Concord Box Implementation with CEPTES

December 8, 2017by Admin

As companies move towards the clouds, a complete new generation of software are being implemented. Hence, implementation is becoming more organized and effective in its cycles. Real-time data and analytics are being used for correct implementation. Hence, Box Implementation can more efficiently leverage precise solutions and effective integration.

The Box Implementation is no easy plug-and-play system to accomplish, but requires deep understanding of both Box and implementation process, and as well some coding around it. Concord, one of the leading market leaders, wanted to achieve a solution to create multiple folders in a hierarchal structure in Box.

Here CEPTES played a very important role, with lacing this implementation on spot with Concord. The requirement was for a solution that could indeed help them create one proper hierarchal structure. They were looking to build and implement the following:

  • Child objects folder should be created under the parent object folder in a hierarchy and not at the root folder
  • While creating Child object folders, that additionally defined sub-folders to be created within the object folder in Box

One of the major business challenge Concord’s was facing was that Box does not support directly to create any child object folders under the parent folder. When a ‘Create Folder’ is clicked on the child object it always creates the same at the root folder in Box. Whereas, they wanted to automatically create certain sub folders under the parent and child object folders.

The current Box folder structure:

There have been some more challenges, faced by Concord owing to which the implementation was becoming more and more unproductive. Primarily Box supported oAuth way of Authentication which is window based and does not support direct API. Another was that the access token needs to be activated/updated on timely basis

However, CEPTES with agile methodology and certified professionals, finally found a solution to the complex implementation process. CEPTES with its customized solution over Box, took over the issue of folder creation.

CEPTES provided a customized solution on top of Box to allow user to ‘Create Folder’ at the child object level which will be created under the parent object folder in Box. A solution to configure the sub folders creation within the object folders dynamically without manual intervention was also provided.

The solution of CEPTES:


  • Configure any sub folder using the custom settings
  • No customization required if any new folder or sub folder must be created