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Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ and Billing

Businesses across the globe are constantly evolving as per modern technological trends. Businesses across the globe irrespective of the industry are facing cut-throat competition. Offering customers the best possible interactions is among the keys to business prosperity. Gone are the days when traditional methods of record-keeping were the norm. To be at par and to stay ahead in the league, businesses must shift towards the optimum use of software and automation. Customers now prefer online methods more than traditional methods for these interactions. This is the new age driven by automation. And if you wish to be ahead in the domain, you must integrate the best platforms with your business to ensure phenomenal results.


What is CPQ? How does it work?

CPQ stands for Configure Price Quote. It is a sales tool for businesses to create quotes for orders with accuracy and ease. The quotes that CPQ generates are automated based on the rules set prior, to avoid errors in terms of quantities, discounts, options, customization, etc. Automation in pricing eliminates manual entries thus saving time and error. Since it does not require human intervention at every step, it is a much safer and more convenient way of quoting. CPQ software that serves small and big companies alike.


How does it help?

When you use CPQ, you can successfully avoid wrong pricing, inaccurate discounts, and other possible disasters. With CPQ, the process of quoting prices is faster and it is more precise. In this manner, you can avoid any possible conflict with customers. As CPQ does the tasks that consume your time, you can now engage in building customer relationships by focusing on other important targets. Your company’s sales staff is therefore in a better position to deal with customer concerns and they remain easily approachable. Some studies indicate that an average of 35% of a salesperson’s time is available for sales. This means that if they are relatively unoccupied, they would be able to work on their efficacy with better focus.




What is Salesforce Billing?

Salesforce Billing is a successful tool automating the aspect of customer subscription. It is easy to use this tool for companies that prefer automation for such processes. Considering the specific requirements of companies, Salesforce has designed automated billing. Salesforce Billing enables you to automate invoices, payments, and revenue. It is an add-on package using information and records from Salesforce CPQ. When you place an order under Salesforce, CPQ billing picks up the order to create a record. You must integrate Salesforce Billing with Salesforce CPQ.

CPQ helps businesses to save and generate substantial revenue. Apart from guaranteeing a successful sales process, it helps to maximize profits. Companies that have used CPQ have witnessed 4-fold growth in net profit in less than 5 years. This could be achieved because, with CPQ, companies were able to offer various options to customers, limiting discounts and saving time.

How does Salesforce Billing work?

You can use Salesforce Billing to invoice an order and manage balances through credit/ debit notes. Automating customer payments by executing the transaction through third-party payment gateways is enabled by Salesforce Billing. It is possible to maintain the data for all of these transactions and use an ERP to store them. Keep these steps in mind while engaging with Salesforce Billing:


  • Salesforce Billing runs on rules deciding how and when to create the transactional records. You can manage a variety of products under one rule and decide how you want Salesforce Billing to take care of these transactions. Some of these rules are listed below-


    1. If an invoice needs to be created
    2. The impact of invoice line’s pricing and date values on billing dates, periods, dates, and cycles
    3. If you wish to create a revenue schedule and transaction
    4. If you want to calculate tax
    5. Calculating tax based on data and integration


  • You can create an order and a contract as soon as you quote using CPQ. This contract will influence contract sale transactions in the future and enable users to modify/ renew their subscriptions. An order created from a quote will show an unactivated status for products. You can only bill products that are marked as activated. Hence, it allows you to keep a product provisionally un-active till the time you want to execute billing. This is how it simplifies your tasks and gives you a clear picture of the status of the order.


  • With Salesforce Billing, you can easily create and manage reports on revenue for products/  services. You have the option of spreading the revenue over a period. You can also use bundled products/ services to calculate revenue. These are products that are delivered over time or at once. With this tool, you can decide whether to add discounts/ credits on products. Some ways to report revenue include adding orders, amending contacts, customer acceptance,  deliverability, expanding your business across new locations, etc.


  • Salesforce Billing complements Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP platforms for the convenient functioning of companies. Salesforce billing converts Salesforce CPQ’s data into transactional data. The ERP platform extracts data that matches to create general ledger and financial reports. This is how Salesforce billing and CPQ together take care of customer financial touch-points. By integrating ERP into your Salesforce Billing, you can create invoices, calculate revenue, manage payments, figure out key stakeholders, etc.



