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Salesforce Managed Services
Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce Managed Services versus In-house Team: Find the Right Choice

Salesforce is a fast-evolving platform that comes with frequent updates, releases, and new features. To get the most out of your Salesforce org, you need to ensure that your CRM never stays behind in the competitive curve. Businesses require constant enhancements, optimizations, performance checks, modifications, and integrations to keep aligned with platform features and capabilities.

New features, regular upgrades, and even the first shift to Salesforce CRM can be perplexing and difficult for staff. Therefore, companies usually hire an in-house team of Salesforce admins to manage just that. But, today we are seeing a new surge of companies resorting to Salesforce Managed Services instead of going with the traditional way of hiring a full-time team.

In this article, we discuss what Salesforce Managed Services is and its advantages over hiring an in-house team of Salesforce admins.

What is Salesforce Managed Services?

Salesforce managed services are a scalable, cost-effective, and flexible approach to monitoring the development and status of Salesforce products in your company. These services can assist you in detecting and resolving any issues you may be experiencing by providing a team of professionals to keep your Salesforce apps up and running. 

This, as a result, allows you to focus on growing your business rather than worrying about background duties such as frequent upgrades, security checks, and other Salesforce administration tasks.

 Some of the many tasks performed by Salesforce Managed Services are: 

  • Implementing best practices in your Salesforce org
  • Creating a detailed Salesforce roadmap aligning with your business strategy
  • Ensuring the performance of your Salesforce instance
  • Increasing your Return on Investment
  • Keeping up with all the new releases and incorporating them into your CRM
  • Building customized apps, reports, etc. that are exclusive to your business needs
  • To keep all processes in sync, keep an eye on any technical debt and merge new functionality.

Advantages of Salesforce Managed Services over In-house Team

Today, companies are moving from a full-time in-house team of Salesforce admin to Salesforce Managed Services. Not only is this a cheaper and more reliable choice, but also has many other advantages that can increase your ROI of the Salesforce Platform. 

  • More scalable than its counterpart

The requirements, objectives, expectations, and goals of your business will change as it grows. You may rest confident that your company’s requirements and needs will be given top priority when opting for Salesforce-managed services. This choice makes scaling up and down your services simple. When compared to traditional project staffing, they can change resources up or down with little lead time.

In times of company booms or crises, these experts will be just a phone call or a click away. When compared with an in-house team, they will, without a doubt be more experienced and skilled and will be able to fix any problem more swiftly and efficiently.

  • You spend less money with Salesforce Managed Services

Saving money on operating expenses is the beggest advantage Salesforce Managed Services have over an in-house team. Managed service contracts are designed to help organizations get the most bang for their buck. They are cost-effective and competitive for your company. 

You won’t need to pay for a full-time in-house team since you won’t have one. Rather, you will be charged per service or hourly, allowing you to budget for it and estimate the expenditures. When you add up all of your bills and compare them to the monthly charge, you’ll see that it’s a lot less.

  • You Get updated with all the new features and add-ons

Salesforce is without a doubt one of the top customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions available today.  However, constant upgrades and additions, as well as numerous extra add-ons, can make it impossible for your in-house team to stay updated all the time.

Salesforce-managed services assist businesses in staying on track and ensuring that critical changes are made. They offer expertise in different Salesforce Clouds and often have years of experience on hand with the platform. Significant changes are updated rapidly, and every task is completed automatically. This allows you to stay ahead of the competition, which is what any business needs.

  • Efficient Solution

Another advantage of Salesforce Managed Services over the in-house team is that it eliminates the time and energy needed to hire full-time staff. There is no time wasted in bringing the crew on board or settling them in. They start working as soon as they sign up, and all you have to do now is choose your provider.

  • You get Industry Expertise

Salesforce managed services provide scalable, on-demand professional expertise to help you manage, optimize, maintain, and evolve your Salesforce instance and related technologies. These experts are in a unique position to assist you in maximizing the value of the Salesforce platform for your target market and internal stakeholders. You hire specialists with years of expertise and talents with Salesforce Managed Services. They know how to deal with commercial highs and lows professionally. 

That might not be the case with an in-house team, as you most probably will only obtain access to a certain skill set or a tiny cross-section of Salesforce experience with them. 

