Data Migration

Successful Data Migration Service For Salesforce

When you practically move into, you’ll necessarily have to tackle the task of bringing over your past customer and even the company data. Data migration does not mean transferring records from one system to another. It is most challenging as well as time-consuming task. There are in fact, a couple of preliminary steps involved before you start doing imports into Salesforce. We have instances where there have been migration of millions of data, ensuring completion of the work as well as secured set-up.


We as well ensure that from the previously ineffectual data, you get additional actionable insights. We keep an eye on maintaining relationships between all the data sets and provide you with the best practices so that the data can be used in Salesforce. CEPTES has all the required expertise to migrate your data with efficacy. We take care in such a way that your data remains as structured, and it is accessible to you as it was before. We also ensure that from the previously ineffectual data, you get additional actionable insights.


In case you are migrating your data from another organization, we always ensure that your business processes do not face any hindrance and operations keep running smoothly.


Once you have identified the sources of your company data and ultimately determined what you would like to migrate into, the data migration process is as follows:


  • Tour of the client’s current CRM to understand customization and how is it used
  • Taking a Backup copy of the entire database
  • Identifying the tables for import
  • Complete Field mapping
  • Salesforce system considerations addressed
  • The process of Scripting
  • Making Initial import
  • Validation by the client and the corrections made
  • The Client acceptance (sign-off)
  • The Final backup delivered
  • The Final import
  • The Plan to Go-live
  • The support provided after Go-Live


Key Considerations

Are you planning to migrate your data? Then, there are few questions, which you might have from us, namely:


  • Do you upload a ton of data to be migrated to Salesforce?
  • Do you migrate data from another data source or database to Salesforce?
  • Do you help in cleaning up data?
  • Can you assist me switching to a new CRM system?
  • Do you have all the time and the tools to get my data organized?
  • I require someone to filter my duplicate data?


An answer to all your above questions is present with us! We are always eager to assist you!!


Custom Solution is one more add on to our range of services, which we provide to our customers. Our expert team and extensive amount of experience will achieve the best results for you.


We as well specialize in the low cost, fixed price data migrations. Write to us through an email or call for a free quote!!

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