Dreamforce 2022

Dreamforce 2022 Day 1 Highlights: All you need to know

The biggest event of the year 2022, Dreamforce, has finally started at Moscone centre in San Francisco. This conference by Salesforce is getting bigger and bigger with every passing year. This year 1,71,000 people from all over the world have registered for this mega event, which is also a record-breaking moment for Dreamforce.

The four days of empowerment, innovation, fun and giving back are all live. This year, Dreamforce is focusing on the ideas of customer trailblazers, the companies that are changing the game and connecting their customers in whole new ways.


CEPTES Software is also a part of this world’s largest software conference that has brought transformative success stories, sessions, innovation, problem-solving solutions and much more. As a proud sponsor, we were lucky to catch the first-day highlights closely for you all.

The first day at Dreamforce 2022 started with the live keynote by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. In his statement, he welcomed all the communities of developers, admins, IT, and trailheads for the event. Following it, the magic of Dreamforce has begun. On the first day, the event covered a lot of essential keynotes, sessions, studio shows and much more. 

It is crazy that Dreamforce has over 2300 sessions and so many other activities that they planned for the participants, including activities on the Dreampark. 

Quick Highlights of Day 1 at Dreamforce 2022

#1 Live and On-demand content is the Future: The way how live and on-demand content takes place in all our lives today is entirely amazing. Apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime have wholly changed how content is consumed. We are now in the era of live and on-demand streaming, where we can see anything and everything we want. 

Salesforce+ brings the authentic experience to its B2B consumers, where they can consume conferences, sessions, and all worthy B2B events. This digital-first experience comes with binge-worthy series and episodes wholly tailored according to the interest and role of the B2B viewer. Salesforce+ has started with hundreds of on-demand sessions, four channels and a dozen live sessions. 

#2 Salesforce is inviting every company across the globe to be a “Trusted Enterprise”: In his start of the speech at Dreamforce Day1, CEO Marc Benioff clearly stated that somewhere we all are facing the trust crisis, customers somehow developed mistrust towards the companies that serve them. 

So to overcome this, Salesforce has come up with a playbook titled “The Trusted Enterprise”. This playbook is designed explicitly for businesses to earn and win the trust of their customers, employees, partners and communities. This playbook highlighted the areas including- Trust, Sustainability, Customer-first, Health & Safety and Digital headquarters. 

#3 Slack is the star of the show in Dreamforce 2022: In Dreamforce 2022, Salesforce considered Slack the new digital headquarters. Companies embracing the remote environment can create a more productive and inclusive workspace with Slack. 

The CEO of Slack Technologies, Stewart Butterfield, took a session on Day1 at DF22, unveiling the new product innovation and spotlighting customers like Walmart, IBM, and McKinsey using Slack to empower their workplace.

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In a nutshell

Day1 at Dreamforce2022 was full of fun, thrilling, excitement and learning. Trail Blazers across the globe have enjoyed a lot on Day1. Our CEO and Directors, Priya Ranjan Panigrahy, and Harish Kumar are participating in Dreamforce 2022. They said a lot about day1 at Dreamforce 2022. Stay tuned with us on all our social media channels to know more about and get updates about what’s happening in Dreamforce. 

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CEPTES Software Announces a Comprehensive Data Management Suite (DMS) for Salesforce
Data Management Suite, Dreamforce, Press Release

CEPTES Software Announces a Comprehensive Data Management Suite (DMS) for Salesforce

The Data Management Suite (DMS), exclusively built for the Salesforce platform, is a complete suite of solutions offered by CEPTES that includes native & external data archive, data & metadata backup & recovery, file management & collaboration, & auto document generation solutions.

SANTA BARBARA, CA, US, September 16, 2022 – CEPTES Software today announced that they are offering a complete Data Management Suite (DMS) for Salesforce at Dreamforce 2022.

CEPTES Data Management Suite offers multiple solutions including data archiving (native using Big Objects & external using multiple cloud/on-premises platforms), data backup & recovery (external cloud/on-premises platforms), file management & collaboration (external storage integration), and document generation through DataArchiva, DataConnectiva, DataBakup, XfilesPro & DocuPrime. 

In today’s world, where data is considered as one of the most critical factors for any business success, CEPTES DMS empowers customers to choose any of the above solutions to meet any specific data/file needs in Salesforce or use the entire suite to completely transform their data management needs.

