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Salesforce Financial Services: Meet the needs of a new global market landscape

Research states that 72% of clients would rather bank with Google than their traditional banking companies. What does that point to? It means customers aren’t quite satisfied with the services provided to them.

They are looking for more personalized, proactive, and goal based outcomes that are currently provided by companies such as Google in their niche. And this is where Salesforce Financial Services cloud comes into picture. The world’s no.1 CRM platform has reinvented its services to cater to financial sectors ranging from insurance to banking to wealth management. 

Let’s have an in-depth discussion about how Salesforce can be beneficial for your organization!

What is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings customers and companies together.Having created its forte in the CRM industry, the company expanded to fill the gaps in the financial sector. Offering more customization then the sales cloud and traditional CRM platform it is designed keeping in mind the requirements of customers and ease of working for the professionals. 



When it was first released, it was built keeping in mind the wealth management sector. Now it is catering to different sectors such as insurance & retail banking. It offers unmatched performance in security, data privacy of clients & helps the enterprises in scaling their business. Salesforce releases updates and functionalities at least 3 times a year to further consolidate the working of the FSC. The features solve many issues: longer sales cycles, stringent regulations, high competition, growing customer demands and so on. 

Ahead we’ve discussed the several features that come packed with FSC. 

Features of Financial Services Cloud


  • Lightning Empowered Solutions

As per research by SalesForce, 50% of the time spent by banking agents, relationship managers, insurance managers and likes is spent in trivial tasks such as gathering customer info and assembling it to form meaningful results. Only 24% of their time is actually spent in deepening books of business. This points out that they have worked in a siloed information system leading to a disintegrated view of the clients. 

Salesforce FSC cures this anomaly and provides informative dashboards with more info in less number of clicks. The agents could combine the different available data to make meaningful outcomes for providing personalized services to their customers. 

  • Financial Accounts and Goals

As already mentioned, the platform supports different financial accounts such as Investment accounts, Bank accounts and insurance policies, but the real beauty lies in the depth of information provided. 

The agents could see financial goals of individual clients and build investment strategies that cater to those goals. This feature is in line with the goal of providing hyper personalised service. 

Further, the data of each member of the household is also visible which gives a holistic idea of the family and their financial goals. 

  • Action Plans

There are several processes that need to be adhered to in the financial sectors. Some of them could be easily automated to save the time of agents and employees. Actions plans can automate repeatable tasks and even assign work to team members to ensure compliance at every step. For example a private banker can easily onboard a new client and leave it to FSC to automatically assign tasks that need to be done for a smooth experience. 

  • Work on the Go

The platform works on mobile devices as well and can be synced in real time. This feature is quite common in basic apps such as Gmail and tons of features like this in our apps have made the experience even better. You can enter any information on your mobile platform and find it on your PC, all thanks to cloud technology.

  • Filters to make the work easy

Need to check the clients you recently contacted? Just use a filter!

This is just a typical example; the platform has provided different filters such as birthdays and so on. Overall, you could get a 360 degree view with the lightning platform.

How different sectors benefit through Financial Service Cloud

We have listed different sectors and the beneficial effect Salesforce FSC would have on them. 


  • Banking

In the retail and mortgage banking sector, FSC can create such a digital experience that is consistent with customer’s expectation. The banks would be able to create such personalization for the customer as if they are meeting them in person. 

On the other hand, when it comes to premier banking, having access to info of customers such as career milestones, household relationships, preferred channels, and financial objectives would enable creating a trusted relationship. 

Our special emphasis on business banking helps agents get an overview of customer’s business and personal needs to cater personalized services to them.

  • Insurance

Insurance is a quintessential need of customers nowadays and having a complete view of all the services requests placed through web, social media, email, call centres helps assisting the customers in a better way. The added flexibility of prioritising inquiries based on urgencies works wonders in assisting customers and gaining their trust. 

Also the agents could be there for customers at a short notice with SOS video chat option. This helps in being there at times of distress. Other than that, just like the banking sector, the insurance sector could also leverage customer details and publicly available data to provide personalized solutions and exceed their expectations. 

  • Wealth Management

The ability to automate routine processes and keeping track of referrals helps in boosting productivity and seamlessly on-boarding new clients. 

As per research, 51% of investors are dissatisfied with the advisor’s ability to meet their needs and this is where Salesforce Financial Services Cloud would help your firm in getting an edge and nurturing deeper relationships with the clients. 


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Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Introduces Einstein Analytics for Financial Services

Salesforce has recently introduced Einstein Analytics for Financial Services. With this, financial service professionals like wealth advisors, retail bankers and managers can instantly access customized, data-driven insights and deliver personalized recommendations to their customers.

Banking and financial service providers have been facing tough challenges related to a rapidly shifting industry landscape as well as extensive competitions from various fintech companies. Customer demands have progressed significantly and they expect that the majority of their financial transactions to be digital. Bankers and wealth managers were under relentless pressure to deliver smart and high-class customer experiences across various touchpoints. Lack of technological exposure and robust systems often make them grapple to collect and integrate all their customer data from various systems. Salesforce understood that financial service providers need to offer intelligent services to meet customer’s growing demands including speed and personalization.

Einstein Analytics for Financial Services

Salesforce offers Financial Services Cloud that offers a customized CRM experience for financial institutions. Now, Salesforce has included Einstein Analytics for Financial Services, using which retail bankers and wealth managers can have access to AI-powered insights and recommendations specifically tailored to meet today’s customer expectations. By integrating data from Financial Services Cloud and other sources, users can quickly access actionable insights to personalize their service.

Einstein Analytics for Financial Services includes various features like Actionable insights powered by AI, Built-in industry dashboards, Customizable platform to analyze external data, and Built-in compliance with industry regulations. Actionable insights powered by AI will help financial professionals with predictive guidance and recommended actions. Pre-built industry-specific templates will help financial advisors use analytics, all by themselves. With the help of Customizable platform, users can quickly and easily build custom analytics apps and connect to external data sources to get a full view of their book of business to better understand their customers’ financial goals and needs. And most importantly the Built-in compliance feature ensures that all data is hosted in a trusted, secure and compliant cloud-based platform.

Commenting on this, Rohit Mahna, SVP and GM, Salesforce Financial Services said: “Artificial intelligence is the modern-day gold rush of the financial services industry, and those that get in early will reap the rewards of this next wave of innovation.”

Einstein Analytics for Financial Services is generally available and priced at $150 per user per month as an add-on to Financial Services Cloud.

Read the complete Salesforce press release here.