You must have realized the extent to which Salesforce Billing boosts your productivity. It allows you to access billing orders, view product ratings, keep a track of the processing status, etc. You can also generate an invoice, apply taxes as per requirements, manage payments, track revenue and financial periods, generate reports of the billing process, etc. Your sales engagements will be hassle-free with Salesforce Billing. For faster and more efficient business processes, opt for this tool today. Let technology decide the fate of your business. Utilize the power of Salesforce to have an ousting experience for your customers and your employees. So, what are you waiting for? Integrate Salesforce Billing to your existing systems and ensure the best of outcomes for your business! 

If you are looking for a reliable Salesforce-focused service provider, CEPTES is the answer for you! Request a consultation today.

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ: Generate Quotes in Minutes

Salesforce CPQ Overview 

Salesforce CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. It’s an extension of your customer relationship management platform (CRM). Salesforce CPQ is a sales tool for companies to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. CPQ gives your sales team easy-to-use software available on any device due to its cloud-based platform.



CPQ takes the most important parts of the sales cycle out of spreadsheets and puts them into automated sales tools that deliver error-free quotes. CPQ helps sales representatives to sell the right product combinations, control discounts, and automate approvals.

Why is CPQ Important?

When it comes to the sales cycle’s final stages, many company’s sales teams are stuck relying on spreadsheets and emails. Instead of moving on to their next deal, they might waste hours chasing down contract approvals or accurately pricing products.

Salesforce CPQ changes this by giving sales reps and leaders full access to data they need to speed up even the most complex quote.



Benefits of Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ can be useful to your sales teams and overall organization in several ways:

Salesforce CPQ provides complete control and visibility to sales leaders. Many sales teams work in a confused state. Maybe you have seen your sales teams accidentally send out unapproved pricing or promise products that no longer exist. Companies have large amounts of data that make it practically impossible for teams to accurately track, analyze, or forecast. Salesforce CPQ can solve this by organizing data and giving sales teams a clear picture of what they can offer the customer.

Salesforce CPQ provides individuals a way to create more accurate and better price quotes by using the templates already saved in the drafts. This can help you save time and money.

Product Configuration

We have multiple choices for buying products. Many buyers expect an array of products to choose from, but if the sales organization offers many options, it can come at a cost. Your sales reps must make sense of the variety of products, and there’s a real possibility that they’ll quote products that just don’t work together. Thankfully, Salesforce CPQ makes selling complicated product offerings easy by giving sales reps pre-made product bundles to choose from and even tweak as needed. With bundles, your sales reps can create accurate quotes in record time.

Product Bundles

A bundle is simply a group of products we know should be sold together. When the sales rep chooses to sell the bundle, all the related products come along for the ride.

There are three types of bundles:

  • Static bundle: These bundles always have the same products together, in the same quantities, with no changes allowed.
  • Configurable bundle: This bundle can be customized to your liking, with some limits to prevent impossible configurations.
  • Nested bundle: This is a bundle inside another bundle.

Configuring a bundle product in Salesforce CPQ involves creating the below records:

  • Products: The bundle product as well as all the sub-products included in the bundle
  • Product options: A product option record for EACH sub-product to associate it with the bundle product. One bundle can have many product options.
  • Product features: Optional. Product options with similar characteristics can be grouped together using a product feature. One bundle can have many product features.
  • Option constraints: Optional. Option constraints ensure that all users select only compatible options.
  • Configuration attribute: Optional. Set the value of a specific field on multiple product options included in a bundle or feature.

Salesforce CPQ allows sales reps to customize bundles, wherein they can select from a set of multiple options present in a bundle based on a customer’s need.

Please refer to the below home security bundle screenshot that has nine product options and four features. Whenever sales reps add home security console products to a quote, they’re adding little structure to categorize products within the bundle. When you’re done, the bundle looks like this:


Product Pricing

Salesforce CPQ provides several types of pricing discounts that sales reps can apply to their quote lines. The list price is the quote line’s initial price. When you quote a product, Salesforce CPQ pulls the quote line’s list price from the product’s list price entry in your price book. If you select a product or quote line’s “Price Editable” field, you can override the quote line editor’s list price. The “Pricing Method” field in the product record is set to “List” by default, but you can change the pricing method to “Cost” or “Block” pricing.