Comments on the News

Commenting on the news, CEPTES’s Co-founder (Products) Mr. Harish Kumar said “Our next-gen Data Management Suite for Salesforce offers a strong value proposition for businesses of every size & industry. As we offer multiple solutions under one umbrella, customers will have the power to choose the right solutions that their business needs. I am looking forward to showcasing our entire Data Management Suite at Dreamforce 2022.”

CEPTES is a Navigator Sponsor at Dreamforce 2022. CEPTES is exhibiting at booth #341, showcasing the advanced capabilities of their Data Management Suite (DataArchiva, DataConnectiva, DataBakup, XfilesPro & DocuPrime) for Salesforce along with their other AppExchange applications & Salesforce service expertise. 

Salesforce, Dreamforce, and others are among the trademarks of salesforce.com, inc.


CEPTES is a pure-play Salesforce platform-focused company that offers innovative business solutions on the world’s #1 cloud platform. In its 12+ years of inspirational journey, they have enabled 1000+ companies across industries in transforming multiple key business verticals. Widely considered as a leader in offering end-to-end Salesforce data management solutions, building future-ready products, & delivering managed services, CEPTES has 7+ extensively popular AppExchange applications including DataArchiva, DataConnectiva, DataBakup, XfilesPro, DocuPrime, RealE360, and 200OK. 

To know more, please visit: www.ceptes.com

Sambit Kumar Samanta
CEPTES Software
+1 607-304-3229

CEPTES Data Management Suite for Salesforce at Dreamforce 2022
Data Management Suite, Dreamforce

The Much Awaited Arrival of CEPTES Data Management Suite for Salesforce at Dreamforce 2022

Are you full of beans? Dreamforce is making a rebound to its hometown after two long years! It’s going to be nothing like you’ve experienced before; because Salesforce celebrates 20 years of Dreamforce this time!

Got a knack for the annual flagship conference of Salesforce? If yes, we have many things to unfold! 

Before that, let’s take a gander at Dreamforce — the largest tech summit of Trailblazers.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience Powered by Salesforce

Dreamforce is nothing but a dream conference for millions of Trailblazers. Takes place during falls every year, Dreamforce converges Trailblazers from around the globe to San Francisco to learn, innovate, network, revel, and give back. The essence of Dreamforce is that: the most popular tech summit that draws hundreds and thousands of professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem to share their incredible journeys, insights, new products, business opportunities, and future steps — all in one place! 

Themed ‘Go Big and Come Home,’ Dreamforce 2022 is the much-anticipated event that will take place from September 20-22, 2022 at Moscone Campground. You will bump into industry leaders, marketers, a global think tank community, IT professionals, CEOs, and a lot more innovation enthusiasts, who will all hold some fire to ignite your spirit. Mark your calendar for the event and make arrangements to fly to San Francisco with your team.

Dreamforce 2022: CEPTES’s Calling Card

This year, we’re heading to Dreamfore with bells on like more than any other year and anybody else! You know why? Our Data Management Suite (DMS) for Salesforce is ready to get the ball rolling as a complete suite for your data and file/document management needs in Salesforce. With the recent roll-out of DocuPrime, our native application for auto-document generation in Salesforce, our DMS has attained its complete form with an outright definition! And, we’re over the moon to present our modern suite in the world’s largest tech conference at Booth #341 to the thousands of technophiles. 

DMS – Our Remarkable Feat and Game Changer 

Our DMS is simple yet comprehensive, modern yet next-gen. We have brought all solutions to effectively address your data and file/document management needs in Salesforce under one umbrella. 

Curious to know more about our DMS? Let’s have a look at each facet our DMS is made of!

  • DataArchiva

This next-gen data archiving solution is the only native application established to date for Salesforce, powered by Big Objects! Our application archives your inactive data from Salesforce’s primary storage to Big Objects for the immediate optimization of your storage space. So, your data will never move or share out of the Salesforce org and thus ensures its security.  

Learn more: www.dataarchiva.com

  • DataConnectiva 

Who could ask for anything better than DataConnectiva? To safely migrate his/her unused data from Salesforce’s storage space to the preferred external cloud systems (AWS, Azure, Heroku, GCP) including on-premise platforms? This is how advanced and powerful our application is! We free up your data storage space by archiving data to an extrinsic space by adhering to your demands and compliance. 

