COVID-19, Salesforce

Salesforce Vaccine Cloud: Streamline Vaccine Management

“Designed to allow scheduling appointments more efficiently allowing it to integrate with any scheduling system.”

As the global vaccination effort is underway to end the COVID-19 pandemic, Salesforce has offered vaccination solutions to accelerate these efforts. 

Salesforce has launched a vaccine cloud solution designed to make scheduling appointments easy and effortlessly manage it to integrate with any scheduling systems in use. 


Designed to allow scheduling appointments more efficiently

The Vaccine Cloud upgrades are free, and it offers more reliable ways to schedule their vaccine appointments. In late January, Salesforce first launched the Vaccine Cloud to ease vaccination programs for various organizations to manage the vaccination programs end to end on a single platform. 

Salesforce’s new capabilities to Vaccine Cloud allow residents to help them pre-register to receive a vaccination on their own through a scalable website while eliminating the need to refresh the page constantly. This helps them to know new appointments or wait through their phones.

Once the residents are eligible for the vaccination, they are notified either through a text or an email to schedule their appointment. 

This helps them to avoid waiting for the moment when the slots are released on the website. 

Vaccine Cloud Connects People to a Personalized Scheduling Process

Vaccine Cloud Connects People to a Personalized Scheduling ProcessVaccine Cloud helps several organizations like healthcare enterprises, health care providers, and government organizations to manage vaccine administration hand-in-hand. 

Vaccine cloud benefits with an efficient vaccine management ground. It also helps the front liners like the health workers to plan and administer vaccination approaches to connect and reach people in a great latitude.  

  • Understand, track and communicate with the people.
  • Avoid delaying digital vaccination, do not keep it pending for extended days.       

It helps one connect to hundreds of vaccination sites, making work simplified. A precise workflow helps an enterprise manage vaccine administration with great ease. 

Healthcare enterprises can easily manage dosage, monitoring, scheduling, and staff training.

Vaccine Cloud connects people in a more personalized scheduling approach by enabling them with a one-time link use ensuring equal access to the system. 

When someone clicks on the link, it shows when and where the available appointments are and holds a place until the appointment gets booked. 

It also helps several organizations to scale the online vaccine distribution. 


It’s imperative to integrate ethics with the vaccine management process since hundreds of decisions are made every hour to establish a smooth digital experience. When all the countries are in a race to mobilize the spread of COVID-19, vaccinating a massive cover of their populations as quickly as possible. While the virus is spreading rapidly with no sign of disappearance, businesses possess a vital role to play over blunting misinformation, becoming facilitators and educators to tackle situations. To know more, connect with us

A RoundUp of Salesforce Research on impacts of 2020
COVID-19, Salesforce

A RoundUp of Salesforce Research on impacts of 2020

As this year is going to end, we would like to give you an insight into the data Salesforce Research reported. This year brought us many twists and turns, changing the way we live and work.

This year has quite impacted the relationship between the business and its customers. 

Salesforce Research, a team, committed to investigate and report the latest trends’ effects on customer and business relations, surveyed nearly 80,000 consumers, decision-makers, and business buyers across the globe to apprehend how the pandemic is restructuring customer behavior and how businesses are acknowledging it.

Here are the important data points collected from different surveys that enfold the impacts of 2020 on digital transformation, customer association, and much more.

Digital-first customer engagement: The shift was well underway before the outbreak of COVID-19, but the pandemic has accelerated this essential spin as people worldwide spent an ephemeral amount of time in stores and more in front of the screens

This summer, consumers and service buyers from around the globe    participated in an annual survey, and it was inferred 

60% of total customer interactions are now digital, with no anticipated dip in 2021 too.

Digital sales revenue: Through different surveys on global shoppers, it was found that 68% of consumers are likely to shop online, even after COVID-19.

Work from home: As the pandemic hit our lives, the work from home option went through a digital upheaval. Around 62% of full-time workers worked from home, two-third of which wanted to continue work like this in the long run.