To Sum Up

Companies, small or big, who use Salesforce and want to get the most out of its capabilities can benefit from the added direction and support. With Salesforce Managed Services, you get professionals who have extensive expertise and experience across the entire Salesforce product range. And the best part-  they can always be scaled to meet your needs efficiently and at a price that is affordable,  Interested in learning more? You can click here to contact us.

Salesforce Managed Services
Salesforce, Salesforce Managed Services

Why should you Hire Salesforce Managed Services Experts?

When looking for the most versatile and powerful business tools online, Salesforce is often the first resort. The world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform offers a host of functionalities, features, tools, services, products, and sources for seamless business management. 

However, this same expanse of the platform often poses a significant challenge to users, who might not understand and implement the platform’s vastness thoroughly. While Salesforce is simple and automated to a great extent, its development and implementation might turn out to be complicated. 

Third-party consulting partners like Ceptes emerge as a reliable alternative in this scenario, enabling the business to explore the unlimited potential of the platform. While ensuring rapid growth and customer satisfaction, these Salesforce consulting firms are equipped with a diverse team of experienced experts to serve your needs. 

Here are the top 6 benefits of hiring a third-party consultant for Salesforce Managed Services if you are giving it a thought.

  • A Cost-Effective Alternative 

As the cutting-edge SaaS platform, Salesforce can be handled only by highly-trained specialists. Hiring a full-time, on-premises consultant for taking the platform would require you to regularly pay them a fixed salary, no matter whether you need their services every day or not. Let there be no doubt that Salesforce professionals are highly in demand and, therefore, could cost you a moon.

Hiring a third-party consultant could prove to be a much more cost-effective solution instead. Salesforce-managed service providers need to be hired (and paid) only when their services are required.

  • Niche Expertise at Your Call 

Salesforce consultancy firms comprise not just coders or developers. Instead, their team consists of a well-balanced team of experts on business processes, KPIs, goals, data analysis, and more. 

Simply put, hiring third-party Salesforce consultants enables you to access analytical and problem-solving niche expertise so that you can easily map your business objectives with Salesforce features. From anticipating and mitigating risks to improving business operations for greater efficiency, you have a team of experts with diverse backgrounds and unique awareness domains at your disposal. 

  • No Expenses on Training 

The Salesforce CRM platform boasts continuous and frequent updates to its feature and architecture. Therefore, any Salesforce professional needs to equip themselves with the latest and accurate information. 

If you end up hiring an in-house Salesforce consultant, you would also be required to bear additional expenses on their training to stay abreast of the latest trends and technological advancements related to the platform. 

On the other hand, hiring a third-party consultant firm saves you from all the time, effort, and money you would have to put into such a training exercise. Salesforce-managed service providers keep themselves updated and trained in the expertise they are selling, and you get to stay ahead of the curve automatically. 

  • Remote Services Available 24/7

While in-house consultants would be available only during fixed working hours and might take short or long leaves from time to time, third-party consultants are never unavailable. Most Salesforce managed service providers, including us at Ceptes, offer 24/7 all-day-round support to clients. All you need is to get in touch to have your queries answered or problems resolved. 

Another advantage of hiring a third-party consultant is the option of availing their services remotely. You do not have to build additional on-premises infrastructure for procuring such a service with outsourced consultants. Salesforce, after all, is a cloud-based platform that can be managed remotely with ease. You are promised speed and efficiency of service and a proactive consultant at your disposal. 

  • Instant Scalability and Flexibility 

Hiring an in-house consultant restricts you from scaling up operations unless you hire additional resources. After all, there is only so much responsibility that you can thrust upon an individual at your firm. Once hired for a particular set of roles, it is challenging to scale their services up or down flexibly. 

This is not the case with a third-party consulting firm, partnering with which gives you the convenient option of scaling services up and down overnight. It is the responsibility of the consultant to adjust their services as per your needs and demands. You might even choose to hire a bigger team of consultants that provides you comprehensive services in a single package.  

  • Seamless Collaboration 

With the array of services that a Salesforce Consultant like Ceptes provides, businesses can expect more straightforward and hassle-free collaboration among their own team. This is because everyone can be on the same page, with the consultant relaying information to all members. Once different staff members have access to unified data and understanding of the Salesforce platform, the room for seamless collaboration is already built. 