Learn more: www.dataconnectiva.com

  • DataBakup

Data is your enterprise asset. Nothing can compensate for the loss of your critical data. This is why DataBakup is built on top of Salesforce — to stave your business off from sensitive data loss. Our application helps you own your backup data by automatically replicating the same in your preferred external Cloud platform (AWS, Azure, Heroku, GCP) and recovering it as you need. That said, our application not only safeguards your data but also makes sure that it’s residing safely in your own cloud storage system. 

Learn more: www.databakup.com

  • XfilesPro 

With all three data management solutions explained above, what about Salesforce files? What does our DMS do with your file management in Salesforce? XfilesPro is our answer. Our superior file management application transfers your files from Salesforce file storage space to your external cloud (Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, Amazon S3, etc.) automatically at lightning speed. So, the immediate optimization of the storage space along with an increase in application performance is achieved in a breeze. 

Learn more: www.xfilespro.com

  • DocuPrime 

Generating a heap of documents daily is tedious! What if you could automatically obtain data from different Salesforce objects and generate a large number of documents in a click or two? This is exactly why DocuPrime, our 100% native application, is built — to automate your daily document management process within Salesforce. Leveraging our advanced platform, you can create documents of all types and sizes with varied customization and template building/uploading capabilities.

Learn more: www.docuprime.io

Meet Us at Booth #341 to Explore and Experience our DMS in Live

So, how do you feel about our Data Management Suite (DMS) for Salesforce? Do you feel our comprehensive suite contains all you’re looking for in Salesforce? If yes, we should meet up! We wholeheartedly welcome you to our booth #341 during your Dreamforce days to:

  • Learn more about our Data Management Suite for Salesforce
  • Explore various partnership models and benefits
  • Watch live demos
  • 20% Discount on implementation and GET PREMIUM SUPPORT at an exclusive price

So, why wait? Schedule a meeting with our product experts to get the most out of our DMS magic!

See You at Dreamforce!

Dreamforce 2020 Keynote: What You Need to Know
Dreamforce, Salesforce

Dreamforce to You 2020 Keynote: What You Need to Know

2020 is the year when Dreamforce came to you, and Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce made the best of it. In the wake of COVID-19, the entire world has shifted from in-person conferences to online-only events. 

Salesforce took the largest Dreamforce event virtual, and we are here to talk about the highlights of the Dreamforce 2020 Keynote and what announcements and product innovations happened during the keynote.

In this article, we will be talking about Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce Keynote, and the new inventions introduced. 

#1: Slack Acquisition by Salesforce

Salesforce recently surpassed $20 billion in annual revenue and acquired Slack in a $27.7 billion deal. Slack and Salesforce integration will now help to reduce software complexities while increasing the alignment to help communicate with anyone from anywhere.

#2: Introduction of Einstein Automate

An Einstein Automate is an end-to-end workflow solution designed for any business function to deliver automation capabilities. This automation will help to give a 360-degree view of the customer without any code to develop. 

#3: Introduction of Service Cloud Workforce Engagement

It is a new dynamic workforce plan product which aims to help service leaders to organize their entire workforce to distribute the right work from anywhere. 

#4: Introduction of Salesforce Hyperforce

Salesforce Hyperforce is a newly designed architecture to help customers deliver their workloads to any public cloud of their choice. The idea behind this was to enable customers to take all of their data in Salesforce Customer 360 that gives the company’s detailed view of customers across channels and other systems outside the family of Salesforce. You can now store in any public cloud you want from any region to operate. 

#5: Bentley Motors- The New Trailblazer

Bentley Motors will deploy Salesforce Cloud Solutions to provide its employees with an entire 360-degree view of their customers, which will connect Bentley Motor’s Sales, Marketing, and Service to deliver personalized interactions. 


CEPTES is a decade old Salesforce focused multinational company with 200+ clients across five continents. We have five products and solutions listed in AppExchange and are a certified SI, ISV, and product development partner of Salesforce. 

We primarily focus on Salesforce cloud integration, customization, and implementation on almost all Salesforce products and solutions. 

We build and develop enterprise-grade business applications at lightning speed. To know more on how to leverage your business with Salesforce Integrations, get in touch with us. 

Dreamforce to You ’20 What You Need to Know
Dreamforce, Salesforce

Dreamforce to You ‘20: What You Need to Know?

Salesforce is here again with the biggest B2B Cloud Event of the Year.

What makes this year special?

This time Salesforce Dreamforce is coming to you live and virtual.