Below are some tools that are available in CPQ org:

  • Block pricing: Uses flat pricing for a range of quantities instead of multiplying by the number of units.
  • Percent of total (POT) pricing: Looks at the sum of other product prices, then takes a percentage of that sum.
  • Option pricing overrides: Replaces the price of the product only when it’s within the bundle.
  • Cost-plus mark-up pricing: Allows sales reps to add value on top of a product’s cost.
  • Contracted pricing: Sets account-specific prices for individual products or categories of products.

Once you are done with the pricing set up, it will look like the below screenshot in quote line editor:


CPQ Quote

Salesforce CPQ gives you a flexible way to create quotes in a quote line editor. We can add or remove products, apply discounts and mark-ups, and calculate prices for your quote using quote line editors.

Select “Edit Lines” on a quote record to open the quote line editor. The quote line editor lets you view all your quote lines and apply changes across the entire quote or individual lines.



If your quote line editor shows a field above your quote line list, you can edit that field and then save or calculate the quote to apply the field across all your quote lines.


This blog covered what Salesforce CPQ is, why it is helpful and important for companies, and how it is beneficial for sales teams and overall organizations. We have seen how to configure products and product bundles, the different types of bundles, and product constraints. We took a quick overview of product pricing and different types of pricing. We have also seen how to create and edit quotes using configure products, product bundles, applying to price, and discounts on quotes.

Salesforce CPQ cloud solutions
Salesforce CPQ

5 Ways CPQ Drives Peak Sales Performance

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) cloud solutions are a boon for modern businesses looking for smarter ways to accelerate sales. Together with CRM, CPQ can do wonders for your business. 

Modern businesses must ensure that reps are able to support customers since buying behaviors keep changing. With CPQ, you can automate and centralize products, contract renewals, discounting, business rules, and pricing. 

Salesforce CPQ cloud solutions make data readily accessible in real-time. With the information at their fingertips, the sales reps are able to respond better and faster to customer needs.


Let’s quickly go over the 5 ways CPQ drives peak sales performance.

 #1: Improve Performance

Leaders can create a powerhouse of the focused sales force for establishing a great rapport with savvy customers. Surprisingly, most sales representatives spend only 1/3rd of their productive time selling, whereas they end up wasting their valuable time on administrative tasks, which include searching for information regarding sales in spreadsheets, configuring the data, and pricing each product manually.

Assuming that half of the sales are missed only because your competitors were quick in responding to the customer queries while your skilled reps were busy doing these administrative tasks, you ended up losing half your business to your competitors. With CPQ in place, you can be sure that your sales team is armed with the most useful data that is readily available when they need it for quoting on-the-go, grasping the potential to upsell, and discover new opportunities. Make your team smarter to drive sales and derive profits with CPQ.

A vast majority of customers would happily pay you more if and only they have a great experience.  Historically, sales reps have been swearing by competitive offers and relationship building. Today, businesses are more focused on solving customers’ problems and understanding their needs. Leaders can transform their sales representatives into experienced & competent ‘A’ players – capable of suggesting the best products, offers, and discounts automatically with no need for intensive training.

CPQ is a powerful tool in the hands of innovators and modern sales leaders willing to minimize friction and clash in their workflow by obviating manual processes. By eliminating manual work, sales representatives are able to share customized and accurate quotes in seconds.  


#2: Fuel Profits

Sales representatives are almost always stressed out about hitting their targets. Are you also among those? Don’t panic! There are countless CSOs who have to struggle to attain set sales-quotas. 

Disconnected channels, rogue discounts, and quoting & pricing errors are the common culprits in it. You can boost your sales velocity by being quick in your response to customers and by exceeding the expectations of your stakeholders. 

And, this is where CPQ can help you in eliminating pricing/quoting errors, cross-sell & upsell in real-time, and other factors that may affect your business revenues and profits.


#3:  Gain Full Control

When you eliminate errors and reduce workflow friction, you are able to grow faster. Customer expectations are here to grow further and that will have a direct impact on the sales quota you need to meet. 

