Introduction: SAP vs Salesforce

In a day and age when organisations are moving towards streamlining the way they operate, some strategic decisions need to be taken.

Doesn’t matter if you are a funded billion-dollar startup, a large corporate organisation or even a small business, all of you need to figure out steps to make your operations more efficient. In case, you don’t want to fail, simply scale.


That’s how businesses need to adapt to the changing and constantly upgrading technologies. Any agile business has to incorporate a CRM in its operations that help it automate sales, helps improve customer service, creates follow-ups, identifies prospects, organise data, and more.

And when it comes to CRM, there are two names that everyone considers- Salesforce & SAP.

Which one is better? Which of them suits your business better? What makes one stand out from the other?


Let’s find out all the aspects. From choosing the right CRM software to figuring out the tools that might help your business scale better, we’ll cover it all.

Factors Before Choosing A CRM

Before we figure out what CRM is better, let’s find out what you should look out for when selecting the ideal CRM for your organisation.


  1. Accessibility & Scalability: The CRM that you chose should be accessible from various platforms & devices. While devices & platforms are one thing, the CRM should be cloud-friendly, and accessible from anywhere, anytime.

  2. Ease of Use: At the end of the day, your CRM should be able to invite more people to itself, rather than intimidate them.

When the design and the interface are easy to use and work upon, your employees are going to interact with your CRM in a much better manner. This will create a much better value for their employees.

  1. Support: Even the best of the best CRM platforms need customer support services from time to time. Always ensure that there is a clause for customer support, if and when the need arises.

  2. Cost: When finalising a CRM for your organisation, always look into the costs. Figure out the cost/benefit relationship for each and every service & feature that comes attached with your CRM contract.

    Ensure that you are aware of the new integrations, the customisations, and everything else that has to be included in your final cost sheet.




Comparison of the features: Salesforce vs SAP

  • Marketing Functions

Salesforce: When it comes to marketing functions, Salesforce does it all. With a lot more extensive marketing function software, ranging from email marketing to automation and from customer service to managing & executing your campaigns.

SAP: While SAP does have a good list of features in its kitty, it lags behind Salesforce in many spots. While the Marketing Cloud tries to fill the gap, the user interface and the ease of usability doesn’t advocate for it too well.

Outcome: In case, more number of functions are your concern, we suggest you go with Salesforce.

  1. OmniChannel Experience & Functionalities

    The purpose of a CRM is to have a dashboard, from which you can access each and everything with ease. Now, when it comes to delivering an omni-channel experience, let’s look at both these platforms once.

    Salesforce: The Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers a plethora of features like order management, merchandising, marketing automation & more across all the devices.

SAP: SAP on the other end, integrates various points of your customer’s interactions and ensures a more rational approach. Functions similar to Salesforce are available to your customers, on any device they can access from.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Salesforce: Salesforce has already been a visionary when it comes to bringing in automation & AI in its CRM functionalities. The Einstein prediction builder from Salesforce can help you determine outcomes, the Einstein discovery platform provides data points that can help you increase your productivity & optimise your budgets.

    Similarly, features like Einstein Vision (in-app image recognition, Einstein Language (helps understand customer emotions & intent), & Einstein Bot (creates bots that interact with your consumer, based on CRM data), can change the game for your business.

    SAP: SAP has a list of its AI-based features as well. The SAP Customer Retention helps you analyze your customer’s behaviour, the SAP Deal Intelligence helps you rate your leads and prioritises them on the basis of their purchase intent.


Moreover, functions like SAP Service Ticket Intelligence (prioritises tasks & suggests answers), SAP CoPilot (chatbot), SAP Brand measure (brand recall & influence), are at par with Salesforce.

  1. Analytics

    Salesforce: The QlikView feature allows you to have a real-time customer analysis. The easy-to-use dashboard brings a cherry on the cake.

    SAP: SAP’s Business Objects system, it can deliver analytics and data without integrating any other business intelligence systems in place.


Basis Salesforce SAP
Offline Mode Available Not available
Invoice history/status, credit status Not available Available
Customized Services Not available Available
Cost-effectiveness Lesser cost-effective More cost-effective




Advantages: Who Wins?

Now that we have gone through what the two CRM behemoths have to offer, let’s find out who wins, when there are specific advantages to be compared.


  1. Salesforce turns out to be more user-friendly, flexible and easy to manage. Whereas, SAP’s user-interface does require a bit of time to get acquainted with.
  2. SAP requires you to get acquainted with the platform and have a thorough background to get acquainted with. However, Salesforce’s user-friendly interface makes it easily adaptable.
  3. Salesforce’s AppExchange platform allows app integrations a smooth process. However, with SAP, integrating third-party apps might become troublesome at times.



When it comes to choosing between the two CRM platforms, the final decision lies with the fact, what do you need it for.

Salesforce offers a large number of functionalities and an easy-to-use interface that makes it a favorite of many. However, when it comes to SAP, their plans might seem to be customer-friendly but their tools might not turn out to be as robust and agile as Salesforce.