Forget those Dreamforce pricey tickets, flight fares, and hotel accommodation.

Dreamforce to You 2020 is completely free and wants everyone to leverage this upcoming event. 

What’s in it for You?

Dreamforce ‘20 offers personalized meetings this time.

Now you can gain insights through a weeklong learning event that’s filled with demos, thought leadership, luminary sessions, and a lot more. 

Multiple sessions of learning are coming straight to your sofa. 

You can even access timely and relevant conversation sessions.

The bar is set really high from all the previous Dreamforce events. So expect a whole new digital experience. 

Join Virtual for an Inspiring Keynote

Join live to experience an inspiring keynote by Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce. 

There will be special guests from AT&T, Bentley Motors, and many more. 

Know their success stories and how they surpassed their challenges in this global pandemic.


Dreamforce to You: What is coming up? Watch this video

Personalized Meetings That’ll Help Your Business.

Dreamforce ’20 personalized meetings will help you leverage your business. 

You will learn all the possible ways to connect all your teams providing a single truth source. 

This will help your employees deliver exceptional customer experience from any part of the world.

DreamTX That’s Created for You

This time Dreamforce will take the Trailblazer experience to the next level. 

DreamTX is a four-day session that is designed to share knowledge and experience among Trailblazers. 

There will be demos and luminary sessions applicable to any business line and any industry.

Now get a chance to share your work from home stories, connect with other Trailblazers. 

Be prepared to see some surprised guests.


This is the first time in Salesforce history that Dreamforce is going completely Virtual, which is free of cost. Let’s unite together to share and learn from each other. This will be like a never before experience taking the learning and innovation to the next level. To know more about Dreamforce ’20, Sign Up right now.


Dreamforce Facts & Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

We are now just a week away from the biggest Cloud carnival of the world ‘Dreamforce‘. Trailblazers from across the globe will be in San Francisco to witness the future taking place. These four days of innovation, inspiration, learning, fun, and giving back will change the way we think about business. 

Started in 2003, Dreamforce has come a long way in the past 16 years. If we go down the memory lane, every Dreamforce has something special to offer. Started with just 1300 attendees in 2003, Dreamforce 2019 is all set to host 170,000 attendees, 400+ partners, 50+ visionary keynotes, 2700+ sessions & some of the top speakers including President Barak Obama. 

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing facts & numbers of every Dreamforce that has happened from 2003 to 2018. 

Dreamforce Facts

Dreamforce Facts & Numbers

  • 2003: The very first DF happened in 2003 with around 1300 attendees & 50 exhibitors gathered at the Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco for a preview of the product’s updates as well as presentations on the theme of “Imagination You Can Use.”
  • 2004: DF 2004 witnessed 100+ sessions. It almost doubled from 2003.
  • 2005: DF 2005 introduced AppExchange to the world for the first time. Today AppExchange is the world’s leading cloud marketplace with more than 5000 apps, 6 million customer installs and 80,000 peer reviews. 
  • 2006: Train performed at Dreamfest & reportedly sold 10 million albums.
  • 2007: The number of sessions was 200+.
  • 2008: DF 2008 witnessed representatives from over 40 countries.
  • 2009: 19K+ Salesforce customer attended DF 2009. 
  • 2010: The winners of AppQuest (An app show) won a $100,000 cash prize in DF 2010.
  • 2011: DF 2011 hosted 40K+ attendees.
  • 2012: 350+ Salesforce Partners joined DF 2012. Most in the history of DF.
  • 2013: 480,000 people watched Dreamforce online via Salesforce LIVE.
  • 2014: DF took the giving back to the next level. 1 Million meals were donated at DF 2014.
  • 2015: DF 2015 gave $263 Million of total business sales in the Bay area.
  • 2016: 15 Million+ people watched Dreamforce online via Salesforce LIVE.
  • 2017: During DF 2017, 600+ workshops happened.
  • 2018: The number of sessions crossed 2700 at DF 2018. 

*source: salesforce


Coming to Dreamforce 2019?

Join us at Dreamforce 2019 to celebrate our success together and witness how CEPTES is helping global enterprises leverage the Salesforce platform to accelerate their growth. We are going to showcase our flagship application DataArchiva – The ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce along with it’s extended package DataConnectiva – External Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce. Schedule a meeting with us if you want to develop optimal data archiving strategies to save over 80% storage cost & retain data for a long time.