  • Leverage the Benefits of Salesforce Managed Service Providers Today!

While Salesforce enables businesses a robust digital transformation, an experienced Salesforce consultancy firm helps you supercharge your experience and understanding of the platform. At Ceptes, we are helping our clients achieve exactly that, offering fully customized Salesforce implementation enhancing critical business procedures and workflows. 

As experts in Sales, Service, and Marketing Clouds, our team enables your business to seamlessly integrate various solutions and analytics to uncover actionable business insights. We also offer end-to-end Salesforce solutions tailored for niche industries along with opportunity evaluation for the entire lifecycle. 

Are you interested in extending your team with our certified Salesforce managed services? Request a consultation today, and explore the benefits of hiring us as your strategic partner!

Salesforce, Salesforce Managed Services

What are the benefits of using Salesforce Managed Services?

Innovation in technology has brought a huge paradigm shift in today’s global marketplace. Businesses are using innovative technology to transform their business operations. They are also able to understand the prospects of their companies’ growth and generate communications that contribute to the same. Since every customer is different in terms of choices, a company must be careful in acknowledging and capitalizing on their needs and requirements.

How can Salesforce Managed Services help in this regard? How can they make sure that your business runs in an excellent manner and address all issues effectively? Well, let us try to answer these queries.

Salesforce-managed services indicate a series of processes that enable companies to work on their sales with the help of professional salesforce managers, specialists, etc. What it does is assist in administering sales and records, understanding marketing analytics, arrangement of workflows, etc. Salesforce-managed services help you in saving time and effort concerning resources, workforce, and expenses.

Salesforce Managed Services support all kinds of businesses. When a company incorporates Salesforce, it seeks to have an easier workspace by capitalizing on the functionality of  Salesforce. These services can help in a diverse range of fields and boost the growth and prosperity of a company.

Below are 8 reasons to go for Salesforce Managed Services:

  • Less Cost, More Efficacy:

    These services are cost-effective and generate efficient results. If you sign up for these services, you are sure to invest way less than others in the sector. It does not cost much to maintain a full-time Salesforce staff and you would be immensely satisfied with the results.

In addition to this, you just have to spend per service/ project arrangement. With salesforce managed services, your business, operations, and staff; all of these are taken care of.

  • Excellent Management:

    Salesforce-managed services help you to tackle challenges regarding data management, sales management, etc. It will highlight various problems related to the business and help you to work on fixing these without wasting much time. Not taking care of these matters can seriously affect your business.

  • Conveniently Manageable Services:

    Salesforce guarantees that all devices are updated as per the upgrades and security procedures. What it essentially ensures is that your company’s data quality is enhanced and nothing hampers customer interaction and experience. It thus helps to improve upon the quality of business and helps you to take appropriate business decisions. With these services, you will be able to make good business decisions and indulge in the right kind of strategies as far as marketing is concerned.

  • A huge relief for IT:

    Salesforce identifies IT risks and handles these matters easily. You do not need to appoint a designated IT professional to do so. It is a centralized platform, which makes sure to monitor your company’s IT network without much hassle. This allows the in-house IT team to engage in better processes and work on the expansion of other avenues.

  • Maximizes sales:

    Salesforce Services help companies to maximize sales and generate better revenue. Rather than spending on the in-house team to tackle these issues, it is better to rely on Salesforce. Salesforce Managed Services perform the required operations seamlessly and thus give enough scope for the company’s better in various other spheres. Managing data in the right manner is the key to arresting loopholes in the company. Since Salesforce-managed services enable you to save a lot of time, result-oriented operations can be undertaken successfully.

  • Accessibility:

    Salesforce-managed services ensure easy accessibility to all documents yet provide appropriate authorization when needed. If you want to differentiate between the productive and not-so-productive aspects of your company, then Salesforce is the way forward. 

It allows employees to access information gathered by the analyses and work on factors that enhance the company’s performance. This also helps in boosting effectiveness. Monitoring the status of emails, job positions, conversations, etc. becomes convenient with Salesforce-managed services. It also prevents the risk of blackouts. When these issues are taken care of, your company can always work on other facts of the company, ensuring optimum productivity and growth.