Hence, what platform you should consider, depends on your business’ situation, your team’s requirements and adaptability & eventually the price that you pay.

CEPTES is a decade-old Salesforce SI, ISV, and PDO partner. Our experts will guide your team and partners through the critical stages of your implementation and let you address your business challenges more efficiently. Connect with us today


How to Choose the Right Company for my Salesforce Career

“New Research Finds the Salesforce Economy Will Create More than $1 Trillion in New Business Revenues and 4.2 Million Jobs by 2024.”


Before jumping into the real business, why don’t we take up roles in our minds? So, say you completed several Salesforce Certifications courses out the past years and you are eager to work into finding and deciding to find a new job.

So, you’ll be thinking and wondering about questions like “What kind of company should you join? A consulting firm or a large enterprise or to go with a smaller enterprise? You will surely have goals in mind, but in most cases, one doesn’t know which type of Salesforce company would nurture and suit them the most.

Well, you need not worry because ahead, we’ve tried to shed some light on the workforce environment that happens in all types of companies in the Salesforce industry. We’ll be delighted to share with you the most promising company that fulfills your specific needs and captives your imagination.


Are You Unsure of Which Company to Choose?


Yamini Jakka, a colleague of ours, talks about her career as a developer in CEPTES and how it impacted her success.


Hello everybody, my name is Yamini Jakka. I’m a Salesforce Developer working here in CEPTES.


I joined the company a few years ago, worked on various projects, and was offered my first development project to one of our clients. Their knowledge of the project was limited, and initially, I had no idea about it. 


As I began the project, I faced challenges to handle the task and couldn’t make much progress. However, my manager and co-workers supported me and sat alongside me. The support that I received from CEPTES is beyond my imagination. Without their help, I wouldn’t have completed the task. I could then finish the massive project. 


Those days, when I was a junior worker on the project, I was afraid of making mistakes because not all companies accept employees’ mistakes. However, CEPTES always supported and encouraged me. My senior managers and co-workers have been instrumental in my success. 


Trailhead is an excellent resource for learning about Salesforce. It’s free and easy to use. I am currently working with integration. CEPTES encourages new ideas, implementation and looks over the benefits.


If you consider joining Salesforce, here’s a tip: Choose a company that will encourage and support you. Do not choose a company based on salary, but one that can be seen as part of your long-term career.

These are some important things to keep in mind when building your career as a Salesforce Developer:

#1. Salesforce is all about technology 

There are always new technology updates. Choose a company that will keep you up to date with changing technology.

#2. Find a company that will guide you on the path to success

Many companies limit exposure to senior managers and junior employees. This means that the starting staff members are often not exposed to other people. You can grow your career by choosing a company that offers you plenty of opportunities to work, even if you are a beginner.

#3. Look for companies that offer demo presentations 

This allows every developer to show off the app they have created each week. This keeps you up-to-date and also improves your knowledge. CEPTES offers opportunities for beginners to learn and gain exposure, and keep track of the changing technology.



     Source: Salesforce


Check out the various kinds of companies that run under Salesforce.

Small or Startup Companies

In the world of Salesforce, a startup company can be stated as a company with 500 Salesforce users or less.


  • You’ll not only get to learn about Salesforce faster and better but also enhance skills and gain expertise
  • A startup/ Small enterprise is basically like a training space that is specialized for the experiment, such companies will accept your flaws, mistakes and cherish your victory
  • A very good thing about startup companies is that you’ll get a chance to work with most of the company’s projects.
  • Your role will be very flexible, and you’ll learn to code in no time



  • There will be only a few Salesforce experts to guide you
  • Lesser architect concepts, so for those who are not from an architect background may find it more like a pro’s
  • The working hours will be more than that of a larger company since it is like a ground for experiments and learning


So, If you are new to the world of Salesforce and longs to experiment with things, then this type of company will be best for you! We recommend smaller companies to people who are new to the industry. You’ll get to learn a lot from your mistakes and guides.



Large Companies

In the world of Salesforce, a large company can be stated as a company with 2000 Salesforce users and more.



  • You’ll get to learn how to scale a Salesforce org
  • You’ll get access to internal training
  • You’ll have strong brand names written on your resume



  • Projects can easily drag on and last for months
  • Even for the smallest mistakes, you’ll have to face ridiculous consequences
  • They focus on maintenance than innovation
  • You will have no flexibility besides your specialized role and office politics everywhere


Working at a larger organization will be best for you if you want a stable, more predictable job. You’ll be working for reasonable hours. Though it might not be as exciting compared to working in a smaller org, eventually you’ll get to learn things that the smaller organizations never encounter such as architecture concepts, general Salesforce best practices, and Apex frameworks.

Larger organizations are better for people in their mid to late careers as you’ll have less pressure and you’ll be in the best position to use the various skills you’ve enhanced and mastered throughout your career.

And lastly,

Consulting Firms

The Accentures, Deloittes, and Appirios of the world.


