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The 5 Trends of IT to Watch

Where is IT heading in future? 

Some of the experts point to five trending aspects that will impact IT industry within the recent years. Both business and the workplace this year will be affected. Together, the trends point to a further acceleration of the entire digital transformation and the widening gulf between traditional and the digital innovation.

The Expansion of IoT – Internet of Things

The IoT is mainly the concept of connecting almost every device with the Internet. These things can be as small, as phone or even a coffee maker, while it can also be as large, as an autonomous vehicle. This concept is indeed applied to the home, the workplace, transportation networks, hence, blurring the lines between the digital and physical lines. It also has a huge impact on all aspects of life.

The basic definition for IoT is that it will redefine our relationship with objects and the relationships of all the internet-connected objects to each other.

The Connected Digital Mesh

The digital mesh is said to be comprised of people, some smart machines, the internet-connected devices, content and the services. The expanding and all the interoperable set of endpoints people can utilize to access applications and information, or even interact with other individuals, self-selected communities and businesses.

The Challenge of Security

There have been many expansions in digital technology, like the IoT and the Digital Mesh will require some multi-layered security that can indeed adapt via the behavioural analytics. As these technologies extend to every workplace, the need for adaptive security will become universal.

It has been seen that all types of risk, from regulatory compliance to natural disasters will be developed and adopted.

The Promise and Possibilities of AI

There are some well-funded startups that continue to pursue AI: the intelligent systems that can learn independently, adapt and as well extend to every technology-enabled service, object or application. Still, there is some dispute about how “intelligent” AI is at the current juncture because it has been performing based on preset instructions.

The Adoption of various IT Techniques in Start-Up

Development techniques that are very common in the tech start-up environments will indeed increasingly be adopted to the reinvent established IT workplaces because they actually deliver competitive advantages.

Open source software, the Agile practices and as well as the DevOps have long been used in start-ups in order to bring faster time to market, lower development cost, acute collaboration opportunities, and much more faster adoption by users.

These agile practices rely on incremental, iterative work cadences as one of the alternatives to traditional project management and sequential development, hence, increasing productivity.

salesforce and iot
IOT, Salesforce

The Internet of Things and Salesforce – A New Kind of Conversation

The Internet of Things or IOT, enabling everyday items to both send and receive data with the help of internet, is slowly and gradually entering our lives in various ways. Consumers can nowadays interact with regular routine and household objects in quite a smarter way. Inevitably, the IOT or Internet of Things and Salesforce will also form a genuine pairing.

There have been several experiences which one can have with the IOT. Remotely managing almost everything is now possible with IOT.

The Internet of Things and Salesforce: A New Type of Conversation

Human communication has been typically performed between the major two living beings, but with the advent of Internet of Things, we have indeed made a good amount of transitioned to a world where conversations between both humans and inanimate objects is possible.

It is now possible to monitor and control anything we want with built-in business logic, which already exists in the Salesforce orgs. Whether it is the medical devices that determine our health and react to all the wants and needs or also to the modern vertical farms that track the status of crops and at the same time control environmental conditions. Hence, it has been estimated that all of these things can be patched into a sales system to help build a smarter, more efficient systems.

Why businesses rushing to adopt IoT?

There appears to be various reason available for businesses to adopt to IoT service. Let us here discuss some of them:

  1. Everyone is adopting to it
  2. Businesses always wants to capture much data to find new patterns and insights
  3. Businesses is always said to believe it will help them reach their certain goals, such as moving from a product focused company to a complete service provider

The impact and importance of IoT 3.0 – The Connected Customer Experience

Our belief is that behind each device there is a customer, someone whose experience can be positively affected immediately, which is often when it matters most. We mostly think about customer experience first and how can it be improved to positively impact the overall brand.

Anyone these days can use technology but only the customer can create a unique experience that differentiates the brand in the market. The missing element, which connects the chain between brand and the customer, is IoT, hence, providing for an end-to-end process and outcome.

IoT works by simply connecting a device IoT platform to a business-engagement engine, in order to drive actions and measurable outcomes.