Cloud Solutions

Sales Cloud:

The Sales Cloud service is all about more selling and less administration. CEPTES provides the full spectrum of tools required to connect with customers. Beginning from comprehensive account mapping indulging into the social insights, all is available in one place with CEPTES.


CEPTES’s expert consultants bring best service in Sales cloud implementation and customization for customers around the globe. Our implementation teams help enterprises reach targets faster with the help of new approaches to sales metrics, revenue forecasts and also opportunity tracking and reporting.


Sales Cloud implementation enables customers to:         

  • Close deals faster
  • Gain the real-time visibility into sales
  • Connect with all social customers


Service Cloud:

The Service Cloud implementation recognize that each client has unique needs and processes. Therefore we offer wide range of solutions and options, tailored to individual model for attending the needs of customer centric services.


CEPTES is also known to bring enterprises innovation from Salesforce®, such as chatter, contact center, social media and communities, live agent and even analytics, each of which may be customized to heighten the value for customer community.


Service Cloud implementation enables customers to:

  • Implement, with strong alliance and collaboration with strategic teams
  • Make technological spread with, Informatica, Cognos and so on.
  • Gain expertise and broad experience, with both technical and functional resources; Certified Administrators, Developers & Consultants.


Marketing Cloud:

Marketing Cloud is all about maximizing profitability with Marketing Cloud Automation.


CEPTES delivers more strategic support to the sales team and helps to close business more efficiently using cloud-based marketing automation. Your marketing group is taking on more responsibility for the revenue generated today. They can simply add to your database the purchased leads lists, inbound buzz, without a way to properly manage the inflow.


CEPTES provides Marketing cloud solutions that support both the marketing and sales teams to keep up with the augmented flow of leads and assure lead quality. This means that there are more proven program success, turning inquiries into prospects and prospects into customers.


Technological Solutions of CEPTES:

  • Lead Generation
  • Customized lead conversion processes
  • Expertise in sales processes
  • Social Marketing
  • Marketing ROI tracking and reporting


Marketing Cloud implementation enables customers to:

  • Attend successful Marketing Automation
  • Make accurate Sales and Marketing Systems Integration
  • Attend to the current trends of Marketing Optimization
  • Provide for authentic Marketing Analytics
  • Ensure correct vendor selection

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