  • Compared to the above companies it is the quickest learning environment you’ll find in the Salesforce world
  • You’ll get to witness and experience varieties of different types of implementations and programs under Salesforce
  • You’ll not only get paid higher but also enjoy good benefits
  • You’ll get the opportunity to work with some of the most renowned companies in the world



  • Must sell your soul
  • Long working hours and travels often
  • You’ll not witness long-term project impact
  • Everyone has focused roles and you can’t explore new roles

As you can see in Consulting, you’ll have the most learning opportunities being a consultant. If your motive is to become a Certified Technical Architect in the long run then you’ll have to opt for this role.



CEPTES offers our developers an opportunity to display their efforts according to their fields of interest. We not only give employees new challenges but also support them throughout their career. We support our employees to improve every day, and we nurture them to keep their skills up-to-date even if they are new to Salesforce.

We encourage our employees to try new things and implement them so that they can produce more quality. The managers are always there to assist you in your quest to learn more. CEPTES is a great company for learning and growing. We don’t make it difficult to share your ideas, nor do we overburden you. We encourage you to be free and enthusiastic about your work.



At CEPTES, we value experience more than degrees and have built a learning-mentoring hybrid model for our employees that enables them to be learners as well as implementers. We are looking to hire high-performance-driven professionals to join our amazing team. Explore our careers page to know more about the different opportunities.


CEPTES Marks 11 Years of Delivering Transformative Solutions

“Achieving Customer Satisfaction and Customer Transparency is and will be our primary goal.”

It’s our 11th Anniversary, and CEPTES, being a pioneering leader in cloud technology and Salesforce services for customers across the globe – is having a whale of a time celebrating its 11 years of innovation.


Company Founders & Directors says:

Customer Satisfaction is the key to our success. We would happily accept working hard until the customer expectations are fulfilled under the set time and budget without compromising the quality.

Even after fulfilling the promised service, we are committed to customer support for years whenever there’s a need.”

11 years of successful operations is a remarkable milestone for any company. CEPTES has achieved this success through the passion, dedication, and hard work of our team members.

The inception of CEPTES is the result of our resolution to bring technological innovation and commitment to providing world-class service to our customers.

The formation of CEPTES focused on providing tailor-made Salesforce solutions for our clients that could further enhance the platform’s effectiveness and built teams of passionate and skilled individuals bent on delivering perfection in every project.

Life at CEPTES has been a time of profound professional activity, encouraging initiatives, and action-packed projects, all of which were achieved together with our immensely talented and valuable teams.

Our Achievements:

Strong customer relations, trust, and satisfaction are our major achievements. And if you talk about other successes over the years, the milestones we have achieved: 

  • 7+ Products and Solutions Listed in AppExchange
  • 200+ Happy clients Across five continents
  • 80% Salesforce Certified Employees
  • 200+ Successful Projects
  • 3 Global Offices
  • 200+ Employees and Growing
  • A CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Score of More than 9 




As we reflect on over the 11 yrs. of hard work and success, we can’t refrain from but feel proud as we think about all the amazing customer experience we enhanced by building top-notch Salesforce Solutions.


The Journey Of 11 Years:

Retrospecting over the past eleven years, it has been exciting to see CEPTES ascend as a reputable Salesforce SI & ISV partner known for establishing market leadership for its customers through cutting-edge IT solutions.

Back in 2010, our founding members saw the potential of Salesforce technology and started on a journey to build solutions that would meet the rising Salesforce demands.

The year 2011 brought us a great experience of moving to a new office. It was only the beginning. By 2017, we moved to phase II with three global offices. 


We have built seven enterprise products: DataBakup, DataConnectiva, DataArchiva, XfilesPro, Encryptik, RealE 360, InleData, and DocuPad, with the last three products being launched during the pandemic.

We are proud of our in-action teams, every member packed with a professional drive, creative and innovative ideas, and absolute determination. Starting with only two employees to scaling our team to 200+ employees with more than 80% of Salesforce Certified professionals, we have come a long way.  

Our success is directly proportional to our client’s success and happiness. We trust that our professional consultations and insights will bring about our client’s success.

We believe that when our clients are stronger, so are we.


Summing Up:

Over the last 11 years, CEPTES’s vision has become a reality.

We wholeheartedly thank all our employees who are putting their continuous efforts to make CEPTES a trusted, reliable, and recognized Salesforce ISV, SI, and PDO partner.

CEPTES also takes this opportunity to show our gratitude towards all our customers for involving us in their business success journey for the past 11 years. We always look forward to assisting you in your Salesforce journey.

A Day in the Life of a CEPTES' Salesforce Developer
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A Day in The Life of a CEPTES’ Salesforce Developer

We firmly believe in spreading knowledge and education about our field so that aspiring Salesforce developers can pursue a career in this trailblazing technology. 

In today’s post, we’ll try to catch a glimpse of what a day in the life of a CEPTES’ Salesforce developer entails.

 This is the story of Parth – Senior Salesforce Developer at CEPTES.

