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Digital Transformation in the Financial Industry – Digitising the Sales Process & Transformation Frameworks

Before we know about Digital transformation in the Financial Industry first, we have to understand the definition of Digital transformation.

Digital transformation is the cultural, organizational, and operational change of an organization, industry, or ecosystem through the smart integration of digital technologies, processes, and competencies across all levels and functions in a staged and strategic way.

Digital transformation leverages technologies to create value and new services for various stakeholders. Customers in the possible broadcast sense rapidly innovate and get the capabilities to adapt to the changing circumstances.

Digital transformation is not just about the disruption of technology. It is about value, people, optimization, and the capability to rapidly adapt when needed through the intelligent use of technologies and information.

After getting a general idea about digital transformation now, let’s understand the financial industry’s digital transformation.

The finance organization has emerged as a driving force of this transformation. Chief Financial Officers are often leading digital transformation initiatives by serving as first movers of digital solutions and working with functional leads to quantify the benefits and show potential cost savings or efficiency gains.

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Finance may also have the best understanding of what level of digitization will work best with the company’s current operating model, or it needs to be changed to optimize the technology use. The point is demonstrated via four finance-led case studies across a variety of industries.

Digital Finance Framework

The disruption period highlights and amplifies business vulnerabilities. Chief Finance Officers and finance leaders must safeguard the business while anticipating changing trends, addressing market volatility, and establishing long-term financial and operational resilience across the industry.

By embracing digital capabilities and upskilling, Chief Finance Officers can help insulate their business from disruption and allow the finance function to operate at a high level, even in a remote environment. The digital finance framework brings together operations, insights and analytics, systems and architecture, and the stakeholder experience.

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Technology Levers

Digital Operations

  • It works automatically without any supervision; it contains intelligent automation software. This is called Smart automation.
  • It provides automated solutions with creative designs, tailored to our customer’s specific needs. This type of automation is called Edge automation.
  • It integrates many processes to work in coordination with each other.

Insights and Analytics

  • The Insights are preventive
  • It contains graphical images or animations which are useful in communicating with each other.
  • It predicts a specific model, which makes our work more comfortable and smooth. 

Stakeholder Experience

  • It automatically processes the finance-related work in a minute and straightforward way.
  • It can be used and can be accessed anywhere, which makes our job very easy.
  • External Stakeholder Portals. It has portals in which external stakeholders can access it to increase the organization’s finance.

Digital Foundation

  • It consists of microservices and APIs, which can make our work easier. We can access data anywhere and any part of the world.
  • It uses Software as a Service as a financial platform.
  • It uses digitization processes like OCR and ICR.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we summarize that nowadays, it is a digital world, and everyone wants to get digital, so the ability to transform using digital solutions, particularly in finance, will help endure the crisis and provide long-term sustainable value. Chief Finance Officers and finance leaders can lead their finance organizations by rapidly embracing technology and adapting to disruption.

CEPTES is a Salesforce Silver consulting partner that can guide you as your strategic partner to speed up the business value of your investment through consultation, digitization, and innovation. If you are thinking of growing your business using the Salesforce platform, we can help you to know more. Please get in touch.

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Financial Industry

Salesforce for Financial Industry: How to Streamline your Sales Process

Most financial service providers are inhibited in terms of growth because they are not able to manage their critical customer information properly. Due to mismanagement of data, companies are prone to lose important information about existing and potential leads. All these problems severely affect their sales process, and consequently the bottom line.

Salesforce, with its powerful tools such as Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, is focussed on enhancing the effectiveness of the sales teams and helping them streamline their sales pipeline. CEPTES’s team of certified consultants can help financial service providers leverage Salesforce’s services across multiple domains. We briefly discuss the features that make this the preferred tool for clients across the various domains of the financial industry:

Wealth Management

  1. Relationship Building: We know that relationship building is critical to success. Salesforce’s Sales Cloud provides easy tracking and event alerts to help you reach out to your clients efficiently.
  2. Increase Productivity: You can automate routine processes and track referrals by leveraging powerful productivity tools and integrated partner apps, to ensure you capitalize on every client opportunity.
  3. Personalized Service: Salesforce helps you provide unparalleled service to your clients from any device, anywhere by responding timely to alerts, and engaging in clients’ micro-moments.


  1. Retail Banking: Salesforce helps you deliver timely and effortless engagement to your customers across any device, consistent with the service they would receive in person.
  2. Mortgage Banking: We can help you simplify the mortgage process by using Salesforce’s Service Cloud to access customer information and deliver exceptional service to your clients.
  3. Premier Banking: With insights into their financial objectives, career milestones, and preferred channels, you can establish trusted relationships with your premier customers.


  1. Personalized Interactions: You can have meaningful and rewarding interactions with your customers with Salesforce communities, with their smart alert reminders to important life events of the client.
  2. Work Smarter: Leverage the Salesforce platform to get a complete view of all requests submitted through multiple channels, be it emails, call centers, web, or social media.
  3. Collaboration: Your insurance reps and agents have the tools to deliver personalized service across any device, track new opportunities, and collaborate on social media.