Digitization: 60% of consumers surveyed in August said that COVID-19 had converted their relationship with technology. Moreover, 88% of consumers expect this years’ crisis to accelerate digital initiatives. 

Artificial intelligence: The share of marketers who reported that their organization utilizes AI has risen to 186%, tripling within 2 yrs. This shows that marketers are increasingly inclining towards digital transformation.

A transformative moment for Sales Representatives: Sales representatives face a particularly reframe moment as they move towards selling virtually for the predictable future. One research found that 54% of sales representatives now felt confident in working in a digital environment.

Video-based support customer support: This year, video experienced a boom among customer service channel. Digital service channels like online chat, messenger apps saw a significant rise of up to 42%

Customer data: To upraise customer service level, businesses need to use customer data in a sophisticated manner. Customers have been circumspect about this dynamic for a long time, but as examples of unethical behavior by companies over customer data come about, 61% of consumers have lost on companies over the use of their data.

All of these stats show there is still much work left for businesses to provide efficient customer service. These stats clearly say what consumers want from companies, why automation is needed, and the overall power of digitization.

COVID-19, Small Business

Boost your productivity and sales post-COVID: The ultimate guide for any small business

While most businesses are struggling to re-establish themselves post-pandemic, only a handful of them have the digital capacity to achieve it in time. Today, an uptick in the sales graph is the question of survival for many businesses, but a speedy recovery is only possible through the digitalization of business processes. Being dependent on conventional calls, sticky notes, and exchanging emails to update your team at every stage of a deal is too slow.

Today, the billion-dollar question is: How can small businesses develop a crisis and recovery strategy that ensures a boost in sales, post COVID-19? This is where cloud offerings come into the picture.

Thankfully, there are infinite possibilities on what we can achieve, once we head in the right direction. Here are a couple of tips that can ensure an exponential boost in productivity and make you ready for a post-pandemic scenario : 


Accepting the situation is key. To get an edge over the COVID-aftermath, make sure to review business models, revenue models and lead generation tactics. Chart out fresh plans to boost sales productivity and recovery strategies. 


Small businesses must cope with the fact that a business model or a sales team that relies heavily on offline structures, must transition to digital platforms for a higher success rate. Relying on traditional methods alone might not provide the best results in these turbulent times, but add to it a competent sales process automation platform, and voila! Witness a boost in sales productivity like never before. 

Sales Partner

Needless to say, sales is one such field wherein time is of the essence. Most small businesses follow the traditional style of maintaining hand-written logs, manually setting up appointments, using sticky notes to scribble useful information, and so on. Such a format might work in conventional situations, however, it also causes delays- something small businesses can’t afford in a post-COVID scenario.

Investing in a technology partner to inculcate sales automation strategies, is bound to be profitable. 

Customer Retention

Post-pandemic is bound to present an unprecedented situation for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). Not only will they be striving to stay afloat, but competing to gain an edge over each other. Information gaps, lack of active feedback measures and delayed grievance redressal might result in poor communication with customers, thus putting a dent on customer satisfaction.

Thankfully, you can pipeline all your data, address queries and grievances much faster and turn cold leads into potential customers leveraging a powerful  CRM.

Digital Transformation

A digital transformation would entail tracking real-time data to make important decisions. The reason why a Salesforce CRM is an exemplary choice for small businesses is because of its striking features tailored for small businesses, intuitive automation, robust analytics tools that help spot trends in the data, realise touch points required to close a sale, flag any delayed or overdue opportunities, scale the difference between actual and predicted sales and increase customer retention.

CRM will empower and assist your teams to work remotely and engage customers. For small businesses to survive, nay, thrive post-COVID, they’d need to undergo a digital transformation, implement a Salesforce CRM and make way for automation

CEPTES, a Salesforce partner, has been focusing on helping MSMEs boost their productivity and accelerate their business for over a decade. Take on the post-pandemic challenge head-on, and get success with CEPTES. To know more, please get in touch.