 Parth says, “While applying for jobs into development after completing graduation, I developed an interest in coding for Salesforce solutions. I worked hard and soon earned Salesforce certification. Luckily, I got the opportunity to work with CEPTES, and that completely changed my life. I was soon on the clouds of success, earning, and job satisfaction, thanks to CEPTES. Initially, I worked under my seniors guidance for a few months. Let me tell you I learned a lot during this period – right from coding and learning new algorithms to learning SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.”

 Salesforce reins the ecosystem of the enterprise cloud today. “As a Salesforce Developer, I enjoy my job a lot here at CEPTES. Every day brings forth a new challenge that helps me better understand this ecosystem and perform outstandingly well.”

 Here’s a quick summary of what Parth told us when asked how a typical day of Salesforce developers like him go at CEPTES.

 Parth gets up early, at the crack-of-dawn, takes a shower and gets ready, drinks coffee, eats breakfast, and then sets off for the office, which isn’t very far away from his rented flat. He goes to the office on Tuesdays and Fridays, and other days he works from home. While on the way to the office, he scans his social profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others) for the latest tech updates in mobile, Salesforce, IoT, AI, integration, and more. He utilizes this time for uploading some valuable information for his connections.

  Story of Parth


  1. He arrives at the office by nine and greets his co-workers as the environment is impressive at CEPTES.
  1. Around 10 o’clock, they have a meeting with the planning team. During the meeting, each team member has to update on the project’s status and deliverables for the day. 


Meeting with the Planning Team


Parth says, “These meetings are crucial as usually multiple people work on each project. For example, the client might have asked us to customize their Salesforce environment. The manager, in this case, will check with the Salesforce consultant first if he/she can build the customization points & clicks. If code is required for the customization, a developer (like me) would be assigned this task (of coding). When the developer completes the task, it goes to the QA team for testing if the code matches the design specs as communicated by the project manager and the consultant. Now, this process may take days and even weeks to complete. Attending these planning meetings (scrums) is, therefore, a crucial part of my job).


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  1. After the meeting, around 10 am, Parth starts coding (in the order of the top priority tasks) that must be completed. He loves the creative freedom that Salesforce developers enjoy in problem-solving as there are many ways to do it.


Salesforce Developer enjoying in Problem Solving

  1. At 1, it’s lunchtime, so he goes to the common dining area and pours his food in the bowl and plate to share the food with his colleagues (who are his friends now).
  1. After lunch, he gets to chat or speak with his client (whose project he is working on). Although this is not a regular exercise most of the time, Parth prefers connecting with the client to ensure that he and the client are on the same page.6.Around 3 or 4 pm, it’s time to do the other project’s coding (as assigned during the meeting). The CEPTES team is quite cooperative, and if you are stuck in any project anywhere, help is close at hand as seniors are always eager to guide and help their team learn and grow.
  1. Around 6.40 pm, Parth leaves for home – listening to his favorite music on the way to relax his mind.
  1. Parth reaches home around 7.30, eats his dinner, and enjoys watching his favorite show before sleep.

 Summing Up

 The job is challenging, but then it helps you learn and grow. Innovations don’t occur when you sit passively. You have to accept challenges to innovate and perform. Are you ready to challenge yourself and grow as a Salesforce developer? Join CEPTES!

How CEPTES Built a Culture That Inspires New Ideas Every Day
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How CEPTES Built a Culture That Inspires New Ideas Every Day?

Innovation is the ultimate key to success! If you cannot innovate, get ready to be left behind in the race by your competition. Leaders and CEOs often ask us, “How do you innovate at CEPTES?” “Can you plan an innovation?” and “Can we train our employees to innovate?”

At CEPTES, we firmly believe that the company’s culture has a lot to do with the innovation taking place there. So, it would help if you create a culture that encourages your employees to innovate. In other words, innovation inspires innovation. Let me put it! When one employee starts sharing innovative ideas with other team members, it triggers a chain reaction with the employees where each employee becomes an inspiration for the other to innovate. Only an organization that nurtures such an environment can think innovative, create innovation, and stand out from the rest.

At CEPTES, there’s no secret formula as such. All we’ve done is refined our thinking in a manner where we adapt & apply ideas that we genuinely believe to be great and worthy of being implemented at any level across the organization. Let’s discuss a few principles that lead to innovation and how we, at CEPTES, apply them here.


Innovation Demands Ten Times Improvement

Every idea may sound great initially but may fail if you don’t test it before implementing it. Many arguments can turn out to be innovations with ten times or more improvement. Our Salesforce experts at CEPTES know this, and they focus on delivering highly reliable and scalable Salesforce solutions for a wide range of industry verticals. Since the beginning, over a decade ago, we have been focusing on innovation so that our valued clients get solutions that help them stand out and excel in the competition. By pushing our employees to rework and rethink their ideas at least ten times or more, we help them become confident and sharp innovators and think beyond the ordinary.  


Innovation Demands Ten Times Improvement


Launch & Listen

At CEPTES, we believe that any idea needs to be tested in the real-world before being implemented on a large-scale. With a minimum viable product (MVP), you can do this beta testing and see how the solution works for your staff and customers before making a heavy investment for developing a fully-fledged solution. This exercise works wonders, and you can use it for testing if the customers/targeted audiences like your idea or not. Then, later on, you can expand it further to accommodate your growing business needs. We did the same when we started years ago. We launched the MVPs and then made rapid, ongoing iterations based on our customers’ feedback. This is how we attained expertise in the domain.