  • Availability:

    What this means is that Salesforce ensures the availability of a professional round the clock. When you have a crisis, the professional to assist you would be just a call away. Sometimes, having an in-house team for these matters is not beneficial. Since the functionality is being taken care of remotely, the issues of availability never arise. This helps the company work with clear goals and requirements. Since the assistance is quick, the next steps from there also remain timely. Also, any modifications required for further assignments can be done smoothly.

  • Focused and up-to-date functionality:

    If your company is invested in taking care of issues that can be addressed by an external agent, then the focus of the company shifts. This is where Salesforce becomes the right tool. By processing data in an efficient manner, you can now make better business decisions. 

If Salesforce takes care of a wide array of processes for your company, you can definitely utilize the saved time and energy on other marketing and sales strategies. That is why Salesforce Managed Services prove to be worthy. Opting for it will not only help you in ensuring a phenomenal market presence, but it will also help in staying ahead of competitors.

Whether you have a startup or a company that has stayed in the sector for some years now, you must opt for Salesforce Managed Services for a seamless experience. This will help you to be future-ready and offer insights into a variety of aspects required for the success of your company. With Salesforce Managed Services, your business will prosper like never before!

Salesforce Managed Services from CEPTES assists you in creating a clear Salesforce roadmap. Connect with us today.

Salesforce, Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce Managed Services- Why you need the experts

Salesforce is known worldwide as one of the best CRM platforms. However, with your ever-evolving business models as well as Salesforce’s tools, it becomes quite difficult to stay on top of the latest features and functionalities. With a proactive approach rather than the same-old reactive approach, Salesforce Managed Services aim to nip any potential problems in the bud.

Most of the companies have their own de facto administrators. Others use the services of outsourced professional services. This method of working proves costly and needs to be altered frequently, in accordance with new features of Salesforce, as well as changes in the company’s operations. With Salesforce Managed Services, a company can leverage the expertise of the Salesforce admin team for much lesser costs than it takes to hire in-house personnel. Your Managed Services Provider assigns resources to handle various tasks, from administrative tasks, custom development, bug-fixes, user training, data migration, release management, etc.

The benefits of Salesforce Managed Services are numerous, and the most advantageous ones are discussed below:

Dedicated team

The Salesforce Managed Services provider gives you a dedicated team of experts focussed on ensuring that Salesforce is running effectively as per your business. This means that your employees need not concern themselves with administrative tasks, they can instead focus on the core products and services. With a proactive approach, your Managed Services partners make forward-looking decisions to adapt to any future technological changes, thereby streamlining your operations.

User Engagement

Using these services improves user engagement. Any queries about the features and updates can be answered quickly and easily by the Salesforce experts. The experts will train the users and let them know the best ways to use the platform. With extensive technical experience, the experts are equipped to handle all types of customer concerns. You can, therefore, entrust the job of resolving customer queries to the experts.

Updates and critical issues

Updates and security patches are often very frequent, and it is difficult to keep up with them. With Salesforce Managed Services, companies need not concern themselves over keeping up with them; it gets handled automatically. A Salesforce Managed Service provider will inform you of critical changes that you may otherwise ignore and will ensure that your systems are up to date with Salesforce’s latest patches and updates.


As opposed to full-time specialists that charge a premium, the pay-as-you-go model of Managed Services is highly flexible and scalable. The team of experts is available whenever you need them and you pay only when the services are provided. Whether you need work done once a week or once a quarter, the team is available accordingly, round the clock. The experts take the time to become well versed with your company’s system, internal setup, and its requirements.

Risk Identification

Managed Services enable you to identify risks at an early stage, reducing the potential damage considerably. Instead of wasting time and effort in damage control, you can focus on your core competencies. By anticipating risks and needs in advance, you can deliver the best services by expending less. This makes Managed Services extremely cost-effective and versatile.

Flexible Team

Your Managed Services Provider gives you access to experts of every role that you require, at any stage. You can get just an administration expert when you’re rolling out your platform, you can get a developer during the development phase, and so on. In this way, Managed Services offers you the flexibility to get experts as per your requirements.

To summarize, Managed Services offer expert help that adapts to your needs, scales with your operations, promotes flexibility, and allows your employees to focus on your core competencies so that you can make the best out of Salesforce. To know more, please get in touch with our Salesforce managed service experts.