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5 Ways Service Cloud is Driving Innovation in Service Industry

Salesforce Service Cloud is raining the corporate world today because of its amazing power to help businesses better manage their customers (CRM), cut costs, augment operational efficiency, reach out to the new markets, make customers/clients happy, and discover new revenue sources. 

Cloud is driving innovation in the service industry by introducing agility and delivering outstanding value to modern businesses. 

In enterprises across the globe, the adoption of the cloud has now moved way beyond just attaining agility in technology or powering innovation at business.


How Service Cloud is Transforming Businesses?

Cloud is today, driving complete transformation across enterprises. A vast majority of modern enterprises, of small-size to mid-size and large-scale, have now become cloud-powered innovators. 

These innovator businesses are taking advantage of the Salesforce Service Cloud for venturing into new markets and industries, and for forging unique business models, and transforming & augmenting customer experience.

Innovators across industries leverage the cloud for creating new products & services and incorporate innovative channels/payment options in business models. 

Such is the power of the Salesforce Service Cloud that it helps innovators make the most of available skills across their ecosystems for crafting new capabilities to operate better. 

This, in turn, helps them shift business/industry economics to their own advantage. Salesforce Service Cloud is best suited for driving innovation across industries that one of the key risks facing cloud-enabled trailblazers is a “swift follower” business competitor applying cloud’s power for leapfrogging and advancing over them.



Salesforce Service Cloud Empowers the Service Industry to:

  • Better manage their sales activities and contacts
  • Boost their win rates significantly
  • Increase revenue by 30% and more
  • Multiply sales productivity by more than 35%
  • Improve and expand the features of services while enhancing ease-of-use
  • Craft sophisticated and smooth customer journey to fit their (customers’) unique contexts and preferences
  • Swiftly prototype, create and deploy services
  • Reach out to newer marketplaces and customers
  • Foray into new industry and segment


Some five-six years ago, most enterprises started adopting cloud with the sole purpose of cutting costs and streamlining their IT infrastructure. Now, there is a huge possibility of any organization being trumped by your competition if you still haven’t harnessed the immense power and capability of the cloud for achieving innovation in your business.  


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Can the Service Industry use Cloud for Driving Innovation? If Yes, How?

If the cloud is still beyond your reach and you are wondering how it can help drive innovation in your business, let me explain and help you understand it. When everything is on the cloud, you save the time, effort, and space required to maintain heavy documents. 

At the same time, you save the hassle of transferring data among different departments. With the Salesforce collaboration cloud, collaboration, teamwork, and customer relationship management (CRM) become so easy and that helps businesses provide better quality services to their customers. And, needless to say, happy customers mean more loyal customers and more business.

Deploying the Salesforce Service Cloud strategy can be pivotal for running and completely transforming the operations in your organization on the cloud, bringing costs down, improving agility, and for providing end-to-end solutions that are in compliance with the set standards.

When you move your enterprise on the cloud, there appears a totally new set of challenges and these include:

  • Security
  • Downtime
  • Compliance
  • Budget constraints


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Summing Up 

With CEPTES, you can make your digital journey smooth while ensuring uninterrupted innovation and rapid product rollouts.

CEPTES is here to make you tackle all the above-mentioned challenges and deploy cloud securely, cost-effectively, and efficiently, so you are able to respond to the market quickly and in real-time and enhance innovation across the organization. We combine our expertise in the cloud with cutting-edge industry tools, best practices, and processes to deliver the best cloud solutions that are packaged as a fully-fledged managed service deployed and hosted on secure and reliable cloud architecture.

We are here to help you integrate, completely managed cloud services approach for infrastructure, security, and application. A preconfigured landscape of core applications with tailored workflow and integration capabilities, IT & business operations, and cloud hosting support. To know more, get in touch with us or schedule a demo here. 

Service Cloud

How the new Service Cloud Voice & Amazon Connect Integration will help Enterprises Improve Customer Service

Last week, Salesforce announced the much anticipated general availability of Service Cloud Voice which they first declared at Dreamforce’19. Service Cloud Voice brings together phone, digital channels, and CRM data into the Service Cloud unified console in real-time. This also provides transcription capabilities to mitigate the time & effort required for data entry and leveraged the power of AI for agent recommendation. 