Launch & Listen 

Share and Help Others Innovate As Well 

Do you have a great idea? Don’t keep it to yourself! Share with your team and inspire them too to innovate! At CEPTES, we encourage innovation through collaboration. Everyone can share ideas and information openly. The more information you share, the more innovative ideas will be born! We ensure complete transparency during the process to get recognition and appreciation for their creative ideas and thinking.


Share and Help Others Innovate As Well  

Bring Innovators Together

We hire people with unique approaches to problem-solving and a natural inclination towards innovative thinking. When these innovators work together in close coordination, the result is an environment filled with more innovators who inspire others. Our goal is to help every employee here think out-of-the-box and develop ideas that resonate in the industry. Hence, hiring the right team matters a lot here. However, it doesn’t mean that we hire people who have done significant innovations in their previous jobs or academics. Instead, our screening process is designed to help us find people who welcome change, love challenges, and are open to criticism because if we cannot hear about our flaws, we’ll never improve.


Bring Innovators Together

Summing Up

At CEPTES, we believe that ideas don’t always come from within! Instead, they are scattered all over the world. All you need to do is look around with innovators’ specs to dig & use them for your purpose. And, collaboration and continuous encouragement to innovation can lead to an environment where everyone is enthusiastic and excited about innovation and doesn’t feel like it’s a task they need to complete anyhow.

So, if you too have that hidden innovator in you, CEPTES is where you must be. Join us!

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5 Reasons How CEPTES Can Take Your Career to the Next Level

Looking for that herculean thrust in your career? Join the ever-expanding team of competent and dedicated Salesforce professionals at CEPTES and add value to your resume. You can experience extreme highs in your career if you join the right organization at the right time. If you have been feeling stagnated in your current job and Salesforce is your area of competency or you want to explore better career opportunities in Salesforce, maybe it’s time to make a job switch.

Some of the most compelling reasons why and how CEPTES can make a big difference to your career journey are listed hereunder for your quick reference:


Work with Salesforce Certified Professionals

As a Salesforce Silver certified partner, we have a huge and competent team of certified professionals who know the Salesforce inside out. The biggest advantage of working with Salesforce certified professionals is that you have ample opportunities to share and enhance your knowledge and, therefore, climb the success ladder faster than you ever thought you could. The brainstorming sessions turn out to be highly useful when the participants are well-versed in the technology at hand. If you aspire to earn a Salesforce certification, joining CEPTES could be your first step towards achieving it.


No Favoritism 

We do not believe in favoritism and all our policies are totally unbiased. The appraisals are performance-based only and no other factors can influence your chances of growth here. Remember, great results require great efforts and great efforts stem from teamwork and team spirit. As an equal opportunity provider, CEPTES never discourages anyone (irrespective of his/her employment level or hierarchy) to share valuable suggestions that may add to the organizational growth and lead to better achievement of common organizational goals.

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Nurturing Talent in a Friendly Atmosphere 

We encourage healthy competition, collaboration, and teamwork to build a mutually rewarding environment for all. You get to learn a lot when interacting with highly competent yet amicable teammates. Give your heart and soul to your job and nothing can stop you from reaping the rewards you deserve. Supportive staff is an asset that CEPTES cherishes.


Stability in Career 

Do you like hopping from one office to another or do you want to spend a good few years in an organization where you get to learn and earn in a highly conducive and truly wonderful environment? A great benefit of stability is that you get to learn more about the product/business. Other than that, it adds to your CV’s worth for future employment. If you are looking for stability in your career while enjoying tremendous growth as well, CEPTES is where you ought to be!


Maintaining Trust and Transparency 

No office politics and no storytelling work here! We believe in maintaining 100% transparency and building trust among our employees as well as clients. While transparency in processes leads to a more confident and satisfied workforce, trust is one of the cornerstones any organization rests upon.


Summing Up

Well, that was just a glimpse of how CEPTES can make a difference to your career. You’ll get to experience the true difference in the environment once you are here. We have been adding more and more valuable resources at an unprecedented pace over the past few months. Thanks to the thriving Salesforce platform, we have been able to sustain the stressful period of COVID-19 and are now ready to bloom with a bigger, better, and richer team of qualified, dedicated, and competent professionals. Come join us and grow with us!

Important information: Keep frequenting our careers page to stay abreast of the latest vacancies with CEPTES.


7 CEPTES Strategies to Create a Culture of Innovation

Digital transformation and automation of processes can help modern businesses perform better with limited resources and expenses. 

But to excel and stay at the front of the curve, you need innovation. At CEPTES, our focus is on fostering innovation and we encourage innovators by all means. 

The onus of ensuring innovation at the workplace is majorly on the senior leadership and when we talk about innovation, we cannot confine ourselves to a handful of fresh ideas. 

Ideation is just one part of innovation, the other (and vital) part is “implementation”.