5 Tips to Flourish Your Dreamforce ’19 Experience

The biggest B2B Cloud Conference in the world ‘Dreamforce’ is less than two months away and Trailblazers from around the world are all set to be a part of this amazing carnival. The entire Ohana is counting down the days and bracing themselves for four days of innovation, inspiration, giving back & learning. With 2700+ sessions, super-sessions and major keynotes – Dreamforce ’19 is all set to take us from now to next. 

Dreamforce, which is scheduled to take place from 19th to 22nd November 2019 in San Francisco is going to be even bigger this time. As the event is quickly approaching and it’s already been sold out, you can expect thousands of attendees joining, the importance of a well-planned schedule is highly recommended. As Dreamforce is not at all a kind of event where you can jump in with an open agenda, one must ensure to have a must-do list of things before taking flight for San Francisco. As a regular Dreamforce attendee, we can share some of the things which can help you flourish your Dreamforce’19 experience. 

Plan your sessions in advance

Dreamforce will spread across an enormous area in downtown San Francisco. With the Moscone Center as the central hub, the event extends to various other places such as Marriott Marquis, InterContinental, the Palace Hotel, Hilton Union Square, the Park Central, and the Westin St. Francisco. With 2700+ sessions & a large spread area, joining all your favorite sessions could be difficult at times. Adding to this, with thousands of other people, you can always expect long queues, delays, and often housefull boards.  

Planning out your favorite sessions in advance and registering them will certainly help you get past all the hassles & save time. Attending consecutive sessions will never help. Entry for session halls starts 10 mins before, and you can be there 15mins prior. Doing a little research on the session topic and the speaker will certainly help you understand things better. Dreamforce is not at all about attending sessions. Always keep some time for customer success expo, networking, and dreamfest. 

Map out Keynotes

Keynotes are one of the biggest inspirations during Dreamforce. Every year some of the biggest industry leaders share their experiences and change the way we think. Dreamforce ’19 Keynotes lineup is not yet finalized as we still have a lot of time left, but we can definitely expect some top industry leaders taking the center stage sharing their stories and inspiring thousands in order to transform they think, work & lead. Before the Dreamforce, you must map out the keynotes you don’t want to miss and plan your calendar. You should reach 30mins prior to get a seat. If in case you missed out on a seat, you can watch it on the live screens inside the Dreamforce plaza. Keynotes will be available in Salesforce Live and YouTube also. 

Customer Success Expo

Every year Dreamforce witness some of the most innovative products. Salesforce partners launch or showcase their groundbreaking solutions at the Customer Success Expo. You can check the official Dreamforce website and take note of the exhibiting companies and their products. A decent amount of research on the partner companies and their solutions will help you understand the solution and how it can help your business. You can always get product-related updates from the official social media channels. It is always good to book a slot before the event for a personalized demo or related discussion. At times, it is very difficult to understand a product in detail and it’s value additions while visiting a booth because of the rush. It is recommended to note the booth numbers of your preferred products for easy access. 


Dreamforce is half-done without party & fun. Though the entire event is a weeklong celebration with sponsor parties and happy hours all over the city, you can’t leave San Francisco without Dreamfest. Dreamfest featured most of the popular bands and performers, all benefiting UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals. Past bands have included Metallica, U2, Bruno Mars, and Alicia Keys. Salesforce hasn’t revealed who they have in store for this year’s Dreamfest, but you can expect an experience of a lifetime to remember. You can take some time off from your regular sessions, keynotes, and customer success expo to enjoy a relaxed time with your fellow trailblazers.

The DataConnectiva Show

As a Salesforce Partner, CEPTES will be a part of Dreamforce’19 as well. Last year Dreamforce was very special for us, as we launched our flagship product DataArchiva at the customer success expo. As the ONLY Native Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce, DataArchiva has positioned itself as a game-changer for Salesforce enterprise customers. This year Dreamforce, we are all set to change the way you have been using Salesforce for years. Our new solution DataConnectiva will not only help you manage your Salesforce data storage but also enable you to choose your preferred external Cloud/On-premise storage system to keep archived data. With DataConnectiva in place, you can save high storage costs, improve CRM performance and enhance governance. You can’t leave Dreamforce’19 without checking out DataConnectiva. You can schedule a meeting with our team by clicking here.

Dreamforce is going to be a once in a lifetime experience. A pre-plan can really help you manage your schedule and ensure not missing out on any important thing. Don’t get behind. Start your Dreamforce’19 plan and don’t forget to meet us and say hello. See you in San Francisco.