Service Cloud Voice

The Service Cloud Voice functionality allows service agents to attend customer phone calls assigned to them directly in the work environment rather than switching different systems. The console works as a centralized hub where service agents can manage customer data & interaction history. They can also help customers with their queries directly from the console through all contact channels. Service Cloud Voice also allows supervisors to watch and listen to the conversations live between service agents and customers in order to make enhancements whenever required. 

AWS Connect Integration

Salesforce has extended its partnership with AWS to offer Service Cloud customers pre-integrated Service Cloud Voice in Amazon Connect to deliver a comprehensive contract center solution that brings voice conversations, digital channels, and CRM data in real-time. Amazon Connect is a cloud-based and AI-enabled contact center. With the cloud-based telephony solution, Service Cloud Voice will offer a more consistent phone support system for service providers. 

With the pre-integrated cloud telephony, automated speech recognition, and sentiment analysis from Amazon Connect inside the Salesforce platform, Service Cloud Voice also enables seamless omnichannel routing set-up for the phone along with other communication channels to help service agents deliver real-time enterprise-grade customer support.  

AWS Connect offers customers a personalized experience and is designed to manage massive workloads. This is also powered by AI which can help service agents leverage AI to automate customer interactions and enhance customer support delivery.

How Service Cloud customers will be benefited?

With the above developments, Service Cloud customers can leverage the power of both Salesforce & AWS and integrate the service agents, supervisors, and customers together in real-time. Below are some of the top benefits:

  • Enhanced service agent productivity
  • Real-time supervisor visibility
  • A highly streamlined omnichannel operations
  • AI-driven recommendations

In the current situation when workplaces have become virtual and offering excellent customer service is crucial, enterprises are looking out for the best ways to manage the increased service requests in order to help their customers drive the uncertainty of COVID-19. Call centers are now going through rapid changes and they are still trying to figure out the efficient remote work models & digital tools which can help them boost productivity. With this timely launch, Salesforce will certainly take the capabilities of Service Cloud for customer service to the next level.

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3 Ways Salesforce is Transforming The Hi-Tech Industry

Hi-Tech is one of the highly competitive industry and has witnessed an enormous transformation in the past several years. To remain competitive, technology service providers must offer innovative solutions with short product life cycles. As Hi-Tech companies usually operate in a global environment and often address very specific business needs, they are expected to deliver a higher state of customer support. In today’s era of higher customer demands, High-Tech service providers can’t afford to use mediocre processes and poorly integrated systems. 

As technology continues to grow and advance, automating various business processes are essential. To offer personalized solutions and drive higher customer engagements, Hi-Tech companies must implement an integrated digital platform to obtain a complete view of their customers. Salesforce has been the first choice CRM for most of the leading Hi-Tech companies – and here at CEPTES, we have been helping technology service providers in Salesforce implementation to accelerate business growth.

A 360-degree customer view: Unifying the customer experience 

Hi-Tech service providers can leverage Salesforce to achieve a 360-degree  customer view. This allows them to deliver a highly personalized experience. One centralized system will efficiently manage the entire customer life cycle including invoice, renewal, support, communication, etc. everything from one place. This will save time spent on multiple systems and enable the service providers to deliver a unified cross-channel customer experience. A 360-degree customer view will supercharge sales teams. 

Often technology service providers grapple to engage their customers because of siloed systems. Salesforce offers seamless integration with external systems and tools that leads to a powerful integrated system and deliver smarter services and customer experience. 

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Omni-channel customer service with a connected workforce

Salesforce’s Service Cloud empowers Hi-Tech field service agents to access and update customer data on the go. The integration of Service Cloud and Einstein Analytics make customer service highly efficient. Hi-Tech service agents can have an integrated mobile, live chat, email, and web self-service access to deliver seamless customer service from anywhere. Cases can be closed faster with automation and AI, fast & intelligent self-service can be offered, and future needs can be predicted to keep the conversation flowing. Hi-Tech companies can offer real-time chat support to their customers using the Salesforce platform. 

Deliver faster results with higher customer engagement

Customer engagement ratio is very quiet in the Hi-Tech industry and Salesforce is efficiently addressing this challenge with it’s Marketing Cloud platform. With a 360-degree customer view, marketers can compile customer data and create segments to run personalized marketing campaigns. It is very important for the Hi-Tech industry to segment their customers as they operate on a global scale with a lot of data. 