With competitive offers raining from everywhere, it is difficult to keep the customers loyal to one business. But that doesn’t mean you need to stress out. With CPQ, you can gain full control of your customers’ sales behaviors and practices.


#4: No Guesswork

CPQ cloud solutions can help sales leaders keep their teams on the right track by ensuring that all the regulations, procedures, and rules around the product, discounts, offers, and pricing are followed. It helps align all the channel users – national as well as corporate regulations. 

The sales leaders enjoy great peace of mind as there are no or minimum claims, financial penalties, in case of a dispute. 

CPQ solution helps organizations standardize the behaviors of their ‘A’ players by guided selling, rule-based configurations, apt options for upselling and cross-selling, and discount governance.


#5:Simplify Complex Operations

The advanced CPQ solutions offer advanced mobility, new adaptive-intelligence applications, and capabilities of machine intelligence. With these, sales representatives are able to create tailored, precise proposals, and offers for customers when needed, where needed (on which device), and through what channel needed basis. You can, thus, rid your reps of the heavy lifting and help them focus on sales development and customer engagement.



CPQs help sales representatives efficiently convert their leads into customers. Although it’s the sales team who uses CPQ, it must be implemented with other departments.  With the correct Implementation, your business will have a good sales process. To know more about CPQ, connect with us or request for a consultation.

salesforce CPQ
Cloud, Salesforce, Salesforce CPQ

4 Proven Ways to Increase Your Sales Effectiveness with Cloud-Based CPQ

CPQ tools offer an upper hand in today’s competitive bidding market and provide greater insight into the customer’s needs & queries. 

This article will discuss the 4 ways in which CPQs improve sales effectiveness and offer greater profitability.

Configure Price Quote software has evolved faster than its creators since it was first launched. With every update, it has become quicker, precise, and accurate. In turn, these improvements have contributed to CPQs becoming the key to centralize and automate product pricing, discounting, contract renewals, and business rules.

CPQ ensures that every product is built profitably and quoted with intelligence for maximum ROI.

Let’s have a look at how CPQs improve sales effectiveness and offer greater profitability.


CPQ Platforms Are Cloud-Based

With CPQs becoming cloud-based, there is only one market and one price tag. These prices can be adjusted in real-time concerning the global market. Itis a highly beneficial feature because the local factors can be separately dealt with ease. 


These price variations can also be accessed easily by all the stakeholders within a fraction of a second on their devices.


In short, CPQ ensures accuracy and consistency as it is integrated into a shared cloud. One of the significant mismatches that happen will be on the product pricing at different markets. With the advent of CPQ platforms, they have become a thing of the past.

Ensures Channel-Specific Selling & Better Privacy

Irrespective of the sales channel you follow (Upselling or cross-selling), CPQs increase the ROI. While cloud access is unrestricted, CPQ tools enable role-based data access for better privacy and managing concerns. It helps channel-specific selling through partners and distributors in the global market.




Better Customer Data Insights

Though the idea of processing customer data and earning insights for a future sale is nothing new, creating these insights and converting them to leads is still time-consuming. With the advent of machine learning and its combination with CPQ, applications can process vast lumps of data on a larger scale, saving a lot of time.


With CPQs becoming integrated with machine learning, customer preferences are taken into account before designing sales strategies. This contributes to improved sales figures and revenue.


Also read: Top 8 Salesforce CPQ Features to Optimize Sales Processes


Eliminate Errors and Ensure Faster Growth

In today’s competitive world, sales personnel are forced to stay on their toes & they feel the pressure. With the constant pressure to meet customer expectations and close their targets, sales reps tend to decide on pricing & discounts based on their gut feelings.


If you have been in the sales domain for some time, you will know that today’s sales practices are more complex than they were earlier. And the last thing you want to happen is to leave profitability and productivity to chance, take out the guesswork, and establish better sales practices and behaviors.


With CPQs that come with machine learning capabilities can undoubtedly bring huge benefits. 