Dreamforce Day 2: Star performances – Metallica at Dreamfest & DataArchiva at Customer Success Expo

With Day 2 of Dreamforce ’18 coming to a close, we witnessed a lot of actions and some awesome moments. From famous Philanthropig ‘Lilou’ visiting the Dreamforest to a celebration of Trailblazers, inspiring keynotes to Dreamforce Fortune executive summit, it was an action-packed day.

The day started with the message that customers can now purchase Google Marketing Platform products like Analytics 360, Optimize 360, Google Tag Manager 360 directly from Salesforce in the US & Canada. This will simplify the buying experiences for customers who are looking to enhance their marketing effectiveness with an integrated mix of industry-leading solutions including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Google Analytics 360.

Few of the most cherished moments during the day were when Lilou, world’s first airport therapy pig was the center of attraction and brought many selfie moments, and when Co-CEO Marc Benioff said “This is a celebration of you, our Trailblazers, of everything you are doing. It’s an incredible moment”, the entire hall was echoed with loud cheers.

But the two highlights of Day 2 were the Metallica live performance at Dreamfest and DataArchiva live demo at booth #1942 in the Customer Success Expo. In their grand return to Dreamforce, Metallica performed the way they do at dreamfest. As one of the world’s most celebrated rock bands, Metallica has more than 120 accolades including 9 Grammys and Polar Music Prize. They have a whopping 60 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube. The concert was for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.

On the other hand at booth #1942 in the Customer Success Expo, It was another incredible day for DataArchiva. Just like day one, trailblazers around the world showed immense interest and all the demo sessions were full. As archiving business data & getting meaningful insights from it is need of the time, companies from various industries are highly interested in DataArchiva to archive their Salesforce data. Have you visited booth #1942 yet to see a live demo? Join us on Day 3, if you want to save up to 80% of your data storage cost.

Source: Salesforce


Dreamforce Day 1: Key Salesforce Announcements

Finally the most inspiring technology event of the year Dreamforce ’18 has started and as expected day one witnessed some big announcements. As the event opened in San Francisco, Salesforce.org, the philanthropic arm of Salesforce, announced a grant of $18 million to address three major issues which the city of San Francisco is currently facing: public education, homelessness, and cleanliness. Below are few of the key announcements from the first day of Dreamforce 18.

Salesforce & Apple join hands on AI and App Development

Salesforce announced a strategic partnership with Apple to redesign their iOS app to offer customers rich experiences exclusively on iOS with unique Apple functionalities such as Siri Shortcuts, Face IS, Business Chat, and much more, Empowering millions of app developers on iOS with new tools and resources, And to blaze a new iOS app development course on Trailhead to accelerate career growth.

Salesforce expands the Sales Cloud Platform

Salesforce has rolled out advancements to the Sales Cloud platform in order to deliver a faster, smarter, and more integrated sales process from leads to cash, all within Salesforce. They added new features like ‘Sales Cadences’ which can enable managers to create customized, pre-built activity sequences for their sales teams, and ‘Work Queues’ that create a prioritized email and call list right inside Sales Cloud. Now finance and sales are connected with Salesforce billing, and marketers are armed with Pardot (now powered by Einstein & Lightning).

Hello Einstein Voice

In one of the most exciting announcements today, Salesforce introduced Einstein Voice, a new platform service that brings the power of voice to millions of Salesforce users. With the new Einstein Voice, any user can talk to Salesforce which will open doors for smarter work and a more connected customer base. With Einstein Voice Assistant, users can conversationally update Salesforce, get personalized daily briefings and explore Salesforce dashboards.

Introduction of Quip Slides to Transform Collaboration Suite

Salesforce introduced Quip Slides, which is the ultimate solution for real-time team collaboration. With documents, chats, and now slides, Quip offers a single canvas that will empower teams to collaborate and make quicker decisions. With third-party integrations with Box and Dropbox, teams can now use more live data and tools within Quip.

Unify Customer Experiences with Financial Service Cloud

New advancements in the Financial Cloud has been announced to unite customer experiences across consumer and commercial lines of business in banking, wealth management, and insurance sector. Now the new solution with AI innovations and integrations will enable financial service providers the power to unlock customer loyalty by delivering smarter and more connected experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Low Code Tools to Build Apps Faster

Salesforce is bringing the next generation low-code tools to help build apps faster and create intelligent, connected experiences without building from the scratch. As customers are expecting applications with superior designs and highest performance, this new addition by Salesforce will help developers develop robust apps in quick time in Lightning Platform and AppExchange with low-code tools.

