourcing!


Ideate, Innovate, Change with a Like-Minded Salesforce Partner



If you have been dilly-dallying the execution of your new app or online business idea of late due to the prevailing market conditions, remember the best time to step is: RIGHT NOW!

If you can ideate and innovate, trust me, and create the desired change. All you need is the right resources, tools, and a Salesforce partner who can deliver the best value out of your Salesforce investment.


Spend Time in Better and Informed Decision-Making



Rich experience, constant engagement, and thorough knowledge of the system are a must to make the best use of Salesforce’s potential. Unfortunately, most companies lack these. Developing these skills and expertise may eat up enough of your time, money, and effort. 

Since you want your system to be up & running at the earliest, the best bet for you would be to hire an expert Salesforce partner to do the job for you so that you can get the maximum potential of Salesforce for your business’ advantage.

You should, therefore, look for a highly competent and experienced implementation partner who knows the ins and outs of Salesforce and who can efficiently leverage these amazing tools to fit your company’s unique needs.

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Learn More About Your Potential Salesforce Partners



Taking a closer look at your potential Salesforce partners’ track record, portfolio, and case studies can help you catch a glimpse of how competent they are in their job and whether you should shortlist them or not. Browse through the websites of all the potential Salesforce partners before concluding your search. Their mission and vision should match that of your organization!

Your network can help you find the best Salesforce partner for your needs. Ask your associates for some good recommendations, with stats and data about the potential partners to avoid biased information. Another great way is to refer to the Salesforce resources such as the AppExchange, where you can find all the product development outsourcing partners’ aggregated customer-ratings. Be clear and thorough! Keep all the required information at your fingertips to avoid wrong decisions.


Check the Salesforce Partners’ Certifications



If you want the best implementation of your Salesforce project, make sure your Salesforce partner possesses either of the following certifications:

  • Salesforce Registered Partner
  • Salesforce Silver Partner
  • Salesforce Gold Partner
  • Salesforce Platinum Partner
  • Global Strategic Partner



Successful implementation of Salesforce can result in drastic improvement in your business operations. But, to get the most out of your Salesforce project investment, you will need the best and like-minded Salesforce product development outsourcing partner. 

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver Consulting and a PDO partner who can help to accelerate the business growth of your investment via consultation, innovation, and digitization. To know more, connect with us!

Mobile Field Service App
AppExchange, Field Service Lightning, Salesforce

Offline Capabilities of a Mobile Field Service App

Companies are increasingly recognizing that mobile apps transform far more than the way officials work. Some of the most significant benefits come from mobile field services apps.

The Android and iOS Field Service mobile app is an all-in-one tool for mobile workers on the go. This mobile experience of the enterprise-class leverages Salesforce with a lightweight, modern, mobile workforce design.

 Offline capacity means that users can continue to operate with no Internet connectivity and know all changes have been saved. And the app is very customizable and can be adapted to your particular needs for the field service.

Top Mobile Field Service Apps Benefits


Tracking of Teams and Resources

Perhaps the most crucial transformative capability of mobile applications, the article notes, automatically tap into smartphone GPS capabilities and track teams and resources. Businesses can see and deploy technicians in real-time- no need to check workers’ telephone calls. You see at a glance the location and progress of an entire fleet.

Less Confusion Among Dispatchers and Technology

On-the-spot technology does not have to monitor dispatchers’ job updates to prevent confusion and mobile apps errors. The result is according to the following- “If you complete the job, your team will get more information and up-to-date information. The dispatch will have instant access, without the need to pick up the phone, to the field job updates and technical location.”

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Improved Efficiency of the Field Team

Field service workers do not need to collect paperwork orders at the start of the day with mobile apps. You only control mobile forms on your apps, so there is no paperwork or error lost. The operations can be simplified with mobile support, and overall data accuracy can be increased. 

Reduced errors and more data access means better compliance with the processes and best practice of your company.

Mobile apps and field inspection apps from the best field service provide access to service history, work schedules, and push notifications to increase productivity.

Connect Data to the Cloud

With the ability to sync data to the cloud by mobile apps, field services employees always have access to the latest data they need. As a result, more hours of the day can be used by employees in the field, better service life and the use of the staff and fewer errors.

Access to New Information Immediately

Living with constant change are field service workers. Terms are frequently canceled, added, or moved, and emergency calls often occur. The information can be quickly updated with a mobile approach to immediate access by field staff. Notifications may alert them when there is a change, less confusion, and more efficient time use to real-time updates for assigned jobs.