To Conclude

The advantages of CPQs and how it improves sales effectiveness are not just limited to the points discussed here. In short, CPQs help sales personals efficiently convert their leads into potential customers & finally into customers. While it’s the sales team inside a business that uses CPQs, it must be implemented in tandem with other departments within the organization. Implement it right, and your business will have a practical & profitable sales process. To know more about CPQ, connect with us

Salesforce CPQ

Top 8 Salesforce CPQ features to optimize sales processes

CPQ is a sales tool for organizations to streamline their quoting process for efficiency and quicker closing of deals. The modern marketplace is evolving and growing, which means businesses also have to rapidly adapt and scale. 

Sales processes are getting more complex with organizations of all tiers deploying un-conventional sales processes to stick out amongst the competition. The success of the platform is evident from its growth, estimated to be at 20% through 2020. CPQ is feature-rich and customizable, allowing sales representatives to automate approvals, track their prices, and close deals faster. Furthermore, the platform is available to sales teams on every digital device 24/7, which also helps them in making quicker sales decisions and automating time-consuming manual tasks.

What cool features make CPQ unique?

  • Advanced approvals – With advanced approvals, sales representatives can save valuable time by setting up predefined approval pathways. Free from waiting for lengthy approval times, reps can focus on productivity and doing what they do best, close deals. 
  • Multi-dimensional quoting – With MDQ, organizations can build customized subscription packages for different segments of time. The name itself says it all, add dimensions to your quotes giving customers a wider range of options. MDQ gives sales representatives more flexibility when they are pitching different subscriptions to a service. 
  • Product Bundle A product bundle is a customized bundle of different products with one parent bundle for creating the best possible quote for clients. Additional products can be added that contribute to the bundle’s package price, users can also define option constraints to exclude product selection when a similar product is selected in the bundle. 
  • Product rules – With CPQ product rules, users can define conditions to ensure that customers cannot make options against your product’s unique guidelines. Product rules can be configured to add, remove, or hide options in a product bundle. 

Product rules contain related lists for Error Conditions, Actions, and Configuration Rules. 

  • Price rules – Another aspect of product rules is price rules, which are automated price calculations which are then updated to quote line fields.  Price rules determine the pre-configured conditions which can apply prices to a transaction. This feature is useful when there are products that affect each other’s prices in bundles. 
  • Custom Actions – While adding products to a quote, instead of always browsing through full product catalogues, users can configure custom actions as buttons on quotes where top-selling products can be viewed directly with the click of a button.

For example, a computer peripheral company creates custom actions that classify hardware and software as two separate actions. A search function can also be configured to sort through products more rapidly. This helps sales reps quickly create quotes for specific products.

  • Guided Selling – With Guided Selling, users can create a prompt that helps sales reps sort through a large product catalog, filter the products based on inputs, and quickly create quotes with exactly what they are looking for. At the beginning of every quote creation process, the guided selling prompt will present reps with a series of questions that will help them narrow down the products they are looking for.
  • Discount Schedule – Users can create discount schedules based on the sale, the 3 basic types are:

Volume Discount – Based on the quantity of the order.

Term Discount – Based on the number of years of subscription.

Cost Discount – Discount offered instead of the list price.

Discount schedules help users create customizable discount schedules depending on determinant factors.

These features are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the true prowess of Salesforce CPQ. Sales processes can be scaled to growth, while at the same time creating impressive customer experiences and brand loyalty. Do you want to know how to integrate this versatile application to your organization?

At CEPTES we have a decade of experience integrating Salesforce and it’s functionality to a broad range of industries, get in touch with us here.

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What is Salesforce CPQ or Configure, Price, Quote – [Infographic]

Enterprises are using various CPQ tools in order to enhance their business efficiency & revenue by engaging their sales reps in doing actual sales activities rather than spending more time in doing non-selling exercises. Salesforce CPQ is a powerful tool that helps sales reps quickly generate quotes for customer orders. Salesforce CPQ can work together with ERP systems and other external tools ensuring the highest data integrity & quote accuracy. 

Salesforce CPQ helps enterprises perform faster sales quote process with 10x faster quote generation, 95% lesser approval time, 2x faster quote to cash moving & 30% faster ramp for new sales reps. This also significantly improves the speed with 33% quicker quote generation, 30% quicker approval, 20% quicker quote to cash. Salesforce CPQ also helps enterprises enhance their quote accuracy with 35% lesser configuration error, 38% lesser pricing error, and 29% increased forecast accuracy. 