The formation and implementation of result-oriented strategies can make a huge difference to the overall growth of any organization. 

At CEPTES, we follow 7 strategies that create a culture of innovation here. Let’s quickly go over these!


Multi-Faceted Innovation Can Make a Big Difference 

Most of us tend to believe that innovation is the byproduct of multiple brainstorming sessions with irresistible great products in focus, where clever marketing gimmicks are planned & crafted to sell the product. 

But if you take the “product” out of this discussion, what would happen to innovation? This is why, at CEPTES, we focus on multi-faceted innovation. Following the trendsetters, we believe processes, products, profit models, and policies must take center stage to make way for innovation.

When you break down innovation into the above-discussed factors and tackle them individually, you will end up moving faster and operations will become agile.



Employee Motivation Can Lead to Great Value Addition 

At CEPTES, we strongly believe in creating a culture of innovation where everyone (and that includes employees at all levels) has the liberty to think differently and suggest solutions to problems. 

While great leaders are great decision-makers too, it doesn’t mean they want to do it all by themselves.

Leadership isn’t just about decision-making and guiding others, it has a lot to do with listening, trusting, mentoring, and empowering other players in your team.

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Failure is Also Acceptable 

A wise man once said, “I can accept failure but I cannot accept not trying”. On the same lines, CEPTES management also understands that failure is an integral part of the journey of innovation. 

While success may add to your self-confidence, failure encourages you to be innovative and think differently. 

We foster a culture of innovation and we understand failures would come but they are absolutely inevitable.




Innovation Metrics Do Matter

Wondering how would you measure innovation and do the metrics for measuring such an intangible thing actually exist at all? 

While it is difficult to find data about innovation, it is not impossible either. You may observe your customer activity about your product/service. 

Or, you may take a closer look at how much (approx..) time your team is dedicating to innovation and discovery? 

Check the number of employees who are trained and guided about innovation. Isolate what approach will eventually benefit your organization and help your team become truly innovative. This is what we do here at CEPTES.



Take Action When Needed 

We understand the importance of action when someone in the team shares an innovative idea. 

After all, what is the use of rapidly churning conceptual chatter? Having said that, we don’t jump into action as soon as we discover an idea. 

Rather, we spend enough time gathering data, analyzing the pros & cons, and then only with the right information in hand, we come to a decision. 

Now again the entire process has to be time-bound. Innovation alone can’t do magic unless you implement it with measured and confident actions on time.  




Plan the Future with Learnings From the Past 

Many organizations fail in their endeavors only and only because of the lack of learning from the past. Ignoring past mistakes can lead to deadly consequences for your business growth. 

Take a note of all the mistakes that occurred during your previous corporate innovation and try to figure out what went wrong? Confidence is fine but overconfidence can be self-detrimental, especially in the context of creating a culture of innovation.



Embrace & Inspire Innovation 

We don’t just accept great, innovative ideas but we also encourage all our team members to come up with the ideas that make a difference to our overall performance and how we achieve our organizational goals.

With these top 7 strategies always on our minds, we are nurturing a culture of innovation here @ CEPTES. Are you an innovator? Join us!


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InleData Webinar– The Next Gen Delta Lake Platform to Accelerate Your Business

Data has been in the light of ever-increasing profitability for any organization or business. It can be easily said that any business having a fast and easy data analysis process will have the upper hand in making a profit for the company at a flash speed. 


Without the manipulation of data, it becomes next to impossible to implement a sound business strategy. However, when one has sufficient data, unprocessed and unorganized data leads to nowhere. This is why Data management is a prerequisite for overall business growth.


The genuine concern is that do you have sufficient knowledge before choosing a data management tool?


This Webinar strives to help you comprehend all the needed factors before getting started with data analytics.


It will also teach you some of the salient features present in InleData, which will help you manage your business effectively.


Get to know how InleData can ingest data from multiple sources to gain a holistic view of their business ecosystem. 


As your data continues to grow, you’re left to figure out how to have a unified system to store data for several types of usage scenarios, including analytical products or machine learning workloads. 


Through this Webinar, you’ll also understand the critical differences between Delta Lake, Data Lake, and Datawarehouse and how a Delta Lake solution simplifies your data analytics and architecture. 


You will understand duplicate data and how InleData DEDUP helps manage such data without losing the original.


Our experts will also give you an insight into the security issues a data management tool incurs and how InleData state of the art security systems handle them.


Join us on Feb 24, 2021, at 11 AM EST to explore the understanding of data management and why it is so valuable and unravel how to integrate it with your workforce and business.




InleData Webinar Key Takeaways:


  • Data Management: Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies
  • How a Delta Lake Solution can transform your business
  • Critical Differences: Delta Lake vs. Data Lake vs. Data Warehouse
  • How to Choose the Right Solution for Your Stack
  • Introduction and Demo of InleData


Webinar Details: 

Title: InleData – The Next Gen Delta Lake platform to accelerate your business

Date: Feb 24, 2021

Time: 11 AM EST | 09:30 PM IST

Duration: 30 Minutes 


Get yourself ready to dive into the ocean of possibilities of making your business grow, prosper, and profitable. 