Customer Experience Boosted

The service they receive does not always satisfy customers. It can be changed if you can schedule your appointments through mobile apps. A recent study found that 89 percent of clients prefer to view the name and photos of technicians. Moreover, 86 percent said that they would pay $25 to facilitate the programming process. A mobile field service app enables technical location and arrival time as well. 

Full Access to Smartphone Capabilities

Mobile apps can leverage over and above GPS, including bar code and cameras, a full range of smartphone capabilities. Scanners can make tracking of inventories and components easier for the staff. Cameras can document the fieldwork. 

To Sum Up

Issues of low connectivity are bound to happen. You should be prepared for this kind of scenario and equip your team with the right mobile solution for field service. It boosts not only the team’s productivity but also your company’s efficiency. To know more about the mobile field service app, get in touch with us or schedule a demo.

Why Choose AppExchange Product Development Experts
AppExchange, PDO, Salesforce

Why Choose AppExchange Product Development Experts

Why Choose AppExchange Product Development Experts to Build your Next AppExchange Solution?

Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s biggest B2B app marketplace with over 5000 listed apps. It’s a network of authenticated applications to be serviceable, with millions of individuals installing it and loving the value it adds.

App exchange is a marketplace where you can also establish some of the top elements, partners, advisors, and other application developers who can help you increase the platform’s potential besides your business’s smooth functioning using the applications.

What Is a PDO?

Product Development Outsourcers represents a wide group of experts and organizations that can extend from vendors (who know how to build apps for AppExchange) to consulting partners. 

As a division of the Salesforce’s Partner Service Program, PDOs can deliver things like the teaching you need to flourish, marketing for an app, funding to build your app, and even modifying and selling it in the market.

Many PDOs concentrate on assisting you in creating and designing business applications. Usually, they are 3 rd party groups who work on certain portions of your product and can assist you with the elements you are caught up with or do not have the right expertise to execute.

Benefits of outsourcing AppExchange product development 

There’s a possibility that you might be engaged in building and listing your app in the AppExchange to bring you quick success.

In that case, you could perhaps consult a PDO. 

They can deal with all the difficult processes involved during the app development procedure and a lot more. 


Outsourcing the AppExchange product development can decrease your budget to a great extent. It will reduce your overhead expenses and help you save considerably on resources and infrastructure.

Seamless team management

Outsourcing companies have an ultra-modern infrastructure. Tools such as workflow management systems help in the timely and speedy work delivery, keeping the deadlines in mind.

Hence, this helps them manage their team seamlessly and gives you a good feel for business automation.

Experts know better- Experts are the top choice for consulting.

PDOs have complete mastery over the whole development cycle. They can work effortlessly within the groups and provide useful insights as well as redirection when required.

It is recommended to partner with PDO partners early on. They can be a part of the early-stage processes and discover opportunities and problems much earlier. 


 A business app is vulnerable to hacking, leading to the loss of important data and information.

With staggering digitization, viruses, malware, and attacks are quite common. Thus it is necessary to control and secure every digital endpoint of the product.

Salesforce security service is unusually complex, difficult enough for first-year students. Being experts, PDOs can handle this aptly. 

Work round the clock

If you outsource on a global level, the project can be completed round the clock. In-house teamwork for a confined time, an offshore team can work 24*7 *. This helps in ensuring fast delivery of work.

Also, it helps in avoiding the complexities and cost of hiring and training. Thus, you can utilize the available resources more efficiently.

Consistent support and assistance

Developing an app isn’t the ultimate thing. It is the beginning only. Thus, the outsourcing company will always provide you with consistent assistance and service despite the ending of app development work.


Altogether we can say that outsourcing AppExchange product Development helps you have the edge over your competitors.

From bringing the overall costs down to help you concentrate on the core activities, OUTSOURCING helps get high ROIs and ultimately lots of profits. So, grab this opportunity now by connecting with us to help you scale up your business. 


How to ensure a faster security review process for your AppExchange solution

“Customer data is more important to Salesforce than anything else!”

The customers trust Salesforce for their data. All the customer data is present on the Salesforce cloud, making cloud security very important for both the customers & the company.

So, what is AppExchange & why AppExchange security is essential to Salesforce?

AppExchange is an ecosystem of different types of partners who have applications. 

When partners are putting up applications on AppExchange, which will be installed by customers, this is where customer sensitive data is residing. It is crucial to make sure that these applications are secure.