Check this infographic to know more about Salesforce CPQ & its capabilities. 

Salesforce CPQ

Top 5 Ways Salesforce CPQ can Boost your Business Efficiency

As per a recent Salesforce State of Sales report, sales reps spend 34% of their time in doing real sales while a startling 66% of their time in generating quotes, proposals, and getting approvals. Isn’t that surprising? In today’s world of fast-forward digitalization powered by sales utility tools, if sales reps are still spending almost two-thirds of their time in doing non-selling activities, it will certainly be going to hamper business efficiency along with loss of opportunities. 

CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote

To enhance business efficiency & revenue by engaging sales reps in doing real sales activities, progressive enterprises prefer using a tool such as Salesforce CPQ. CPQ which is primarily a sales utility tool, helps sales reps quickly generate quotes for orders. CPQ work in tandem with CRM solutions, ERP systems, and other external systems ensuring integrated data with accuracy. With CPQ, businesses can generate quotes that are automated according to a preprogrammed set of rules. The error-free quotes consider account quantities, discounts, customizations, optional features of products, multiple revenue types, and incompatibilities. Leading enterprises using Salesforce CPQ has observed:

  • 10x faster quote generation
  • 95% reduction in approval time
  • 2x faster moving from quote to cash
  • 30% quicker ramp for new reps

5 Ways Salesforce CPQ is helping enterprises

Here are 5 ways Salesforce CPQ can help an enterprise drive high efficiency by closing more deals with a shorten sales cycle:

Greater accuracy 

CPQ drives higher efficiency by integrating various aspects of a sales cycle including sales, service, renewals, finance and legal. This ensures sales reps won’t be dealing with configurations that aren’t possible financially or legally. This saves time of manual quoting and enables sales reps to create quotes with greater accuracy. The automation function will also ensure that errors can be avoided before they occur, leaving you with satisfied customers and happy salespeople. Though sales reps are going to primarily use the CPQ, however, you can optimize the tool in order to benefit the entire organization. CPQ analytics can help you with accurate demand and product trends. 

Standardized processes with larger collaboration & reduced costs

An enterprise has different entities such as sales, service, finance, legal and many more that are siloed. CPQ collaborates with all the entities and allows seamless communication during a sales cycle. From generating an order to quote sending, invoice sending, payment receiving, auditing, and order fulfillment, CPQ integrates with your existing business technology & siloed entities to make the entire process smoother & standardized. CPQ has a great ability to integrate with ERP systems and connects sales with operations. CPQ with ERP can potentially reduce high operational costs.

Enhanced sales efficiency & reduced time

As mentioned before, a sales rep spends roughly 34% of his time doing actual sales related work. This leads to multiple challenges such as reduced efficiency, minimized sales, and longer sales cycles. With a streamlined process, sales reps can avoid doing non-selling jobs and spend more time in prospecting, meeting customers, cold calling, etc. So that when it comes to close the deal and start the transaction, CPQ can accurately configure products, apply pricing discounts, have preprogrammed approvals to fasten the process. This will enhance efficiency and save a lot of time. 

Increased revenue & business transparency

A Salesforce report shows that companies that use a Salesforce CPQ software increase their average deal size by a whopping 105%. CPQ allows enterprises to ensure that they get the most out of their sales deals by analyzing sales pipelines and having a deal profitability analysis in order to offer financially viable and successful quotes through automated streamlined processes. CPQ with Einstein Analytics can really help sales reps maximize revenue opportunities with actionable insights. Insights can also help you identify what works for you and where improvements are needed. Custom dashboards can also be accessed with CPQ in order to identify top customers, successful pricing models, and opportunities. 

Quote-to-Cash: On the fly

One of the most significant factors of the sales cycle is timely communication & round the clock accessibility. Salesforce CPQ enables sales reps with greater visibility across the sales cycle from anywhere using any device. Sales reps can offer deals based on revenue goals, margins, pricing models, and legal factors. They can also send quotes, access reports, dashboards on the go. 

CEPTES for Salesforce CPQ Requirements

As a Salesforce platform specialist, we have successfully implemented Salesforce CPQ solutions in various enterprises. Salesforce certified developers at CEPTES will help you maximize your revenue with minimum time & cost. Schedule a meeting today.