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Offline Capabilities of a Mobile Field Service App

Companies are increasingly recognizing that mobile apps transform far more than the way officials work. Some of the most significant benefits come from mobile field services apps.

The Android and iOS Field Service mobile app is an all-in-one tool for mobile workers on the go. This mobile experience of the enterprise-class leverages Salesforce with a lightweight, modern, mobile workforce design.

 Offline capacity means that users can continue to operate with no Internet connectivity and know all changes have been saved. And the app is very customizable and can be adapted to your particular needs for the field service.

Top Mobile Field Service Apps Benefits


Tracking of Teams and Resources

Perhaps the most crucial transformative capability of mobile applications, the article notes, automatically tap into smartphone GPS capabilities and track teams and resources. Businesses can see and deploy technicians in real-time- no need to check workers’ telephone calls. You see at a glance the location and progress of an entire fleet.

Less Confusion Among Dispatchers and Technology

On-the-spot technology does not have to monitor dispatchers’ job updates to prevent confusion and mobile apps errors. The result is according to the following- “If you complete the job, your team will get more information and up-to-date information. The dispatch will have instant access, without the need to pick up the phone, to the field job updates and technical location.”

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Improved Efficiency of the Field Team

Field service workers do not need to collect paperwork orders at the start of the day with mobile apps. You only control mobile forms on your apps, so there is no paperwork or error lost. The operations can be simplified with mobile support, and overall data accuracy can be increased. 

Reduced errors and more data access means better compliance with the processes and best practice of your company.

Mobile apps and field inspection apps from the best field service provide access to service history, work schedules, and push notifications to increase productivity.

Connect Data to the Cloud

With the ability to sync data to the cloud by mobile apps, field services employees always have access to the latest data they need. As a result, more hours of the day can be used by employees in the field, better service life and the use of the staff and fewer errors.

Access to New Information Immediately

Living with constant change are field service workers. Terms are frequently canceled, added, or moved, and emergency calls often occur. The information can be quickly updated with a mobile approach to immediate access by field staff. Notifications may alert them when there is a change, less confusion, and more efficient time use to real-time updates for assigned jobs.

Customer Experience Boosted

The service they receive does not always satisfy customers. It can be changed if you can schedule your appointments through mobile apps. A recent study found that 89 percent of clients prefer to view the name and photos of technicians. Moreover, 86 percent said that they would pay $25 to facilitate the programming process. A mobile field service app enables technical location and arrival time as well. 

Full Access to Smartphone Capabilities

Mobile apps can leverage over and above GPS, including bar code and cameras, a full range of smartphone capabilities. Scanners can make tracking of inventories and components easier for the staff. Cameras can document the fieldwork. 

To Sum Up

Issues of low connectivity are bound to happen. You should be prepared for this kind of scenario and equip your team with the right mobile solution for field service. It boosts not only the team’s productivity but also your company’s efficiency. To know more about the mobile field service app, get in touch with us or schedule a demo.

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Salesforce Field Service Lightning: Connect your workforce to offer intelligent customer experience anywhere

In today’s era of the connected customer, it is important to have a connected workforce in order to offer exceptional customer experience. Customer experience is one of the key differentiators between two rival brands. Along with various other aspects, field service management is an important aspect in order to drive superior customer satisfaction. Optimizing field service operations can address multiple common service challenges including service cost reduction, schedule optimization, intelligent job assignment, faster field service calls resolution and more.

Salesforce offers transformational Field Service Lightning solution which is its field service management software on a single integrated platform. Field Service Lightning works with Service Cloud in order to deliver faster, smarter, and personalized service on the go using a mobile device. With Salesforce1 mobile, field service agents can update work orders, modify request status, and update job status in real time. Before understanding more about Field Service Lightning, let’s have a look at some of the common field service operations challenges & how Salesforce is addressing them.

Common Challenges

  1. Siloed departments
  2. Unplanned resource allocation
  3. Disconnected CRM processes
  4. Absence of on-field support
  5. Inefficient systems

Due to these common challenges; service agents, dispatchers, mobile employees, and managers often hindered and businesses couldn’t meet rising customer expectations. As a result, this leads to a decreased field service agent productivity, poor customer experience, and increased costs. This can be efficiently addressed by having a 360-degree customer view with seamless information access in order to help customer anytime, anywhere using any device.

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Salesforce Field Service Lightning

 Built on Service Cloud the world’s #1 customer service platform, Field Service Lightning enables service providers to transform every customer moment and optimize operations across the complete service chain all on one powerful integrated platform. 

Why Salesforce Field Service Lightning?

Salesforce Field Service Lightning offers connected customer experience and is highly customizable. Apart from these, it helps you boost your field service workforce productivity, automate appointment scheduling, get real-time visibility, optimize mobile workforce allocation, manage jobs in the field using a smartphone, etc. In a broader sense FSL can help businesses;

Seamlessly connect with their customers

Service delivery tracking can be automated with the Dispatcher Console feature. Users can easily customize their dashboard view to a map or a Gantt chart and can get real-time job alerts. 

Deliver guided mobile experiences

Mobile employees and field service agents can share job updates, access knowledge books, view and update van stock or hub inventory, and generate service reports using Field Service Lightning mobile app. 

Enable intelligent work

Workers can schedule appointments as per priority level and optimize jobs in order to pass on a particular service request to the right agent. With Salesforce Platform, standard and custom objects can be integrated with work orders. 

Offer intelligent customer experiences 

Any third-party systems can be integrated and with the power of IoT, field service agents can be empowered to take quick actions in order to deliver intelligent customer experiences. Field Service Analytics will help to identify trends and problems early to optimize the mobile workforce. 


CEPTES, a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, with over a decade of expertise in delivering end to end, integrated Service Cloud solutions, can help you optimize your field service operations implementing Field Service Lightning to deliver enterprise-level on-site services. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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