When customers have to buy something & they understand that the product is secure to buy, they don’t need security engineers to check the applications.

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So, the question here is, how does Salesforce secure the AppExchange ecosystem?

A written application has to go through the process of security review. 

There are different layers of protection to secure the AppExchange ecosystem.

AppExchange ecosystem

*source: salesforce

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Code Scanner: Used to scan the code.

Chimera Web Scanner: To run any application outside the ecosystem, so that APIs are secure

Monitoring services.


There is a vast amount of published content for the past many years on Salesforce. There is an entire developer web page where Salesforce has everything on security. Also, there are a bunch of trailhead modules talking about the security review process.

Like how to do secure coding, the partner developers are highly confident about submitting for review and code secure the link.


Partners are building applications. It is a shared responsibility between Salesforce & the partners to maintain the ecosystem & keep its security.



ISV partner account manager: They are the primary source of contact.

ISV Technical Evangelist: Helps partner prepare for security review.

Security review operations: Review the partner’s submissions and responsible for notifications to partners.


This team has a product security engineer that provides guidance and reviews applications. They are manually observing the code and making sure that everything is fine.


This team is developing for partners for the AppExchange ecosystem. They help assist in security review success.

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*source: salesforce

The main question in a security review process is what exactly happens during the process.

Let’s study the whole ecosystem in the above image.

Users connect to different departments of Salesforce like Sales, Marketing, Apps, Analytics, etc. 

Salesforce is also externally connected by APIs and has external integrations for data processing and storage.

The Salesforce data is accessible on the cloud through different external client apps.

So every minute flow of Salesforce starting from users, external APIs & accessible client apps that are accessing Salesforce data are tested. It starts with touching and impacting the Salesforce data.

Any vulnerability in the whole flow puts Salesforce data at risk. That’s the reason full-scope testing is necessary.



*source: salesforce

Salesforce accelerates the security review process in four easy steps:

DESIGN:  In design, one has to go and review trailhead modules. It has a lot of secure coding content. 

Submission process office hours: One can ask process-related questions accessible at

Security review technical office hours: Customers can book office hours with for discussion on different topics, details of which are available at

DEVELOP: Start writing the code. Do testing of written code, if it is working as intended. 

This stage focuses on developing tools for security scanning.

TESTING: This phase makes use of tools like: source scanner helps find common security issues in native code. It also includes a manual code review for adherence to secure coding guidelines.

Zap scanner finds common web vulnerabilities.

Chimera Scanner is a fire & forget cloud scanner that runs ZAP as an engine.

RELEASE: This is the final step to submit for manual security issues.

5 Reasons to Build your AppExchange Solution with a Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)

Let’s Conclude:

The AppExchange security review process helps secure the Salesforce ecosystem starting from design to release. Secure AppExchange means less vulnerability to security threats and a more robust Salesforce platform. 

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting & Product Development Outsourcer partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your investment through app development. consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of growing your business using the Salesforce platform, then get in touch; we are happy to help you.

Read the blog to know the Role & Importance of a PDO Partner for a Successful AppExchange Product Lifecycle

AppExchange, PDO

5 Reasons to Build your AppExchange Solution with a Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)

Have an idea that can transform businesses?

Enter Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs). Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs) are Salesforce Consulting Partners and vendors who have expertise in building commercial apps and offer other services like training, funding, marketing, or selling your app.

I know what you are thinking: “Why should I share my idea with anyone at all?”

Well, believe us, you will gain much more than you are afraid to lose. PDOs don’t just hear your idea; they will best shape your idea as per the market trend. If that is not enough to convince you, here are five reasons to build with a PDO. 

Beauty of Outsourcing

It is very much possible that you might be busy creating, building, and publishing your app in Salesforce AppExchange to grant you instant success. In that case, you can consult with a PDO. 

They can handle all the complex processes involved throughout the app development process and much more. With this, you can focus on other important and exciting works that demand your attention.

CEPTES encourages entrepreneurial brains to consult with your idea.

Experts know better

We all know the experts are the best to consult. PDOs have expertise over the complete development cycle. They can work seamlessly with the teams and provide valuable insights, along with redirection when necessary.

It is suggested to bring in PDO partners early on so that they can take part in the early stages of the process and uncover problems and opportunities much more before. 

CEPTES offers excellent AppExchange product development services blending it’s 10+ years of Salesforce platform expertise & AppExchange app development experience with certified app developers. 