Two-way real-time customer engagement can be created and each individual customer journey can be personalized. Marketing campaigns can be evaluated across all digital channels leveraging AI and Google Analytics 360. Either you offer B2B or B2C technological solutions, you can embrace Salesforce offered integrated digital marketing platform to unify data sources, segment customers, personalize engagements, and evaluate campaign effectiveness.

CEPTES Offerings for Hi-Tech Companies

We bring our decades of Hi-Tech industry experience and Salesforce domain expertise to your projects and our offerings for High-Tech industry include implementing, integrating, and enhancing Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Salesforce Analytics, Pardot, Einstein Analytics. Contact us to know more about how our Salesforce offerings for Hi-Tech companies can help you deliver a whole new level of customer experience and accelerate sales growth. 

Explore our Salesforce solutions.

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Top Benefits of using Service Cloud for Customer Service

When it comes to choosing the best solution in order to offer enterprise-level customer service, you often find multiple options. However, selecting the right platform and technology can help you offer excellent customer experience. Salesforce offers Service Cloud, which is the #1 platform for customer service helps organizations improve their customer service standards and drive better user experience while reducing costs.

Service Cloud helps customer service teams in closing cases faster by leveraging AI & automation, offering intelligent self-service and personalized customer care and also predict needs to keep the conversation flowing. Service Cloud features allow customer service teams to support their customers in real-time using live chat tools while the customers are inside their app or on the website.

Service Cloud capabilities are transforming customer service processes and widely considered as the undisputed top customer service solution for businesses of all sizes. Let’s have a look at the top reasons why your company should use Service Cloud at first place.

Offer excellent customer service from the word ‘Go’

Service Cloud is a highly scalable platform that fits your current needs and grows as your customer base expands. The highly integrated platform enables customer service teams to run as efficiently as possible. Service Cloud offers out-of-the-box usability which helps your team work more effectively. All the right functionalities keep your organization’s customer service process run smoothly.

Aligned with the latest trends & technologies

Service Cloud users can stay aligned with the latest trends and technologies in customer service. Lightning Service Console helps you populate your dashboard with the right information you need from across multiple platforms. You can keep all your customer information organized in one centralized location. Service Wave allows you to observe how your customer team performs in real-time with a robust analytics tool. Service Cloud feature Omni Routing help customer service teams get better with detailed performance metrics.

You can also track important KPIs for your company with the help of Service Wave Analytics. It is important for every enterprise to have a comprehensive view of their customer service department’s activities including average response time for customer queries, and customer satisfaction ratings. Service Cloud reports can help you get a clear direction and quantitative ways to improve.

Personalized customer experience

Customer service is an integral part of your customer experience with any company. Analytics data can be used to better understand your customers. The more you understand your customers, the more you can personalize your service. Service Cloud feature Lightning Console can be used to view case history and trends for each customer to minimize redundant questions and help customers faster with immediate, detailed information. Live Agent can be used to offer real-time chat support as soon as a customer lands on your website. Social Customer Service functionality helps you respond seamlessly when customers reach out over social media channels so that you can interact with your customers across various touchpoints.

Every customer expects to be treated as an individual, and the only way you can offer personalized customer experience is by keeping detailed records of every interaction in one centralized location. A robust customer service platform like Service Cloud will do this with ease and highest efficiency.  

Simplify customer service process & improve customer service agent’s productivity

Service Cloud helps you improve each of your customer service agent’s performance based on empirical data and customize your customer service process to best suit your needs. Omni-Channel Presence and Routing feature can help you prioritize cases based on priority. Dispatcher Console will send a case to the right mobile employee for fast action. List service appointments promptly and accurately with the help of Smart Scheduling feature. The best way to keep your customer service process and team run efficiently are by managing the workflow. Scheduling and routing tasks to the right agent ensure quick customer case resolve.

One of the best Service Cloud features Field Service Lightning helps you manage reps in the field and work orders. You can track progress and help field workers manage their workload.

Work from anywhere

Service Cloud allows you to help your customers from anywhere. Salesforce1 Mobile App helps employees see all the customer details they need to get the job done using their mobile devices. This easy accessibility means no customer service request is unheard, even when your service agents are away from their desk.  

From offering service training to new service agents to working with your biggest customers, all you need is a robust platform that keeps you, your employees, and your customers aligned with your business. This must ensure your customer service team works like a well-oiled machine. Service Cloud helps you close deals faster, offer intelligent self-service, personalize customer care and predict needs, and drive service productivity from the call center to the field.