Introduction of Customer 360

And the biggest news of the night was the introduction of Customer 360. Customer 360 is a new way for companies to connect Salesforce apps and deliver unified cross-channel customer experiences. Customer 360 will help companies move ahead of an app or department specific view of each customer by making it easier to create a single, holistic customer profile to inform every interaction. Customer 360 comprises a set of powerful platform services that will enhance data management across Salesforce apps and provide instant access to consistent, reconciled customer data.

Stay tuned for day-2 actions !!

Source: Salesforce


CEPTES @ Dreamforce 2018: The Stage is All Set for a DataArchiva Show

We are less than a month away from the ginormous B2B Cloud Conference in the world “Dreamforce“. As the four-day event is swiftly approaching, we can’t reserve our excitement. Dreamforce, which will be held from Sept. 25-28, is all set to bring together the biggest industry leaders, speakers, partners, vendors, 2700+ breakout sessions and more than 200,000 trailblazers across the globe to the four blocks surrounding the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Like every year, CEPTES will be there during the four-day long event full of innovation, inspiration, learning, and giving back. However, Dreamforce ’18 is going to be extremely special for us, as we are going to present our flagship product “DataArchiva” in front of an arena full of Salesforce experts. Though DataArchiva has already achieved a great deal of success and positioned it as one of the top Salesforce native applications just within a few months of its AppExchange release, yet showcasing it during the biggest Salesforce event, is altogether a different feeling.  

While preparing for the Dreamforce ’18, CEPTES was on a mission to develop a product which can actually address the customer pain points while adding real business values. As today’s business is completely driven by data and data insights offer a huge competitive advantage, it has become a must for enterprises to keep a record of their business data for future use as well as to ensure compliance. However, Salesforce customers were facing tough challenges in order to keep a record of their past data as Salesforce storage cost comes at a huge price. This is where the need for big data raised in order to save enormous storage cost.

The arrival of DataArchiva with the power of BigObject

As the structured big datasets spanning various applications is increasing, the value of big data system has grown in recent years. This is where BigObject works as a nearline repository which addresses cost considerations while offering an analytical solution. Utilizing the power of BigObject and Salesforce Platform, CEPTES has developed “DataArchiva”, which is the only Salesforce native data archiving solution. The application comes with rich features and robust functionalities, that offers a seamless data archiving solution with a storage cost reduction up to 80%.

Listed in a Gartner Report for top Structured Data Archiving Solutions is surely a big deal, and DataArchiva achieved this within a few months of its release. After winning the first customer in a few weeks, there is no looking back for DataArchiva since then. With customers from varied industries, DataArchiva has achieved a five-star AppExchange rating with a handful of positive customer reviews. A US Government Cloud Ready label assured the highest data security and GDPR support functionalities made DataArchiva one of the most talked technological innovations in the past few years.

Targeting fundamental archival components (compliance, historical, analytics), DataArchiva offers a key to data governance, analytics, and retention. Few of the most valuable highlights of the application are; Policy Driven Governance and Retention, API Enablement, Attachment/File Support, Salesforce Standard Field History & Audit Trail Support, Instant Accessibility & Restore, View of Archived Data using Standard UI layout (Classic and Lightning) and much more. Talking about the capabilities, DataArchiva offers reduced capital and operational expenditures, compliance and governance, lower risk of regulatory violation, templatized archiving as per industry, smart metadata reconciliation, scheduled archiving, easy search & restore, performance enhancement, prediction & analytics on archived data, and low to zero maintenance cost.

DataArchiva @Dreamforce ’18

Exhibiting at booth #1942 in the Moscone Center, DataArchiva is all set to steal the show. By 2020, the volume of archivable data will be tripled & enterprises have to spend a huge amount of money to store their data. For Salesforce customers, DataArchiva is the ideal solution which can periodically archive their infrequently used data by reducing significant storage cost. In the ongoing life cycle of the data-driven business, it is no longer optional to keep a track of your data. Don’t wait for a lost opportunity or a regulatory violation. Contact us today. You can visit us @booth #1942 during Dreamforce or can schedule a meeting today to ensure a personalized demo.