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When it comes to finding a perfect job, the answer doesn’t come easy. With each new day, there are tonnes of new companies, startups, and job opportunities to choose from. Not every job is the best fit for you – some lack satisfaction while others lack the pay. The ideal job is one that will make you feel satisfied, happy, and still keep you on your toes by making sure that you make the best use of your skills. That is what working with CEPTES feels like. Each moment is a moment of growth and learning in a comfortable and safe environment. 

Here are 25 reasons why CEPTES is the ideal choice for you to make:

1.  CEPTES has sociable colleagues 

CEPTES has workers who are very amiable and contribute to creating a positive work environment that makes your work-life a thoroughly enjoyable experience. We have a culture based on gratitude & mutual respect.

2. CEPTES understands your abilities and capabilities 

At CEPTES, all your skills are well understood and you are fully appreciated for what you bring to the table. A team that understands what you have to offer is the team that optimizes its human resources the best – and that team is here at CEPTES. 

3. CEPTES lets you work on projects that have a meaning for you

Work is not about whatever falls in your field of expertise, but it is also about working and choosing things that excite you and make you feel passionate about your work. Here at CEPTES, we give our employees the freedom to work on meaningful projects.

4. CEPTES offers constructive feedback to its employees

At CEPTES, it is a journey of learning and growth. We believe in bettering the skills and work ethics of our employees and to maintain healthy work relationships within the company and team. To facilitate these things, we offer constructive feedback to our employees. 

5. CEPTES is not only customer-friendly, but it is also employee-friendly 

The sign of a good company is not how customer friendly it is, but it is also majorly dependent on how employee-friendly it is. CEPTES understands the need to cater to its employees just as much and as well as it does with its customers. 

6. CEPTES guarantees good results and all that by taking pride in employee passion and performance 

At CEPTES, success is not an attribute of the company, but it exists by the virtue of its employees. It is inevitable for a company to take pride in the excellent results that it generates, but at the same time, we believe in giving the credit for that to the dedication and hard work of our employees. 

7. CEPTES offers trust and transparency on both ends

Trust and transparency are two things that are needed in maintaining any relationship for a long time – be it with the employees or with the customers. It is then a priority of CEPTES to ensure that there is full transparency between the employers and employees.

8. CEPTES gives you a smart AI to work with

Work is not supposed to be an unnecessary burden on your shoulders. In today’s times, hard work is equal to smart work. At CEPTES, we understand this very well and we make sure to ensure that our employees have a smart AI to save them from wasting their precious time in grunt work. 

9. CEPTES is a believer in equal opportunities for all

At CEPTES, diversity is loved and welcomed. There is no bias or recognition of one person being ‘superior’ to another – skills are what determine your position. Thus, at CEPTES, you get an equal and fair chance to all in order to grow. 

10. CEPTES bears social responsibility and makes your contribution matter

CEPTES is a company that accepts, acknowledges, and welcomes social responsibility. We believe that it is imperative to get back to the society which makes us successful. Therefore, when you work at CEPTES, you are a part of the cause and your contributions matter. 

11. CEPTES helps in judiciously using time and being productive

Time is money, and we at CEPTES recognize that your time matters. The important element that we focus on is to make sure that you are at your utmost productive level while working with us and we make sure that you do not waste your time and energy on an unimportant thing. 

12. CEPTES eliminates the need for more skilled staff in terms of technology

At CEPTES, we accept everyone’s limitations when it comes to having certain training and skills. All our systems and our services are employee friendly and do not require an extra qualification to be worked on. 

13. CEPTES prevents you from following dead-end leads 

At CEPTES what matters is that all our employees are generating positive results. It is, therefore, imperative that we make sure that our employees are not wasting their time on sorting potential leads or following dead leads. 

14. CEPTES encourages productivity and avoids grunt work for employees

Productivity is an important element of any employee’s life. We understand the need to give enough tools to our employees that they do not get tangled in files and grunt work and focus entirely only on work that requires skill. 

15. CEPTES makes information available at your fingertips

When working, it is of utmost importance to have all the information and tools available so that you can work with a flow. We, at CEPTES, understand that it is crucial to inculcate productivity in our employees.

16. CEPTES provides a single synced database for the entire team

Communication is a vital element of teamwork. To work together on a project, or as a department, it is important that all documents and records are available to all members at all times. To overcome this issue and to facilitate smooth functioning, CEPTES makes sure to maintain a common database for its employees.

17. CEPTES believes in evolution and learning and provides skill enhancement and development training

No human knows it all or has learned it all. A key part of being human is to constantly learn and evolve with time – the same implies to your work life. It is important to stay with the times and to keep training and learning. CEPTES provides such training and growth opportunities to all its employees.

18. CEPTES’s work culture is defined by agility, flexibility, transparency, teams with individual responsibility and without hierarchies 

Hierarchies have no place in the CEPTES workplace, everyone is given equal opportunities to showcase their skills and talents. We understand the imperatives of life and believe in creating a flexible and transparent workplace for all.