Once you implement Salesforce’s cutting-edge solutions in your sales process, you will see immediate results in terms of optimized process, improved customer relationships, increased lead volume, and ultimately a much more efficient and well-organized sales pipeline. Some of these benefits are elaborated below:


  • With the integration between your sales, marketing, and services teams, you can build long-lasting and loyal connections with your clients. Sales Cloud helps you create a truly personalized customer journey, suited for every customer.
  • You can automate manual tasks, standardize processes, and access data on any device, any time. Salesforce’s built-in AI can help you boost your sales by providing guidance, insights, and accurate sales forecasts.
  • By adding Einstein to the Sales cloud, you can improve lead scoring, find the best opportunities, and stay at the top of client relationships by having all the necessary information.
  • Whether you wish to expand to a new location, a new market, or a new industry, Salesforce has got you covered when it comes to your sales strategy.

With Salesforce, Financial clients have achieved:

  • 45% increase in Customer Retention
  • 44% increase in Lead Volume
  • 37% increase in Sales Revenue
  • 37% increase in Win Rate

With more than a decade of Salesforce expertise and excellent service, CEPTES can help you make your financial processes more seamless, transparent, and secure. Our Salesforce-powered workflows and processes will aid you streamline your processes and boost productivity. To know more, please get in touch.

Digital Transformation, Financial Industry

Digitizing the Financial Industry: A Requisite for a Customer-centric Approach

The BFSI industry has been facing a lot of challenges in recent years. Customer expectations, rising competitions, investor expectations, and regulatory requirements are the most common obstacles, exacerbated by the rapid technological, customer, and market shifts. This has forced the financial institutions to rethink their business models and transform their time-consuming and complex operations to much more simplified processes in order to meet market standards. Technology is playing a key role in this change. Digital Transformation, rather than being just another buzz, has become an integral part of the business strategies of organizations.

From the introduction of ATMs to advanced AI, the financial industry has seen some revolutionary transformations driven by cutting-edge technologies. All major financial institutions have come to appreciate the need for a customer-centric approach to maintaining a healthy position in this competitive and rapidly molding market. Therefore, they are employing huge amounts of resources to stay ahead of the curve.

Why is digital transformation crucial for the financial industry?

With concepts like organizational agility, increased collaboration, and risk assessment being the leading trends of digital transformation in recent years, FinTech and financial service providers are relying on powerful tools such as Salesforce to adapt, improvise, and overcome various hurdles facing the industry. Salesforce, with its vast array of tools including Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and Analytics helps companies shorten sales cycles, capture new contracts, boost employee productivity, meet compliance, and most of all, provide a seamless experience to clients.

Ways to digitize the financial industry using CRM software and cloud offerings :

Stronger relationships with customers

With a 360 customer view, Salesforce’s Service cloud helps you provide the highest levels of customer service, Omni-channel integration allows customer service agents to connect with their customers holistically, via all available channels. Salesforce helps you provide personalized advice and valuable alerts to your clients, helping you build loyal relationships.

Cross-departmental collaboration

With all the information present on a centralized platform or database, it is easy for all employees and managers to communicate data effectively and stay updated. Managers can keep a check on employee productivity using the right tools, and lead the enterprise through a top-down approach. Having a central location for data helps cut down manual administrative tasks and fosters efficiency.

Mortgage lending

The process of mortgage lending can be strenuous on a client, which is why Salesforce offers hand-holding from the first step to the last. The Einstein analytics tool provides relevant information that helps agents make better recommendations, catering uniquely to each client. Each interaction with brokers, lenders, and banking agents can be tracked on a centralized system through the Salesforce Finance Services, making customer-service a seamless experience. 

Smart scaling

The use of AI and smart cloud platforms allows retail banks to adapt to shifting marketing conditions and consumer demands, thus scaling their processes accordingly. AI allows you to have a 360-degree view of each customer, so you can send the right trigger messages, emails, or personalized communication to customers and engage effectively. The best part about Salesforce CRM software and AI tools is that they modify data based on real-time changes of customer behavior, which essentially translates to the fact that you’re always a step ahead. 


With access to secure client and household profiles, Salesforce ensures that the company can manage compliance effectively. Information is shared instantly and transparently, so it is easy to see all client interactions, as well as the information that was shared. 


The fact of the matter is that the financial industry needs revolutionary and innovative solutions that complement their traditional methods and operations. More and more banks and financial enterprises are grasping the value of a customer-centric approach that offers convenient banking. A digital transformation in the financial industry will not only drive innovative solutions and boost productivity but also offer a robust system for customized, hassle-free banking. 

CEPTES has a decade of consulting experience and exceptional service under its belt. In partnership with Salesforce, CEPTES has effectively transformed many financial service providers into becoming data leaders of changing market conditions. Our Salesforce-powered solutions will assist you in your digital transformation journey. To know more, please get in touch.