Developer Story: Manish Kumar

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”


In a world where everyone strives to succeed, only a few act virtuously and seize the opportunities that life presents. Manish, one of our dear colleagues, is a perfect example of what we’re discussing.

Manish, an experienced Python Developer, was one of the great talents of early CTU batches. He has come a long way since he first learned about Salesforce and is now working with Accenture on a big outsourced Salesforce project. 

On being asked about why he chose CTU (CEPTES Technopreneur University), he says “I was eager to switch to a technology that is future-proof”. Learning Salesforce, the leading cloud technology, through the robust platform of CTU was a dream come true. 

My introduction to CTU was through a friend who forwarded a LinkedIn post to me. I was a bit reluctant to switch to Salesforce because it was a major technological shift for me. But when I read about the success stories of other CTU graduates, I knew this is my doorway to a future-proof career. The experience with CTU was incredible. Priya Sir and Deepam Sir have been excellent teachers to us. The strong mentorship and guidance fostered a drive to innovate in us. 

I had no idea what life-changing four months of training and supervision at CTU would be for me. CTU has instilled in me the confidence that “I can handle a Salesforce Project Individually”. My aspiration now is to work as a Vlocity Architect. I already have the Omni Studio Developer Certification under my belt and I intend to complete more certifications in the upcoming days.


To all my CTU mentors: “Your love of learning has drawn me into a whole new universe of exploring ideas”


I am forever grateful to you.


CEPTES Technopreneur University (CTU) is a Purpose Beyond Profit initiative by CEPTES to bring new talent to the Salesforce Ecosystem. 

Over time Salesforce has proven to be the “Most Aspiring Career Domains”. CTU is an ambitious effort by CEPTES aimed at bringing budding trailblazers into the Salesforce ecosystem and assisting companies to hire the best Salesforce professionals.


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Dhara Khanna Shares her Journey2Salesforce Experience

Hi, This is Dhara here, currently a Business Analyst at CEPTES Software. It is quite an interesting fact that I have not been associated with tech for the longest and yet my skills & learnings along with my passion to grow had got me an opportunity to be part of the service team at CEPTES.

Not long back, I had started my career as a business and community manager and I had no idea what my journey would look like. I was completely into non-technical roles until I joined CEPTES. To be honest, I was terrified to start my journey as a Business analyst as I had no knowledge in coding. CEPTES is a Salesforce silver consulting partner and prior to journey, I had no experience in Salesforce.

However, this didn’t stop the CEPTES family to believe in me. I was constantly guided and given the opportunity to have hands-on experience on multiple projects so that I could grow every day not only as a Business Analyst but also learn more about Salesforce.

I had always wondered that for any CRM solution, one has to learn to code and there is no way, I could do that but believe me, my idealogy changed while working with the team here.

In no time, I started helping my team in basic areas and now, I seem to understand the platform much better than 9 months ago.

Today, I stand firm and say that one doesn’t need to be from a tech background to start their journey with Salesforce.

Anyone from any background with the right passion can start and such individuals are really appreciated at CEPTES.