How Indian MSMEs can reinvent themselves digitally post COVID-19?

The Indian MSME sector contributes about 29% of the country’s total GDP. On similar lines, saying that MSMEs are a crucial part of the Indian economy won’t be an exaggeration. Companies that make an annual investment less than Rs. 50 Cr. and the annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 250 Cr. are classified as Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

However, all is not well with MSMEs. The global pandemic has brought a plethora of challenges for them to survive and enable business continuity. 

Lack of awareness and investments in the latest technologies are among the critical roadblocks towards their advancement.

Every Crisis Is An Opportunity

The pandemic has put immense pressure on small businesses to balance and retool to thrive in the post-pandemic world. It has also demonstrated the value of technology and digital transformation across industries. It has become imperative for businesses to look for new solutions to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. 

Start Your Journey with Salesforce

Salesforce, the global CRM leader is sharpening its focus in India, and small businesses stand to benefit from its scalable industry solutions designed to improve customer engagement and drive sustainable business efficiency and growth. Salesforce is not just a CRM, It is a genie in the lamp indeed.

Let’s explore a few of its immense potential:

  • Salesforce offers crucial information on inventories, customers, tools, platforms to MSMEs for better recognition of customer persona.
  • Salesforce offers a complete 360-degree view of a customer, which means you can generate more leads, nurture them, close deals faster, and retain them easily.
  • Team collaboration becomes easy with multiple communication modes and scheduler in place.
  • A cloud-based solution implies that your team can be active in your customer’s response at any time, from anywhere. They can work from even the remotest of the location and using any device.

Salesforce: Changing the Indian MSME Landscape

Recently, Salesforce has brought on board a prominent personality in the field of banking, Arundhati Bhattacharya as CEO of Salesforce in India. Experts see this as a highly strategic move by Salesforce to help small and medium businesses in India realize their digital dreams. 

What makes Salesforce great for any small business?

  • Salesforce offers a complete view of each of your customers, which can help small businesses prioritize their lead pipeline by automating the entire sales & customer service process. Automated workflow enables MSMEs to assign tasks easily, follow-up on approval requests, and suggest changes.
  • Salesforce drives a high-level of collaboration. The in-built functionalities help small business sales reps and other team members seamlessly collaborate. The collaboration includes resource sharing, hassle-free data sharing, report generation that will save high time and costs.
  • Having an opportunity to run a company on the go is simply great, regardless of the size of the business. Moreover, AppExchange (Salesforce’s App Marketplace) offers a large number of apps for a variety of business needs. 
  • Salesforce is highly flexible in terms of pricing. With a large number of subscription plans as well as user licenses, small businesses can have affordable pricing, functionality, and several business users.
  • Due to its high customization capabilities, numerous integration options, and a large number of apps, Salesforce is a viable choice for MSMEs of all sizes and scales.  
  • Salesforce Trailhead, a fun knowledge hub can help small businesses to learn Salesforce for free in order to get the best out of their Salesforce investment.

Reopening the business post-COVID-19 will be a challenge & Salesforce could play a crucial role here by offering Indian small businesses the tools and the power of the platform to imagine their business. 

CEPTES Salesforce Solutions for Small Businesses

As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, CEPTES is renowned for its decade-old expertise in the Salesforce platform. In fact, CEPTES also offers small businesses highly customized Salesforce solutions that can be scaled and upgraded to meet the ever-changing business needs. Besides this, we help businesses adopt or upgrade their systems with our easy-to-deploy Salesforce solutions.

With over a decade of experience and a highly-skilled Salesforce Certified workforce & leveraging the characteristics of Salesforce, we facilitate digital transformation and innovation for Indian MSMEs using our Customer Success Platform. Making it convenient for business owners to analyze, consolidate, and segment data for improved decision-making capabilities, more personalized user experiences, enhanced productivity, and optimum ROI.   

To learn how CEPTES can help you drive growth and partner with you to harness the true potential of Salesforce, please get in touch with us.