#DF19 Announcements – Salesforce Announces New iOS App & Trailhead GO

November 19, 2019by Shreshth Tiwari

Hours before the start of the world’s biggest Cloud conference Dreamforce 2019, Salesforce has announced a redesigned Salesforce Mobile App and a learning app called Trailhead GO with exclusive features to Apple’s iOS & iPadOS. With this, Apple & Salesforce have strengthened their partnership that started a year back at Dreamforce’18. 

Salesforce Mobile App

As part of the partnership, Salesforce has introduced a new version of the Salesforce Mobile SDK, which will help developers build & deploy next-gen iPhone & iPad applications in the Salesforce platform. With this development, both Salesforce & Apple will empower sales, service and marketing professionals delivering top-notch customer experiences leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence. 

The new Salesforce Mobile App also includes Einstein AI which will identify patterns, predict outcomes, offer guidance and support automated workflows powered by the data generated through the app. This will make the teams more productive and drive enhanced customer relationships. The app also supports unique iOS features including Siri shortcuts and Face ID, which means tasks, notes, fetching documents and CRM updates can all be committed using built-in Einstein Voice Assistant using the phone’s microphone. 

Trailhead GO

Salesforce learning app Trailhead GO will now exclusively available for iOS & iPads. Trailhead GO offers access to 700+ learning modules that cover end-to-end Salesforce platform features including integrations, analytics, development, etc. The iPad version of the application has additional features including a split-screen mode that allows users to use multiple apps simultaneously. 

New Salesforce Mobile SDK

In addition to these, Salesforce has also introduced an enhanced set of developer tools in the form of the Swift-optimized Mobile SDK. This will support iOS 13, including Swift UI & Package Manager for seamless compiling & distribution of code. As per Salesforce, the SDK will help six million developers working in its platform to create and deploy apps for iOS & iPad faster. 

Trailhead Go and the AI-powered Salesforce Mobile App are available now. The Mobile SDK enhancements will start rolling out later this year.

Stay tuned for more Dreamforce updates.


*source: Salesforce