19. CEPTES life isn’t all about work – we balance fun and work 

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and CEPTES believes in a non-monotonous approach to work by balancing work and fun. At CEPTES, you do not just work in an office with a team, you come to a second home to family.

20. CEPTES saves its employees from time wasted in documentation 

Documentation is a major part of any company. As important as it is to have well-documented records, it is equally important to be fluent, smart, and smooth about it which we facilitate by having a well-organized system for our employees to work with.  

21. CEPTES provides a unique benefits package for its workers 

Our resources, especially our human resources are of utmost importance to it. It is important, we believe, that all our employees feel well compensated for their efforts and hard work. 

22. CEPTES offers risk-free career options

It is important to have a sense of security in your chosen job. CEPTES recognizes this essential need of its employees and therefore offers safe and risk-free career options to all.

23. CEPTES believes in employee feedback

Along with customer feedback, CEPTES takes feedback from its employees to find ways to improve and grow. It is a priority to understand and change in ways that will help create a better work environment for all its employees.

24. CEPTES is not a stagnant work platform, it grows

Growth is the element of life that never stops. At whatever level one is, growth is an option and a necessity. At CEPTES, work-life will never feel stagnant, there is always scope for its employees to grow and expand. 

25. CEPTES offers equal opportunities to all in terms of promotions 

CEPTES offers equal opportunities to all its employees and does not believe in discrimination. A non-toxic and healthy work environment is what facilitates productivity and work. Our work ethic is as strong as our results!

While we have already established us as one of the most trusted Salesforce service providers, we are now looking forward to a rapid expansion phase where we will widen our expertise and build an elite team of the world’s most talented Salesforce pros. If you are looking for the next big leap in your career, visit our career page now.


The first real enterprise-grade Customer Data Platform (CDP) is all set to disrupt – Powered by Salesforce

If you are a marketer, you must have heard the word CDP frequently in the past 18 months. However, only a few of us know what is CDP and why all these chaos around this. In less than 18 months, CDP has become one of the preeminent topics for RFP’s.

What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

A CDP is a consolidated data management system that unifies data from various channels into a single database which allows an organization to get an integrated view of a single customer. CDPs are helping organizations to get a complete understanding of their customer behavior in order to deliver a consistent and personalized experience across all digital channels.

There are many CDP providers boomed in the past 12 months offering different functionalities and integrations, however, a real CDP must be a marketer-friendly system that enables data collection, unification, segmentation and activation.

A recent Forrester report says, “For B2C Marketers, Customer Data Platforms Overpromise and Underdeliver.” And a Winterberry Group analysis claimed that only about one in five of the 100+ vendors calling themselves a CDP actually qualify. Marketers need two distinct but related things from a CDP – Insights and Engagement, However, most of the CDPs deliver either one them. None of them delivers both. So, the need of the hour was someone to put a stake in the ground and deliver the first real enterprise-grade CDP for marketers and Salesforce built it.

Salesforce’s Customer Data Platform – CDP

Salesforce has announced that they are building the first enterprise-grade CDP, which is an extension of their flagship product Salesforce Customer 360 will be generally available later this year. Customer 360 has been helping enterprises to seamlessly connect customer data across Salesforce and other third-party applications with a single customer ID. The new CDP built on this unified identity foundation to offer a ‘single view of the customer’ for marketers. For example, if a customer is in two different systems, a marketer can easily identify him as the same person by using Salesforce Customer 360. Additionally, on top of that, the marketer can use the CDP to build and store an integrated profile of that customer based on the data collected from multiple sources.

Salesforce offered CDP embrace three most important principles which are a primary tool for marketing, Identity Beyond Advertising – making every customer touch point engaging, Insight and Engagement – single customer view and a way to reach customers directly. Salesforce will officially announce more details about their CDP on June 17-19 during Connections, their event on the future of customer engagement in Chicago.

The Salesforce Power

Marketing is getting more complicated and the customer data fragments. Customers are using multiple devices in order to engage with brands through several channels. Platforms such as Amazon, Facebook use their integrated customer data to deliver highly personalized and engaging experiences. However, the challenge to understand customer needs and deliver personalized engagement is as strong as ever for marketers.

Salesforce is one of those very few companies, whose focus has always been centered on customer success. And their CDP that is connected with the #1 CRM across Sales, Service, Marketing, Communities, IoT, and Commerce Cloud will undoubtedly be the first real enterprise-grade Customer Data Platform (CDP). Two of the principal CDP ingredients ‘Insight’ and ‘Engagement’ are already a part of Salesforce offerings. While Marketing Cloud is giving real-time customer engagement across channels, Salesforce analytics along with Google Analytics 360 offers insights.

While the CDP requirement is rapidly rising among marketers, it was the need of the time for a robust solution designed to help them manage their customer data efficiently powered by the latest technologies, highest scalability and reliability. Salesforce is bringing something new and transformative to the market which will help their customers achieve new heights. As a Salesforce Silver Partner, we are looking forward to hearing more CDP related news in the months to come.