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Reliability and credibility

Remember to choose the PDO wisely with considerable experience in the field of focus. The key to do the research is to identify the PDO that offers various solutions – with concern for the client base and their feedback. 

Ensure the PDO ensures future services –without leaving you alone on the island – such as DevOps and Management and Integrations. A PDO should be such that you can rely on to be with your business at every step of the development cycle.

CEPTES offers a wide variety of solutions with a broad client base with generous feedback. We offer you the freedom to work to make you productive. With our transparent and flexible development processes, we will make sure you feel comfortable working with us.


Salesforce security service is exceptionally complex, challenging enough for first-timers. PDOs being experts can handle this for you – apt to the needs of your app. 

With wobbling digitization, malware, viruses, and attacks are very common. This requires extreme control and security of any digital endpoint of your product.

CEPTES makes sure your app passes the security review.

Strategic partner

Every individual possesses some sense of revolutionary ideas – that is or can be – channelized towards entrepreneurial innovation. Nurturing your spark of an idea can grow into a tree, successfully and beautifully, never imagined.

CEPTES encourages entrepreneurial brains to consult us. We have the potential to convert a half-page idea into a billion-dollar success; we can guide you and your idea into the new future.


To summarise,

  1. Outsourcing inevitably increases your efficiency
  2. Professionals know the ins and outs of the system
  3. PDOs induce productivity and make you feel comfortable
  4. Security is the primary concern
  5. A wonderful strategic partner

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting & PDO partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your investment through consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of building your next app on the AppExchange platform, please get in touch.

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How to Ensure Business Success on AppExchange?

“An entrepreneurial mind never settles.”

Do you feel that the current pandemic will hinder your development? It would be best if you read this before arriving at such a pessimistic decision.

Don’t settle, stay updated

When everyone is against you, and everything is at stake, it is the right time to work on your idea.

Never discourage yourself when others are discouraged around you. 

There should be nothing that should be stopping you from working on your idea. 

Look around and identify the pain points in the business ecosystem. That’s where you should focus and think it through.

The next step should be planning your execution.

Plan beforehand

“Planning assures execution and then success”

Without a plan, you cannot succeed, especially when the odds are against you.

Your planning should also include knowing the market you are in and the niche attracted by your competitors.

Know the market and the competition

A product requires a market, and a market brings along competitors, especially in this unprecedented situation, when the competition is intense and dynamic.

Knowing the market and the competition also exposes you to a variety of ideas and opportunities that can help you develop your approach.

And once you get an idea, consult with an AppExchange Product Development Expert.

Consult with a certified PDO Expert

To have an idea is just the first step, but to realize it’s real potential, you need to consult a PDO.

PDOs have the potential to improvise and convert your idea into a billion-dollar successful business. Set aside a time slot to reach out to a PDO and discuss it with them. They are very open to discussing your idea and helping you provide muscles and bones to your plan.

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Prioritize marketing

Focus on your App Listing and every other source of Marketing you can avail. Stay updated on the tools available to you and utilize them to your use to reach the potential customers of your product.

You should understand the value of the product and make others also understand the same. Show the customers how they can use your product in their day-to-day life in running their business.

One of the best ways to attract potential customers and, at the same time, validate the product is by utilizing the free to premium transition.

From free to premium

You can validate your idea by developing a prototype or template and later shift to premium apps. 

Premium apps primarily attract enterprises, but to understand the need for the product first, we need to release the free version of the app.

The duration during your product validation of your free app, you can reach out for investments, or create a website which will eventually help you to grow your business.

Even if you have attracted the customers of your niche, make sure that you retain them.

Focus on customer retention

The customers who used your product understanding the true essence and the value of your product will follow along with you. They are the niche you should be focusing on in the future.

The customers of your niche will also be willing to avail of your premium app if they appreciate the true potential of the product and the extent of the effect on their business due to your product.


In short,

  1. Stay updated, rise, and flourish.
  2. Pre-Planning is essential.
  3. Know your competitors.
  4. Consult a PDO about your idea.
  5. Marketing is essential.
  6. Start free, shift to premium.
  7. Retain customers of your niche.

CEPTES is along with you in this pandemic. We will get through this unforeseen situation. We encourage you to contact us if you have any ideas that can solve a B2B problem. There are still a lot of opportunities all around you, and we assure you that we, as your strategic partner, will guide you towards your future.

For more detail, contact us now.

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