Get in touch with the best Service Cloud Consultants

CEPTES offers end-to-end Salesforce Service Cloud solutions ranging from implementation, consulting, migration, support, and enhancement. Our Salesforce certified Service Cloud consultants are experts in optimizing customer support processes and we are one of the pioneers in offering Salesforce Service Cloud implementation services to business of every size and nature. Get in touch today!

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Salesforce added new Einstein AI capabilities & Quip in the Service Cloud

Salesforce has announced that they are going to introduce new artificial intelligence and productivity solutions to empower customer service agents through Service Cloud. The newly added features will help service agents to focus more on delivering the human side of service including intelligence, critical thinking and problem-solving. As delivering excellent customer service is rapidly influencing businesses, the role of service agents is quickly shifting. With the new AI-powered recommendations, automated routing, and embedded productivity and collaboration capabilities, Salesforce is transforming customer service teams to meet today’s customer service needs.

Service agent’s role is growing with AI adoption

With Einstein AI, service agents are rapidly shifting their focus from a case-centric approach to a customer-centric approach. The new AI solutions are helping service agents answer queries, and partially automating various processes. As per the third edition of the Salesforce State of Service report, 82% of the service leaders believe their customer service function must transform in order to stay competitive, and 77% of the service based organizations are planning to invest significantly in service agent training. This will impact a service agent’s role, as 71% of service agents believe their jobs are more strategic than two years ago and 75% saying their organizations are now considering them as brand ambassadors as they are on the front lines of all customer interactions.

New Einstein AI additions;

Over the years, Salesforce kept on adding new Einstein capabilities into their Service Cloud. Einstein Bots and Einstein Case Classifications were the last additions. Recently Salesforce has added four new capabilities;

  • Einstein Reply Recommendations

Einstein will include natural language processing to instantly suggest the best responses to service agents over the chat and messaging. This will save significant time and enhance the quality of the responses to customer requests.

  • Einstein Article Recommendations

Einstein Article Recommendations will automatically recommend the best knowledge articles to service agents, empowering them with the right information they need while resolving customer cases quickly.

  • Einstein Next Best Action

This will embrace business rules and predictive intelligence to suggest the next action a service agent should take while interacting with a customer. This will enhance customer satisfaction and will initiate up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

  • Einstein Case Routing

This feature will completely automate the case routing process with machine learning that filters cases and sends it to the right queue or agent based on their skills and abilities based on their past expertise.

Empowering Collaboration: Quip for Service Cloud

The other important announcement from Salesforce was the availability of Quip on Service Cloud. Previously, service agents were spending more time in searching answers for customer queries by going through huge documentation, checking with other teams, switching multiple applications etc. This took out their focus from customer engagement. With the introduction of Quip for Service, service agents can access the collaboration tool to create, update and collaborate documents across their organization. This will definitely enhance customer service standards and enrich the customer experience.

Quip for Service allows agents to co-author documents, and help them resolve complex customer problems. This will also have live collaborative conversations directly within the case record. Admins can create and publish Quip templates in the agent console, as well as customize them based on various use cases and needs.

Salesforce bought Quip in 2016 for $750 million and till date Quip was a standalone product. Salesforce also said that they have embedded Quip in their Sales Cloud.

What does this mean for Salesforce Service Cloud users?

These newly added features will fundamentally change how various service agents are currently working. Salesforce is rapidly including Einstein AI in its portfolio. The latest additions in the Service Cloud will enable service agents to transform their roles and focus more on customer deliverables such as higher engagements and customer satisfaction. Quip for Service will allow service agents in easy collaboration and will become a viable alternative to various office automation tools. This will surely reduce huge office tool license costs.


CEPTES offers Salesforce Service Cloud Solutions

CEPTES offers end-to-end Salesforce Service Cloud solutions ranging from implementation, consulting, migration, support, and enhancement. Our Salesforce certified Service Cloud consultants are experts in optimizing customer support processes and we are one of the pioneers in offering Salesforce Service Cloud implementation services to business of every size and nature. We can help your service agents close deals faster, offer intelligent self-service, personalize customer care and predict needs, and drive service productivity from the call center to the field. Get in touch with our Service Cloud experts today!